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UK Offshore Wind 2002 17 th April 2002 Gunfleet Sands- A Progress Report Presented by Nigel Crowe Enron Wind.

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2 UK Offshore Wind 2002 17 th April 2002 Gunfleet Sands- A Progress Report Presented by Nigel Crowe Enron Wind

3 Where are we today ? Planning Financing Construction Operation

4 Planning Hydrosearch Associates Ltd. have been engaged to project manage the Environmental Impact Assessment process Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to be circulated to all consultees for comments around May/June 2002

5 Environmental Impact Assessment Geophysical Survey Environmental Survey Bird & Marine Mammal Survey MetOcean Data Acquisition Coastal Processes Model Collision Risk Assessment Study Commercial Fisheries Study Other Studies in progress

6 GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY Completed October 2001 by Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd. Equipment utilised included Echosounder, Side Scan Sonar, Tow Boomer, Magnetometer Parameters measured for licence area and cable route: - detailed bathymetry - seabed features & magnetometer contacts - shallow geology - shallow gas - sub-bottom geological profiles - isopachyte (seabed to base sands contours)


8 Environmental Survey

9 Sea based observations and aerial transects 15 day surveys have been completed to date with monitoring planned after installation of turbines GPS referenced transects Bird & Marine Mammal Survey

10 Metocean Data Acquisition 2 MetOcean Instruments mounted in seabed frames with surface Dan buoys in water depths of approx. 12m Parameters to be measured include: - Current velocity - Tidal height - Directional wave parameters - Turbidity Instrumentation has been calibrated with Water Samples Deployed by Thales Geosolutions on 17 January 2002 for 6 month duration Service visits every 2 months Data to feed into Coastal Processes Model, Design Layout & Foundation Design

11 Coastal Processes Model ABP Research are assessing the baseline coastal processes Then potential impacts of the development can be quantified over the life of the development Model will include tides, waves, currents, sediment mobility beyond 1 tidal excursion of the licence area Utilisation of Remotely Sensed Imagery

12 Collision Risk Assessment Study 99% of traffic passes at least 3.7 nm from development area Collision risk assessed for powered and drifting vessels Highest risk around NE corner - collision return period of 34,013 years.

13 Commercial Fisheries Study In consultation with local fishermen, study has identified: Ports, Fishing Associations & Individual Fishermen Fish species Fishing methods Importance of Gunfleet Sands Sensitivities through the year Spawning grounds

14 Commercial Fisheries Study Most important species include: Sole (main summer + autumn) Bass (important summer +autumn) Cod (normally main winter species) Thornback (caught all year) Grey Mullet (inshore - summer) Whiting

15 Marine Archaeology Landscape & Seascape Assessment Radar Interference Assessment Terrestrial Ecology along the cable route Socio Economic Study Noise Study Comprehensive Consultation Exercise with Open Days in Clacton Web site Other Studies In Progress

16 Financing Primary objective at present to ensure bankability of Project NFFO 4 for 30 MW of total 108MW Watertight PPA agreement for remainder of off take Reliable Wind Data – Initial data from Gunfleet Lighthouse Considered onshore data to supplement this but decided on offshore metmast to avoid any uncertainty 60m lattice mast founded on a 32m monopile with measurements taken at 3 levels with GPS data collection


18 60m Met Mast

19 Construction 30 no. EW 3.6MW Turbines – 100m rotor diameter, 70-90m tower giving 108MW Integrated Foundation Solution Connection 10Km (7km offshore, 3km Onshore) at 132Kv to Holland–on–Sea

20 EW 3.x platform= Onshore: EW 3.2s + Offshore: EW 3.6 EW 3.2sEW 3.6 Rotor Power Site Ø 104 m 3.2 MW onshore Ø 100 m 3.6 MW offshore Vrated Rot. speed Hub height 14.3 m/s 8.1 – 13.5 rpm 100 – 140 m 15 m/s 9.2 –15.3 rpm site specific: > 70 m Design class IEC II-A DIBt WZ III / II (HH 100 / 140 m) IEC I-A mass240 t268 t Tip speed Noise 73.5 m/s < 106 dB(A), red. 104 dB(A) 80.1 m/s 109 dB(A)

21 EW 3.6 offshore Proven elements concept analogous to more than 880 EW 1.5 since 1996 separated drive train variable-speed, variable-pitch double-fed asynchronous generator frequency converter recommended suppliers New elements experience EW 1.5 offshore at Utgrunden annual maintenance over-specified design crane system E-container at nacelle 3.3 kV generator external heat exchanger helicopter hoisting platform (optional)

22 Layout EW 3.x: Separated drive train & crane system 14 m 4.5 m

23 Testing & pre-commissioning at factory

24 Prototype EW 3.6: 100 m hybrid tower in Spain Barrax site, close to Madrid Transport restrictions  prototype for inland sites and hub height up to 140 m 70 m pre-stressed concrete plus 26.5 m steel segment

25 Transport of rotor blades EW 3.6



28 Operation Efficient Operation is critical to financial viability Reliability, Availability,Maintainability, Serviceability proven technology (see EW 1.5) next offshore generation: i.e. new offshore design rather than marinised MW-class larger & proven turbines  lower O&M costs

29 40 t slewing crane (activated on-demand) - container - generator - gear box - main shaft - hub - blades 2 t gantry crane (hoisting inside and outside nacelle) Enron Wind 3.x: Internal crane system capable of all main components


31 Gunfleet Sands Progress Summary Environmental Impact Assessment approaching completion Comprehensive consultation process underway Data collection being taken seriously to inhance funding opportunities Construction programme is underway now with excellent progress being made with the EW3.6 Operation and maintenance strategy being considered upfront and given necessary importance

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