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Battle of the titans Original Idea: Yunior Puig-Guillen Creator: Yunior Puig-Guillen.

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1 Battle of the titans Original Idea: Yunior Puig-Guillen Creator: Yunior Puig-Guillen

2 Chronicle of the TV Show: In the Greek mythology, the Titans (male) and Titanides (female) were a race of powerful gods who ruled during the legendary Golden Age. The Titans were related with diverse essential concepts, some of which were simply extrapolated from their names: the ocean and the fruitful earth, the Sun and the Moon, the memory and the natural law. The Titans of the first generation were led by the youngest, Cronus, who overthrew his father Uranus (‘Heaven’), induced by his mother Gea. This struggle for the power began when Uranus (father of the titans) according to his wife Gea was giving birth to their children, decided to enclose them in Tartarus, the deeper region of the underworld, all for the fear of being overthrown. Concept of the TV Show Nine competitors would compete face to face in exhausting obstacle’s courses, were the two last competitors who finishes every course will have to compete against each other in another race (Duel of Death) to decide who would come back to the competition and who would be eliminated All the races are going to start in the Tartarus, the competitors would be always chained, where they would have to use keys to open the locks and be able to start the competition. All the courses end with a 150 feet race free of obstacles, wearing clothes of Titan, with a shield and a little heavy spear. The end of the race is the Olympus.


4 First Episode Introduction Host: Thousands of years ago, in remote times, the Earth was populated by HUMANS, ruthless GIANTS, bloody creatures called CYCLOPS, ferocious beasts half bull and half man called MINOTAUR’S, by horrible MONSTERS and by the powerful GODS who dominated the world under the command of URANUS (Heaven) and GAIA (Earth), his wife. These engendered a first-generation Titans (male) and Titanesses (female), which URANUS for fear to be dethroned; he ordered to lock them in the Tartarus, the deepest part of the UNDERWORLD. One day their youngest son, CRONUS, aided by his mother GAIA managed to escape from the Tartarus to kill URANUS, releasing his brothers and became the Olympus’s King. A cruel battle began for the Crown and for the domain of the world, in order for the winner be crowned as King. Today, the bloody and cruel history repeats itself. Nine warriors compete face to face in exhausting races, where one by one will be staying on the way, to see who deserves to be crowned as King of the Olympus and take home nothing more and nothing less than: X thousand dollars (Prize that we decide) and the desired Golden Crown. This is: "Battle of the Titans"

5 Host: Now let’s meet who are these fearless warriors who do not have the slightest idea of the obstacles they will have to face. 1-Pedro Ramírez, (digital description), who will be representing to: OCEANUS: the river that surrounded the world. 2- Juan López (digital description) you will represent: COEUS- Titan of the Intelligence. 3-Jorge Pérez (digital description), you will have the honor to represent: CRIUS: god of herds. And the others six… Presentation of the Titans

6 Host: Well TITANS, Any of you who thinks that do not have the courage and bravery to worthily represent the name of the God that you have to represent, this is the time to surrender and retreat from this war that is about to begin. Host: You are privileged to be chosen from millions of brave men that would be determined to leave everything in the battlefield with the aim of being crowned KING. Host: you have the opportunity to determine which God must had been at that time the true KING OF THE OLYMPUS. Host: All of you who feels to be a true TITAN, when I say : Now, step forward and anyone who wants to be seen as a coward in front of millions of people who are watching you right now, step back. Host: At the countdown of three, show your decision Titans 3-2-Now Host: Well brave man, you have decided, there is no turning back, it's time to see the obstacles that you will have to overcome in this your first Battle.

