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Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Fish and Wildlife Division.

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1 Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Fish and Wildlife Division

2 Fish and Wildlife Division Branches

3 FWD Mandate Management of Alberta’s Fish and Wildlife resources. Accomplished by a combination of research, inventories, management plans, allocation (sustainable harvest), protection, habitat protection and enhancement, legislative framework, education, prevention, field services and enforcement.

4 60 Fish and Wildlife district offices within the 9 provincial areas, with Headquarters based in Edmonton. District offices are generally shared with other SRD staff. Stationed at the various district offices throughout the province and headquarters are approx 120 fisheries and wildlife staff and managers and approx 155 Fish and Wildlife officers (FWOs) and managers.

5 Minimum training requirement for most FWD staff is Standard First Aid. All FWOs and most fisheries and wildlife field staff are trained in: Use of Firearms (handgun, shotgun, rifle) Boats, 4WD, ATV handling, snowmobiles Problem wildlife, chemical immobilization Commencing with the 2007 FWO recruit class, all new recruits receive additional training including: Ice safety and rescue Swift water rescue EVOC Wilderness survival

6 FWOs are appointed to enforce various provincial and federal legislation and receive training according to the Alberta Peace Officers standards. FWD field staff have extensive knowledge of the local area and the people who inhabit it. Additionally, each FWD district will have access to snowmobiles, quads, boats, etc.

7 FWD staff, in particular FWOs, are prepared to respond and assist with emergency situations upon request (i.e. RCMP or other first responders). In the past, FWOs have assisted in several significant emergency events: Manning hwy closure roadblocks during large forest fire events Providing equipment and manpower for water rescues, missing person searches, environmental disasters, etc. Securing problem wildlife in an area before other emergency personnel can enter.

8 Requests for FWD assistance during an emergency should be directed to: Area Manager where emergency occurring Enforcement Head where emergency occurring SRD Crisis Management Liaison Officer.

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