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Me, Inc. Become the CEO of Your Career using Personal Branding.

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1 Me, Inc. Become the CEO of Your Career using Personal Branding

2 Serve all students on 6 campuses, including virtual students: Atlanta, Savannah, Henry and Douglas Counties, Newnan, Piedmont Hospital Two office locations: Atlanta and Henry Available for in-office, telephone, and Skype appointments Full range of services

3 Presentation Overview What is branding? Branding yourself Why branding today? Getting started: 7 steps for building a brand The importance of branding



6 A brand is a tool that is used in the business world to describe all the information or perceptions that are connected with a product or service. Branding


8 What Do We Mean By Branding? Branding is… –An image created in someone’s mind –It’s both tangible and intangible characteristics of a product, service, or person that make it unique –Products, services, or persons that are branded are often chosen over others because they somehow have a perceived value of being BETTER

9 Branding Yourself Helps to define who you are/what you are about (or why an employer should hire you) Branding yourself is a way of associating great value with a product (the product being you) Branding yourself is not about getting an employer to choose you over your competition. It is about getting the employer to see you as the only solution to their problem

10 Why Branding Today? 1.Trust is essential in the corporate world People want to do business with and hire or promote people they know and feel good about 2. There has been change in what a traditional career path looks like People today change careers an average of 8 times during their lives Branding can be consistent throughout the changes (ex. Hard work and creativity can flow through to different occupations)

11 3. There is also a change in the way people communicate –Electronic communication doesn’t allow personality to show (compared to face-to-face communication) –Your first interview might be over the phone or your first communication with a potential employer could be over e-mail. –This type of communication could make it difficult to express yourself.

12 4. Branding makes you more memorable (think about how the swoosh or golden arches stand out in your memory) in the midst of the different type of communication. If you can get an employer to associate positive traits with your application or communication, you will likely rise to the top of the applicant pool.

13 Getting Started: 7 Steps to Building your Personal Brand FIRST STEP: Self-reflection

14 Branding Exercise Facts – gender, age, city, state, education, employment, skills, certifications, community service, etc. Culture – enthnicity, Geography – regional (N, S, E, W), urban/rural, etc. Work Environment – corporate, non-profit, government; structured/not-structured; entrepreneurial/micro- managed; multicultural/homogeneous, etc. Generation – Millenial, GenX, Baby Boomer, Greatest Generation My Brand – 2 – 7 words (if possible)

15 Next, identify what makes YOU unique or different –What’s your best asset? What are you noteworthy for? What do you contribute that you are most proud of? Ask your parents, friends, etc. to find an answer to that question –Once you uncover your ‘edge’ make sure you write it out and play it up as often as possible

16 Further Analysis: SWOT STRENGTHS Best assets Noteworthiness Contributions Unique Experiences Value Proposition WEAKNESSES Areas in which you need further development or experience OPPORTUNITIES Found through Networking Job Postings Career Fairs THREATS Competition Location Social Media * (2013) (2012)

17 Other 6 Steps 2.Continuous Learning 3.Prepare marketing strategy 4.Build relationships 5.Prepare marketing pieces 6.Develop your pitch 7. Follow up

18 The Importance of Branding Creating a brand allows you to associate value with your product (you!) There are many competing brands…you must position yourself so employers choose you By branding yourself – you’ll stand out from other candidates If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will do it for you *


20 Take a few minutes and visit our web site! For more information, contact us at (678) 547-6023 or visit us at Suite 318 Administration & Conference Center

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