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BEACH MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME (BMP) Arthur Tuda Senior Warden Mombasa Coordinator - BMP.

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1 BEACH MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME (BMP) Arthur Tuda Senior Warden Mombasa Coordinator - BMP

2 Beach Management Is a subset of Coastal Zone Management Beach Management in Kenya – challenges and opportunities KWS attempt at BMP in Mombasa Marine (1987-89) Its success, challenges and failures

3 Kenya Beaches from 80s to 2011  Collapse of governance structures  Increased insecurity including abductions  Visitors harassment  Threats to marine park and beach ecology  Poor waste management (solid and discharges)  Economic losses – uncompetitive destination  Increased conflicts among users

4 Kenya beaches 1980 - 2011

5 Concerns of beach Hotels Security on the beach – request for armed patrols 7/7 Unlicensed beach operations Increase of social vices including harassment Toilet and sanitation Waste disposal / disposal bins along the beach

6 BMP 2.0 - A new initiative Security and safety Beach cleanliness Environmental (beach) health Restoring image of Mombasa Marine & Beach Focus on beach management from an environmental & visitor management perspective

7 Mtwapa Creek Tudor Creek Area coverage 12 km beach

8 Programme Objectives Enhance beach cleanliness Enhance visitors’ security and safety Reduce social vices on the beach Improve beach environment for marine species Enhance partnership with hotels and communities Enhance image of North Coast Beach and Mombasa Marine Park and Reserve Reduce management conflicts among beach users

9 Objective 1: Enhance security Beach & sea patrols Joint enforcement with Navy and Police 3 boats deployed daily

10 Objective 2: Beach clean ups Current status of beach - 500 pieces of debris per 10sq metre of beach 35 beach cleaners recruited from local community & beach Waste collection done daily from Dec 1 st 2011

11 Objective 3: Training of beach operators to reduce social vices 90 boat operators already trained 260 boat operators remaining Other beach operators will be included as programme roles on MCTA to be enjoined in training

12 Objective 4: Life guard duties Open up life guard posts along 12 km beach from Serena to Nyali Rangers trained on life saving To assist during school holidays

13 Objective 5: enhance beach ecology Work with hotels on managing beach cast Reduce turtle mortality Deal with hotels discharging effluents on beach

14 What to expect by 30 th January 2011 Clean beach - immediately Beach zoned according uses Tourists sun bathing on beach – expected from all hotels Harassment of visitors stopped Offenders expelled from beach Beach operators vetted & licensed Beach ecological status improved

15 Beach Monitoring Committee To be selected from tourism industry stakeholders and government to monitor performance the BMP and make recommendations Hotels to give feedback from visitors for further improvement

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