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1 All About

2 Menu Natural Resources in Oklahoma Oklahoma State Flag Symbols
Official State Objects Major Oklahoma Crops Interactive Oklahoma Quiz

3 Natural Resources in Oklahoma
Natural Resources are an important part of any environment. When all the natural resources have been used in an area there are serious consequences. It is important not to deplete any natural resources and to conserve the resources that are available to us.

4 Natural Resources in Oklahoma
Coal Zinc Petroleum Stone Natural Gas Clay

5 Oklahoma State Flag Symbolism
Oklahoma’s flag contains many different symbols, all of which represent the state of Oklahoma. The symbols within the flag are significant to Oklahoma and it is important to know the meaning of each. The flag symbolizes what the state was founded on, all of which you will learn soon!

6 Oklahoma State Flag Symbolism
The main design on the Oklahoma flag was made to resemble the leather shield of the warriors of the Osage Nation. The flag uses a green olive branch, and a ceremonial calumet (peace pipe) to represent Peace within the state. The 7 eagle feathers that hang from the shield are considered to be sacred among the Native Americans, as well as a symbol of honor.

7 Official State Objects
As a state, Oklahoma has selected many different objects which represent the state; these objects are symbolic within the state. The selections made by the state of Oklahoma are very prominent throughout the state.

8 Official State Objects
State Bird: Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher State Tree: Redbud State Animal: Bison State Reptile: Mountain Boomer Lizard State Fish: White or Sand Bass State Butterfly: Mountain Swallowtail

9 Major Oklahoma Crops Crops and farming play an important role throughout Oklahoma. Oklahoma is an important agricultural state. The state’s agriculture helps with the economy as well as supplying Oklahoma and other states with food.

10 Major Oklahoma Crops Cotton Cattle Wheat Grain Sorghum

11 Interactive Oklahoma Quiz
The next six questions will test your knowledge of the material covered throughout the lesson. Click on the correct answer choice to advance to the next question. Good Luck!

12 Gold is a major Natural Resource in the state of Oklahoma
True False

13 The Olive leaves on the state flag are a symbol of what?
Peace War Purity The State of Oklahoma

14 What is a Major Crop of Oklahoma?
Grapes Turnips Cotton Potatoes

15 The Bradford Pear Tree is the State Tree
True False

16 The Leather shield in the Oklahoma Flag is a representation of what?
War Bravery Victory Osage Warriors

17 Oklahoma is a major agricultural state.
True False

18 The 7 eagle feathers on the Oklahoma flag are a symbol of what?
Courage Honor Victory Bravery

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20 Special Thanks to: Miller, J (1999). Apples 4 the teacher. Retrieved February 22, 2009, from Web site: -states/oklahoma/facts/

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