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Working with Schools. School Culture…The Big Picture.

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1 Working with Schools

2 School Culture…The Big Picture

3 Who Makes the Decisions?

4 Local Control

5 The Players

6 Healthy Children Learn Better

7 Health Risk Behaviors & Academic Grades NC Middle Schools 2011 YRBS

8 Health Risk Behaviors & Academic Grades NC High Schools 2011 YRBS % High School Students

9 Common Core….the mixing bowl Visual Art Chorus World Languages Health Physical Education Physics Keyboarding Social Studies History Grades Bus Duty Field Trips School Pictures Intramurals

10 NC ranks No. 48 in teacher salary among the 50 states and District of Columbia, paying an average $45,947. The U.S. average is $56,383. Read more here: school.html#storylink=cpy

11 NC Healthy Schools

12 Health/PE/Middle School Athletics/Title IV

13 HIV

14 Surveillance YRBS Profiles

15 Policy Monitoring Healthy Activity Children Policy Healthy Youth Act Gfeller Waller Safe Schools Act

16 Title V Abstinence

17 Coordinated School Health Family & Community Involvement Physical Education & Physical Activity Nutrition Services Counseling, Psychological & Social Services Comprehensive School Health Education Healthy School Environment School-site Health Promotion for Staff School Health Services

18 Working with Schools…It’s Knot Impossible

19 It’s Knot Impossible Place the rope on the table in front of you With one end of the rope in each hand Tie a knot in the rope without letting go It’s Knot Impossible

20 Remember the Goals Learn from each other Schools: Educating all NC Youth DPH: Improving the health of North Carolinians

21 Getting “in” to Schools Build Relationships Learn the Culture Remember DPI is here to help

22 Relationships “Make them your friend before you make an ask.” Mike Ward (Former State Superintendent)

23 Relationships Start at the bottom Build not threaten Build on existing relationships

24 Learn the culture Who currently uses the school Who are the gatekeepers Who will have to do the work to make this work What provisions will be made for them You are one of many groups wanting to get in front of a captive audience, why you?

25 Make a Friend

26 Plan Jointly


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