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? What is Computer Science and what can you do with it.

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1 ? What is Computer Science and what can you do with it

2 Problem Solving Learn how to build Algorithms... a sequence of steps/instructions to solve a problem Algorithm type Puzzle 1.: A farmer has to get the goat, the carrot and the wolf over the river to the grassy field. But he can only take one of them with him at a time …

3 Problem Solving If left alone: the wolf will eat the goat and the goat will eat the carrot

4 you have a pair of scales you have 12 coins 11 weigh the same the other is heavier How do you find the heavy coin if you are allowed 3 weighings?.. Problem Solving Algorithm type Puzzle 2.

5 Programming a computer can only do what it is told to do a program is a set of instructions telling a computer what to do. To illustrate this try giving your friend instructions on how to make a peanut butter sandwich. See what happens and how careful you have to be giving each step clearly! There are programs that run the functions in your cell phone, programs that let you view your digital pictures, and many, many more…..

6 Internet and Instant Messenger Do you use email? Have you ever wondered how your message goes from your computer to your friend’s computer? Do you use IM? Have you ever wondered how it works? The science of computer science is behind it all!

7 The Brain + Computer Science We can use computers to see what happens in a person’s brain when they think, and to model how the brain solves problems We can use computer science to find patterns in DNA, model biological systems, determine the structure of molecules, and much much more… Biology + Computer Science

8 Cryptography codes FPVRAPR Key A: N B: O C: P D: Q E: R F: S G: T H: U I: V J: W K: X L: Y M: Z What’s the secret word below?

9 Creating Websites

10 Web Site Building

11 Graphics: Art + Computer Science

12 Human Computer Interaction Automatic Sign Translation Learning Technologies Human Vehicle Communications

13 Speech Recognition When's the next plane to Boston? The next train to Austin leaves at 4:45pm. when a system is likely to make errors? How do we keep users happy

14 Artificial Intelligence + Computer Science The Captcha Project was developed by computer scientists from the Aladdin Center at Carnegie Mellon http://www.captcha.net

15 Robotics Cognition Action Perception Camera Sonar Laser range-finders Planning Scheduling Machine Learning Manipulation Locomotion Navigation


17 Answer puzzle 1. split into 3 lots of 4 take the first 4 coins and weigh against second lot with one weighing you know if the heavy coin is in the 1st or 2nd group because the balance will go down … or if they stay balanced it's in the 3rd group now take your group of 4 coins and split into 2's now you can separate the pair and see which is the heavy coin. To make this a more difficult problem try finding the coin of different weight without knowing if it's heavier or lighter.... think about it...

18 Puzzle 2. You come to a fork in the road and meet a pair of twins and ask the way to go. One twin always tells the truth One twin always tells lies. How do you decide which way to go?

19 Puzzle 3. Three children sit one behind the other in a row. The third child can see the first two, the second child can only see the first and the first child can't see either of the other two. A teacher has a box of five hats, two red ones and three black ones. The teacher places a different hat on each of the three children. She instructs each one to call out the color of their hat once they are sure of it. All of the children are perfectly logical. Within a few minutes the first child correctly states the color of her hat. What color is it?

20 Puzzle 4. There is a certain type of rope that when lit at one end, will take an hour to burn. The burning however is not uniform and so it might, for example, take ten minutes for the first half to burn and fifty minutes for the second half to burn. You have two such ropes, but they are not identical Your number of matches is not a concern. How can you measure exactly 45 minutes?

21 Answer puzzle 2. You say to the twin "If I asked your twin which road to take what would she say? "....and then you take the other road...

22 Answer Puzzle 3 Black. If the third child does not reply first then she must be confused by the hats of the other two. If the hats of the first two were red, then the third would know she had a black. The second child, hearing the silence of the third realizes that he and the first child can't both have red hats. If the first child has a red hat then the second child knows, since he cannot also have a red hat, that his hat is black. The first child, noticing the silence of the other two, realizes that she cannot have a red hat. Therefore, her hat must be black.

23 Answer Puzzle 4. You set the two ends of one rope and one end of the second rope on fire. Once the first rope has burned out a half hour has passed. By lighting the other end of the second rope at that time, it will take fifteen additional minutes for the second rope to completely burn out.

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