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Reload, aim and fire! The Iguanas enjoyed outdoor laser zone. They all blasted each other wildly so you may want to stay away from an Iguana with a gun.

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1 Reload, aim and fire! The Iguanas enjoyed outdoor laser zone. They all blasted each other wildly so you may want to stay away from an Iguana with a gun for they shoot like James Bond! Ducking behind shelters and attacking like fierce lions, these warriors never give up in battle! Sam Roberts

2 This is me and Isabelle on the 3-G swing. We managed to push ourselves to get to the top. We swung back down, it was so much fun! The 3-G was a massive swing and we could choose what height we went to. It was so much fun and I would love to go again! Millie Hogg

3 This is a picture of me, Jolie and Brooke sitting on the bench watching people on the 3G swing. We are laughing because Jolie pushed Brooke off the bench by accident and Brooke gave me and Jolie an electric shock. Isabelle Campbell-Hillsley

4 1,2,3 G! As me and Ajay went up, the rest of the group pulled us to the top. Next we swung up really high, then back down. We swung for a while then we were stopped by the instructors. It was really fun as you swung through the air. Stephen Teasdale

5 In this picture, I’m climbing up the 4-sided wooden tower. I’m using green climbing grips going onto red grips. We did climbing on Tuesday and I found it really exciting. I climbed three quarters of the way to the top and then I decided I didn’t want to go any higher. It was super scary! Karys Latimer

6 Warwick Bridge School went to Kingswood and were split into different groups for their activities. I was in a group called ‘Gorillas’. We did bush craft and we made a chair out of sticks and leaf litter. This is a photo of me testing out the seat. It was really comfy. Brooke Marshall.

7 This picture is of Abbie and I on the 3G swing. The rest of our team had to pull a rope which pulled us up to whatever height we wanted. Next the one who was on the swing had to pull a black chord to make the swing go. At first it was really hard to pull it, but then it just went so quickly. It was really fun. Olivia McPherson

8 This picture is me and Sami-Jo on the 3G swing. It was so much fun. Your team had to pull you up on the 3G swing. We went very high. Then we pulled a black chord and swung very high again. Everyone went forward and back. Abbie McPherson

9 The picture shows me getting ready to do AJB which is basically climbing and walking along either a rope level, a wooden plank level, or a see-saw level. In the picture, I am wearing my climbing top and I have my brave face on! I was going to the middle level or the plank level. The levels get easier as you go up but scarier. The instructor is also in the picture getting my safety belt on and securing it. Leon Hodge

10 In this picture, me, Ben and the group were making a chair out of leaves and logs. It was great fun! Me and Ben sat on it and Ben lay down. Then I sat up and looked at Ben, he looked really comfy and I guess I was too really! It took around 15 minutes to make the chair but it was totally worth it, I liked it a lot. Thomas Naylor

11 This is me doing AJB. I did the bottom task, which was walking across a rope holding onto other ropes that had knots at the bottom. It was very exciting. If I ever go again, I would do the middle task which was walking across a log keeping your balance at all times! Sami-Jo Dixon

12 This is a picture of me about to go onto the quad bike. It was so much fun! We had to do many things like make sure that we did everything right. I had a great time. I hope I can do it again next year and I hope that I can go to Kingswood again next year too. Jolie Bowe

13 This is a fantastic picture of me and Ben on the zipwire which is part of the obstacle course. The obstacle course was quite easy for me and hard for some other people. There were lots of things to do on the obstacle course such as monkey bars and climbing walls. There were loads of other fun things to do as well. Oliver Rafferty

14 This is the group called the Iguanas doing outdoor laser. Callum Dymock is lying on the floor while the rest of us were sitting on a bench. There were about 12 of us doing outdoor laser and we all had an amazing time! Lenny Rhodes

15 This is a picture of me doing archery, I was in Hippo group. We did archery on Wednesday. I liked using the bow and arrow. We did the polo challenge on the same day, it was funny. Archery was fun but hard. Jay Dixon

16 We were all in a group called Hippos learning about bush craft. We had to find 2 long ‘Y-shaped’ sticks and put them between trees about 2-3 metres apart. Then we had to find a stick which was the same height as the distance between the 2 trees. Next, we had to find more sticks and lean them against the horizontal one. Finally, we had to throw some moss onto the sticks and then lean some branches onto the moss. Luis Walker

17 In bush craft we had to build a den for the whole group to sit inside. The group was called ‘Gorillas’. We had to work together to build the den getting enormous logs from a pile. There were 3 different dens to choose from and we chose to build an A-Frame. The den was just big enough for us to sit in. I felt really happy because the activity was fun! Callum Blake

18 This is me and my friends from the Iguana group. We are ready to do outdoor laser. Round 1 was individual firing and my score was over 3000. Round 2 was teams, there was a green team and a red team. I was in the green team who eventually won! Round 3 was called ‘Infected’. I was the first person to be infected so I had to shock the others who then became part of my team. Callum Dymock.

19 In this picture I am swinging from the zipwire for the ‘Gorillas’ group team challenge. I really enjoyed speeding down the rope and I learnt new skills from the actual zipwire. It was really fun as we did mini versions of the actual activities. Stanley Young

20 Hippo group were doing the ‘Mouse House’ challenge and me, Stephen, Ajay and Aidan decided to work together. We built a massive castle. A girl who seemed to like Ajay helped by giving us loads of stuff to put around the castle. At the end, Aidan said it was a masterpiece, as he would! Jay-Jay Cooney

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