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TEXT BOX Jump Rope for Heart at the College of Charleston Sue Balinsky, DrPH, CHES.

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1 TEXT BOX Jump Rope for Heart at the College of Charleston Sue Balinsky, DrPH, CHES


3 Preparation – Months Prior Reserve the gym for the event Contact Alissa Herrold, my Jump Rope for Heart regional contact, to order envelopes

4 Preparation- Beginning of Semester Complete an IDT (intra- departmental transfer) to request 10 tables to be delivered to the gym on event day

5 Preparation – Beginning of Semester Take faculty participation sign-up sheet to the first faculty meeting Information requested: Class name and meeting time # of minutes for students to participate Suggested donation amount Number of envelopes needed Meet with any new faculty to explain the event Ask for faculty volunteers to cover event while I am teaching

6 Preparation – Beginning of Semester Adjunct Faculty Update participation form for departmental adjuncts asking for the same information as full faculty, with tear away portion to let me know if they want to participate Place participation forms in adjunct boxes Ask them to place tear away form in my mailbox

7 Preparation – Beginning of Semester Student Co- coordinators Select two student co-coordinators Students have been Physical Education majors with a health promotion concentration

8 Preparation – Early in Semester Student Co- coordinators Create event bulletin board Utilize faculty participation information to Create participant sign-up sheets for each class of each professor Distribute designated number of envelopes to each faculty member to distribute to their students Create flyers to post around building prior to the event Contact athletic training room for emergency care back-up


10 Preparation – Volunteer Sign-up Put a volunteer sign-up sheet on my office door Notify department faculty members that sign-up sheet is posted for their students to earn professional points/service hours

11 Preparation – Graduate Assistant I utilize one GA for event day Excel document for entering: Student name Student’s professor(s) names Amount of donation Prize(s) student qualifies for

12 Preparation – Week Before Check on: Location of jump ropes/hula hoops Location of boom box Flyers are up in appropriate places

13 Preparation – Day Before Assemble materials for the event: Volunteer sign-in sheets (co-coordinator made) Directions for volunteers Sign if you want prizes form Extra envelopes Separate disclaimer forms (if student ripped it off envelope) Stickers and bookmarks

14 NAMETIME IN TIME OUT NAMETIME IN TIME OUT PROFESSOR:____________________________________________________ _____ CLASS/MEETING TIME:____________________________________________ REQUIRED # OF MINUTES:________________MIN $ AMT REQUIRED:________________

15 Preparation – Day Before Gather miscellaneous materials Large plastic Jump Rope for Heart banner Ribbon to hang banner Scissors Tape CDs to play during event Clock Pencils

16 Preparation – Event Day Set-up begins at 8:30 Tables are set up in gym One long row for participant sign in sheets One table for volunteer sign-in sheets One table to organize jump ropes Put jump ropes and hula hoops out Stretch long double dutch ropes on floor Set up sound system



19 Preparation – Event Day Hang large Jump Rope for Heart banner above Silcox Lobby Hang flyers with arrows pointing to event Friday Feb. 15 Silcox Gym 9 – 2

20 Preparation – Hang Sheet

21 Event Day – Co-coordinators Be available for majority, if not all, of event hours Oversee volunteers, including having volunteers sign in on appropriate sheets Keep bag with donations on their person Make sure music is continuous and not too loud At end of event, take participant sign-in sheets and put in faculty mailboxes

22 Event Day – Graduate Assistant Donations are delivered to GA who enters: Student name Professor’s name(s) Total amount of donation Prizes “earned” including t-shirts sizes Separate and stamp checks (AHA – for deposit only) Separate and count cash We emphasize paper money, not change

23 Event Day – Graduate Assistant continued Reconcile check and cash totals with corresponding Excel totals Save documents to add to for subsequent donations



26 Event Day – My role Make sure everything is ready and set up for event Supervise facility while not in class Make sure co-coordinators are comfortable in their role Supervise clean-up Deposit cash for cashier’s check Mail checks next day

27 Post-event – Graduate Assistant Enter same information for students who turn donations in the following week (I accept donations through the following Friday at noon) After that, students must take donations directly to AHA office (King St., downtown)

28 Post-event – Graduate Assistant Runs reports for me Master list (alphabetical) of students including donations in case faculty have questions List of students and donation amount by faculty member Totals from the event: Money Prizes earned (including t-shirt sizes)

29 Post-event – Graduate Assistant Reports to faculty Emails each faculty member with their students’ names and donation amount Cc’s me on each of those emails

30 Post-event – My Role Send the final donations Email Alissa information on prizes “earned” and prizes wanted She places order for the prizes the students want

31 Post-event – Finishing Up Alissa keeps track of prizes “earned” but not wanted These totals are maintained and at the end of spring semester, the dollar equivalent of prizes not taken is added to total amount for gift certificates

32 Post-event – Donating Gift Certificates Many years ago, we started donating the gift certificates to Charleston County elementary schools at Dr. Bill Barfield’s suggestion. We typically donate to two or three schools depending on totals Obviously, these have been very well- received!

33 Questions?

34 Thank You

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