7 Host: Well Titans, The Tartarus is a post, you will be chained to it and you will have a rope with a hook on the other end. You must launched the hook at a distance far enough to be able to hook the keys and bring back the keys. Use the keys to open the lock and then you could begin the competition and must keep the rope to use it for the next obstacle In the first obstacle you will have to throw the hook until it locks to the end of the steep ramp in order to climb it, cross the bridge of strings taking the rope with you, from the end of the bridge you will have to throw the hook in order to lock in a hanging net (the net will be hanged on a horizontal elevated stick) swing down to the sand and continue the race to the next obstacle. course1-1

8 course 1-2 Host: This obstacle is called: The Nest of Python Titans, this obstacle a tunnel, where there are 3 digging points, one in the beginning to enter the tunnel, one in the middle to continue the path, and one at the end to finally escape The nest of Python, you must dig in every digging point in order to continue. (The tunnel will be made of long branches from natural resources, also the tunnel will be very narrow/cramped. The competitor will have a hard time with “The nest of Python) Before the Nest of Python the competitors must cross through a balance beam. The balance beam will have a log in the center, as shown in the picture. That log will be loose and free to move, so while the competitors are crossing the balance beam, the log I free to rotate.

9 Host: This obstacle is called: The Wells of Salvation Warriors, this obstacle, you must untie the ladder, must run with the ladder in order to lower down a bucket that is attached to a rope that will be at the top of a high wood post. You will continue running with the ladder and the bucket in order to use the ladder to climb a tower that is connected to another tower by a rustic bridge. You need to grab the ladder to go down from the second tower when you have completed this obstacle. With the bucket and the rope you must remove the water from a well that is underneath the first tower to take it by the bridge to the second tower, pour the water in a container that has a floating key inside of it. you will need this key in the next obstacle. [The competitors will need to make several trips (pouring the water in the container) until the key rises up and the competitors could grab them.] course 1-3

10 Host: This obstacle is called: “The Dangerous Tunnel” In this challenge, with the keys that you obtained from the Wells of Salvation, you will open and close the tunnel’s door. after you enter the tunnel, you have to close the door because it has to be completely dark (In this tunnel we will be using infra-red cameras to see what’s happening inside). If any of you leaves the door open, you must have to start again from the beginning of the tunnel. You must be very careful because the tunnel is full with objects that can seriously injure you, you must go very slowly. You can’t lose the key because you will need it to get out of the tunnel. cOURSE 1-4

11 Cost of the Project and Amount of Funding required The production company of: 'Amazing Race" in London gave an estimate to a friend of mine of 5 million dollars to produce the show. The Colombian company charges me $200 thousands per episode, using the same technology as the company in London, which means that: 8 episodes X 200 thousands = 1.6 million This is without the following costs: Awards, wardrobes, payment of the host, airplane tickets, including everything, I will need a final funding of 3 million. But the first thing that I need to do is to record a DEMO (in the TV is called a pilot) with only two runners in a single course in order for me to have the material of what I would be offering to the possible buyers of the show. The cost of the pilot will be 150 thousands.

12 Additional Information In the web pages you cannot find any data on costs and profits of these types of shows. A friend of mine who works at NBC network gave me some important data regarding these shows: NBC paid this year by the American Ninja Warrior show between 27 to 29 million, but the production is asking 35 to 4o million for the next year. What profit does broadcasters have to purchase these programs? During the first season of The Fear Factor, the NBC broadcast had a gain of 600 million in commercial revenue. These shows are sold as expensive because they are from internationally recognized producers, in this case as it is my first production, I don’t know on how much I could sell my show but I’m sure no less than 12 million. It would have a significant profit since the cost of producing it would be only 3 million. Now, for the second season, there would be women (War of the Titanesses) I would not sell my show for less than 20 million. Potential buyers of the show? Any television network, NBC, TNT, ABC, FOX. This is an ambitious project which would get millions in profits; the big TV networks are always looking for these kinds of shows. In addition it can be sold worldwide.

13 Personal Information Name: Yunior Puig-Guillen Address: 721 East 14 th Street Hialeah, FL 33010 Cell Phone: (702)756-7587 (305) 748-3572 Email:

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