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Our Plan Build Low Ropes Course Now –July 14 – July 23 Mark Layout of Low Ropes Course –July 30th Clear underbrush and trees (Keesler Volunteers) –August.

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2 Our Plan Build Low Ropes Course Now –July 14 – July 23 Mark Layout of Low Ropes Course –July 30th Clear underbrush and trees (Keesler Volunteers) –August 13 th & 27 th Build three low elements (Keesler Volunteers) Maze/minefield, Meuse, and T.P. Shuffle Request Board Approval To Develop and incorporate 4-week challenge ropes course program into our Physical Education curriculum –Experiential learning….hands-on –Leadership, Team-building, Conflict resolution, Diversity/multiculturalism Continue Planning and adding High/Low Ropes Elements throughout the year.

3 Planning Ground Rules Number One Priority Is SAFETY! –We joined the National Association For Challenge Course Technology –We will follow their standards for construction, operation, and annual inspections of the course Professional Development –Through professional development we will assure only properly trained/certified facilitators work with students in the challenge activities. JCSD Grounds Maintenance to mow and weed-eat SMHS Attendance Center Office to keep and coordinate Challenge Course Schedule AFJROTC Initially Serves as Course Manager

4 Locate Across from SMHS Blue Building FUTURE HIGH ROPES SITE STREAMSTREAM Log Road All Aboard Maze Water Station Triangul a r Traverse Trust Fall T. P. Shuffle Meuse Spider Web Trolley Challenge Wall Whale Watch Tra i ning Circle START 4 3 5 7 6 10 8 9 2 1

5 Low Ropes Elements All Aboard Spider Web Maze Trust Fall Trolley Meuse 12 Foot Wall/Platform Creek Medical Rescue T. P. Shuffle Triangular Traverse Mohawk/Wild Woosie Whale Watch

6 Low Ropes/All Aboard Object: Get everyone on Your team off the ground And on the platform for 5 continuous seconds.

7 Low Ropes/Spider Web Object: Get everyone on Your team through the Web without touching the Strands on the web. Can Only use each hole once Until the Last body part goes through It.

8 Low Ropes/Maze Object: Teams of two. One person blindfolded. Verbally lead your Partner through minefield. *SMHS will build in Phase I

9 Low Ropes/Trust Fall Object: One team member At a time stands on platform And trusts team members To safely catch them as they Lean back and fall off the Platform.

10 Low Ropes/Trolleys Object: Team stands on Boards, holds hand lines and must coordinate Movement from point to Point accomplishing various Objectives.

11 Low Ropes/Meuse Object: Team arranges Planks And coordinates team Movement from one side Of element to the other Side without touching The ground. *SMHS will build in Phase I

12 Low Ropes/12 Foot Challenge Wall Object: Get everyone on Your team over the wall.

13 Low Ropes/Challenge Wall Platform NOTE: Once two people Make it over, they help Pull Other team members Over the wall. Each person Takes turns pulling team Members over.

14 Low Ropes/Creek Rescue Object: Team Must get Patient in a medical Rescue litter across creek and Back.

15 Low Ropes/T. P. Shuffle Object: Get everyone on The log. Then scramble The participants without Touching the ground using Various scenarios such as By birth dates. *SMHS will build in Phase I

16 Low Ropes/Triangular Traverse Mohawk/Wild Woosie Object: Multiple events: -Trust Lean on Each other -Walk the cable holding A rope -Multiple people using each other to cross cable

17 Low Ropes/ Whale Watch Object: Entire team gets On platform and tries to Balance the platform not Allowing it to touch the Ground.

18 High Ropes Elements Catwalk Vertical Playpen Giant Swing Burma Bridge Two-Line Bridge Pamper Pole Zip Wire

19 High Ropes/Cat Walk Object: Climb up to the Cross pole; walk across Pole and half way back; then Rappel down.

20 High Ropes/Vertical Playpen Object: Climb rope web, Two swinging stepped 4x4s, Three tires, stand on top Cross pole, walk to side and rappel down.

21 High Ropes/Giant Swing Object: Team pulls teammate Up To top of pole and then the Individual pulls a release pin And enjoys the ride of their Life swinging back and forth In a giant pendulum.

22 High Ropes/Burma Bridge Object: Climb pole and Cross the single wire (can use hand lines)

23 High Ropes/ Two-Line Bridge Object: Climb the pole And cross the wires (nothing to hold on to)

24 High Ropes/Leap of Faith Object: Climb the pole, Stand on top of pole, and Jump 7 feet to touch ball.

25 High Ropes/Zip Wire Object: Climb up to platform And ride down the wire

26 Equipment Needs Rescue Litter Belay Brakes Carabiners Helmets Sit Harnesses Chest Harnesses Static Belay Ropes Dynamic Belay Ropes 15’ Static Anchor Etrier Rescue Scissors Lobster Claw with zorber Pull-up cords for maintenance access Ladders Chains Locks Rope Gloves Signs

27 Ropes Course Signs

28 Course Chains and Locks

29 Course Benches Object: Place for people To rest in the shade Throughout the course.

30 McComb High School Challenge Wall

31 McComb High School Climbing/Rappelling Tower

32 McComb High School Low Trapeze

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