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Knot Master Program Troop 509 Ham Lake, MN.

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1 Knot Master Program Troop 509 Ham Lake, MN

2 Program Scouts can progress through the required knots, hitches, bends and lashings with a fun advancement program. There are also decorative knots that can be tied for fun. The scouts can earn different colored ropes similar to Karate belts.

3 Beginning the program Scouts are given a carabineer, advancement card and a white rope approximately 6 ft long. Scouts put their name on the card. Scouts are taught how to tie the carry knot so that the rope is easily carried. As the scout learns a new knot and demonstrates it to an advanced member , the card is signed off for that knot.

4 Advancement Scouts that are able to tie all the knots for a color of rope can advance to the next color and next set of knots. Scouts are to be able to demonstrate the knots at any time, so they should practice. Scouts that achieve the black knot will be known as a knot master and are given a patch and are allowed to wear a black rope waggle.

5 Terms Used Standing End = the end of the rope that is held and not used in tying the knot. Working End = the end of the rope that is moved in tying the rope. Bight = a loop made in the rope. Knot = tying a rope to itself. Hitch = tying a rope to another object. Bend = tying a rope to another rope. Lashing = tying 2 or 3 poles together.

6 Carry Knot Make a double bight in the rope starting at the standing end of the rope. Wrap the working end around the bight from the end with one loop towards the two loops. When the working end gets short, tuck it inside the two loop ends of the bights. Pull the center bight to tighten the loops to secure the working end.

7 White Rope Square Knot – Attach two same size ropes.
Sheet Bend - Attach two different size ropes. Clove Hitch – Tie off to an object. Timber Hitch – Easily removable tie off. Two Half Hitches – Slip tie off . Taught Line Hitch – Adjustable tie off. Bowline – a loop knot that will not slip. Figure Eight – a stop knot for the end of rope.

8 Green Rope Clove Hitch on a Bight = tie off middle of rope
Bowline on a Bight = make two loops middle Sheep Shank = shorten rope Tillers Hitch = Adjustable Square Lashing = tie two poles at right angles Diagonal Lashing = tie two poles at 45 degrees Sheer Lashing = tie two poles parallel Tripod Lashing = tie three poles making tripod

9 Blue Rope Surgeons Knot = Square knot with double turn
Thieves Knot = Square knot with ends opposite Bowtie Knot = Slippery square knot (Shoe) Fisherman’s Knot = Tie two ropes together Cinch Knot = Tie fishing line to a hook or swivel. Truckers Hitch = adjustable tie off Alpine Butterfly = loop in the middle of rope Monkey Fist = decorative rope end knot

10 Red Rope Chinese Button = Large decorative knot
Turks Head = Wraps other object (Waggle) Daisy Chain = Decorative rope knot Braid Knot = Three strand decorative knot Square Sinnet = Decorative straight fob Round Sinnet = Decorative round fob Cobra Stitch = Two strand decorative knot Camp Gadget = make something useful.

11 Black Rope Decorative Rope Project. Knot master certification.

12 References Knotmaster document - Glenn Beaupre’
Knot Master, Troop 994 Woodstock, GA Knots by Grog BSA handbook 2010 edition

13 Contact Andy Albee Advancement chair Knot Master

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