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Health, Safety and Environmental HSE is a Major Scomi Oiltool’s Priority Rev 2.0 5_2008 Production EnhancementOilfield ServicesEnergy & Logistics EngineeringEnergy.

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2 Health, Safety and Environmental HSE is a Major Scomi Oiltool’s Priority Rev 2.0 5_2008 Production EnhancementOilfield ServicesEnergy & Logistics EngineeringEnergy Logistics

3 Scomi Oiltools Orientation to Health, Safety and Environmental Manual

4 Continuous Improvement Improve our attitude through education and encouragement Learn from each others experience Be open to change Encourage trust and cooperation Move away from a blame culture Keep an open mind Listening is half of the art of communication Bench mark against industry standards

5 Health Safety and Environmental Manual Let’s make Scomi Oiltools a safe place to work !

6 1.0 Welcome to Scomi Oiltools Scomi Oiltools is working in 34 countries and 60 locations globally 1.1 core businesses - drilling fluids - drilling waste management - distribution services - tubular repair and manufacturing

7 1.2 Safety Policy & Objectives “..a healthy and safe working environment is fundamental to Scomi Oiltools successful business operations.” … and the welfare of its employees clients will not give us work unless we work safely and have a good safety record !!

8 1.3 Safety Policy  commitment  statutory requirements  communication  inform  manage & control risk  empower  accountability  equipment fit for purpose

9 1.4 Environmental Policy Compliance with the law Assessment of environmental effects Measure & reduce emissions prevent incidents and pollution minimize loss Set Objectives & Targets Regular review of performance Conserve & recycle renewable resources


11 2.0 Organization 2.1 Responsibility - if you are responsible for doing the job, then you are responsible for doing it safely - if you are responsible for managing a job, then you are responsible for managing it safely -You are empowered to stop any job or process, if it is unsafe to continue

12 Environmental Legislation - you all have a duty to protect the environment by disposing of wastes in accordance with instructions and to report any environmental spillages, or emissions to your supervisor, or manager

13 3.0 Strategies and doctrine Satisfying customer and employee expectations Prevention oriented management systems Conform to contractual & regulatory requirements Products & services, at the right time &place, fit for purpose Prevent hazards to employees, users, the public Pursuit of excellence in all we do

14 4.0 Managing Safety Performance “ …. safety doesn’t just happen, it has to be managed.” management must ….. - react to events - actively monitoring to prevent and control

15 4.1 Active Monitoring planning and reviewing auditing for compliance inspection … preventive and corrective action - Risk Assessment - Safety Management Meetings - Departmental Safety Meeting - Safety plans & remits, audit schedules

16 4.2 Reactive Monitoring Report all Accidents and Incidents - Lost Time Incidents - Restricted Work Cases - Near Miss Incidents - Motor Vehicle Incidents Corrective Actions must be recorded on the First Report Form


18 4.3 Review by Inspection regular monthly housekeeping inspections regular inspections for : lifting equipment electrical equipment hand held power tools in line with statutory requirements

19 4.4 Health and Environment environmental impact assessment at each major base waste control strategy to include the minimization of waste through - segregation - recycling - reuse responsible disposal of waste

20 5.0 Occupational Health 5.1 Medical support medical examinations - for manual workers - for offshore workers Vaccinations for foreign travel First Aid facilities to be provided Health checks after injury, ill health

21 5.3 Personal Protective Equipment Scomi Oiltools will provide the protection … appropriate to the hazards coveralls safety boots hearing protection safety hats gloves safety glasses prescription “safety specs”

22 5.4 Working Conditions -fatigue causes accidents -protection from the elements -sanitary facilities -working in a confined space -ventilation - fumes and dusts

23 5.5 Good Housekeeping slips, trips, falls clean work areas return tools not in use condition of tools & equipment monthly inspections follow-up action ?

24 6.0 Human Resources “Our people are our strength. They provide our resource base and determine our integrity, reputation and vitality.” Scomi Oiltools has a duty of care for all its employees and subcontractors.

