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Wildlife in the City prepared by Linda Brady

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1 Wildlife in the City prepared by Linda Brady

2 There are wild plants and animals all over the city. Nobody takes care of them. What do they need to survive? What wildlife species can you name that live and grow in the city?

3 Many species of city wildlife make our city a better place to live.

4 Where do these birds nest in the city? pigeons mourning dove

5 What is the difference between a wild animal and a pet? Is a mouse a wild animal?

6 Where do raccoons find their food in the city?

7 Are ants and cockroaches wildlife? Why do we call them pests?

8 Why are bees important to us?

9 What plants can you plant to bring butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard?

10 Why do coyotes and bears come into the city?

11 Why do people put scarecrows in their gardens? Can crows be pests in the city?

12 You can buy a bag of ladybugs or an egg sac from a praying mantis at a garden store. Why would you buy them?

13 These flowers are called wildflowers. Why? sunflower golden poppy

14 Dandelions are wildflowers. Some people call them weeds. Some people eat dandelion greens in salads. Rabbits eat them, too.

15 Opossums are nocturnal animals so you may only have seen them on the street if they have been hit by a car.

16 Skunks are nocturnal animals, too. How do you know they are around where you live?

17 These oak trees are protected. It is illegal to cut them down. Why?

18 What are the effects of pollution on city wildlife?

19 What can we do to protect city wildlife?

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