25 6.1 Training identify training needs improve competence mandatory training for - Fork-Lift Truck drivers - Heavy Equipment Operators - First Responders

26 6.2 Communication -written and verbal communication -formal, informal -dept. Safety Meetings -job briefings & tool-box talks -record follow-up -Safety Committee

27 7.0 Management of Risk Scomi Oiltools must … -manage all significant & foreseeable risks -identify and control hazards principle of “ALARP” - As Low as Reasonably Practical - and the principle of best practice

28 7.1 Accountability “You have a personal duty to refuse to work where you have reasonable grounds to believe that to continue to work would expose you, or any other person, to a risk of imminent & serious injury, or imminent & serious harm to health.”

29 7.1 Identification of Hazards - HAZOPS - Risk Assessment - Job Safety Analysis - Safety Signs - vehicular hazards - chemicals - flammable materials - mandatory PPE - Temporary hazards, post/ cordon-off eg – testing of equipment

30 7.4 Safety Observation we believe in safety behaviour modification defer to client system at site Scomi Oiltools has internal BBS observation card Step Back 5X5 card

31 7.4 Safety Observation main unsafe acts Incorrect working practice Unsafe position Incorrect use of PPE Improper, inadequate training Safety observation cards, hand in to supervisor or central point for analysis

32 7.5 Manual Handling What is the safe way to lift something?

33 7.5 Manual Handling (kinetic lifting) legs bent, - back vertical load close to body lean back slightly avoid twisting your body team lifts need a team leader do not lift something too heavy for you! you can say NO!

34 7.6 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health controlled by a competent person registered

35 Hazardous Substances - labeled - handled with caution - correct PPE

36 7.7 Change - a change in conditions can be hazardous : - communications - responsibilities - equipment design - procedures - environment - usually means a change in control measures.

37 Site Emergency Response Do you know what to do on this site if there is a fire? Where do you muster? Do you know the alarms points? What action should you take?

38 In the Event of a Fire - Raise the alarm - Call 911 - Call a Responder to attend any casualty - If possible, apply a fire extinguisher, once only - Turn off lights and close office door - Evacuate using stairwell - Rally point is the covered parking area - Do not return to building, unless a Manager has given the all clear

39 In the Event of Fire

40 Remember !!

41 8.2 Motor Vehicles vehicles must work within local regulations seat belts are mandatory drivers licensed then authorized by company no driving under the influence of alcohol if taking prescription drugs, look at labels for side effects emergency supplies as appropriate: winter, desert,

42 8.5 Electrical Equipment - electricity kills! qualified personnel electrical isolation - procedures - tags, lock-outs beware running cables

43 8.7 Helicopter Travel Do - report cargo weights - crouched approach - await signals Do not - do not run - do not walk around tail- rotor do not wear hats ! - do not load cargo / bags

44 8.8 Boat Travel access and egress can be hazardous boat decks are slippery life vests must be worn rope transfer, listen to deck crew basket transfer, hold with both hands sea sickness can cause dehydration

45 8.9 Cutting and Welding only by qualified, trained personnel remove combustible materials adequate ventilation obey any Hot Work rules, permits Fire Watch attendant fire watch for 30 minutes afterwards

46 Facility and Wellsite Safety Rules Each site has certain safety rules or protocols - 1) Wear the right PPE if working 2) Wear Safety glasses in all workshop areas 3) Report any hazardous conditions 4) Smoking allowed in designated areas only 5) Keep out of the yard unless working there 6) Walk from office to office via the pavement 7) Beware of any welding, grinding, testing 8) Report any accident or incident 9) No Horseplay

47 To conclude your introduction to safety at Scomi Oiltools Everyone is responsible for their job Responsible for doing their job safely Responsible for managing their job safely Empowered to stop an unsafe job

48 Remember ….. !! You are our most valued asset and your safety is a Scomi priority !

49 Any Questions about HSE?

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