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April 27, 2012 Abbie J. von Schlegell, CFRE Principal a. von schlegell & co 1 Women’s Philanthropy: Empowerment, Passion, Impact!

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1 April 27, 2012 Abbie J. von Schlegell, CFRE Principal a. von schlegell & co 1 Women’s Philanthropy: Empowerment, Passion, Impact!

2 Why Focus on Women? “ Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead “People support what they help to create…” Anonymous “Forget China, India and the internet: economic growth is driven by women.” The Economist “Women are the real architects of society” Harriet Beecher Stowe 2

3 Why Focus on Women? An update Women now control over 52% of all US wealth Women own2/5 privately held US companies – employ more than all Fortune 500 companies combined Women live 7 years longer than men; they will inherit 70% of estates to be passed down in next 40 years through $41+ trillion wealth transfer Women responsible for 83% consumer spending, spending $4.9 trillion per year 3

4 Financial facts about women Women own/control 75% of stocks 65% of savings accounts 70% of capital 85% of all women will live alone at some point in their lives 4

5 Women Retirement Statistics 75% of women not entitled to pension benefits due to interrupted work histories 70% of women retirees fail to plan for retirement Women’s social security benefits are 25% less due to interrupted work history and earning less income National Center for Women & Retirement Research 30

6 Gender differences in giving: to ALL charitable organizations WomenMen % making gifts Gifts as % of income Average gift Charitable Bequests 71% 2.3% $ 983 21% 65% 2.1% $1,057 7% lots of opportunity for all of us! 5

7 How Have Women Given in the Past? Charity vs. philanthropy Extending the domestic into the public realm Time   Money Collective giving Image from Hull House 6

8 Mme CJ WalkerJane Addams Examples of Autonomous Giving Olivia Slocum 7

9 Stages of women’s philanthropic journey motivation knowledge action leadership legacy 8 @ Women’s Philanthropy Institute Curriculum, Center on Philanthropy Indiana University

10 Women’s philanthropic potential today Career choices – totally different since 1968- 70 Own wealth Business opportunities Earning capacity Wealth transfer 9

11 Factors to consider in women’s philanthropy Higher % of women make gifts Gifts tend to be smaller, but catching up! Involvement precedes commitment Longer engagement period Gifts to make change (vs status quo!) Giving less competitive Giving is relational – giving circles 10

12 Barriers …. to women’s philanthropy 11

13 Overcoming Barriers …. EDUCATION the key For development staff For administration For women donors Think about giving in a different way! 12

14 The 6 “C’s” of Women’s Giving Change Create Connect Commit Collaborate Celebrate 13

15 Women not usually motivated by: Public recognition Obligation to others Peer pressure Competition 14

16 Lifestage Analyses Traditionalist (b.1910-1930) New Older Women/Silents (b.1930-1945) Boomer Women (b.1946-1964) Buster Women/ Generation X (b.1965- 1980) Generation Y (b. after 1981) Millenials (b. 2000 - 15

17 Traditionalist Women …. Influences: Great Depression, “Father Knows Best!” cash, not credit, never worked Values: Family and giving; volunteerism, fears about money Giving: Anonymously or in husband’s or family name; out of loyalty Approach: Listen: values, interests; educate; personal recognition only 16

18 New Older Women – the Silents Influences: WWII, Betty Crocker, Korean War, Cold War, Betty Friedan Values: Education, family, children, wary of money & power Giving: Restrictions, some loyalty, partnership with spouse Approach: Partner with them; values, group giving, philanthropy as investment beginning 17

19 Boomer Women…. Influences: 1960’s; civil rights; women’s movement; protests; Vietnam; careers Values: Family, community, individualism, always question Giving: little loyalty; change; leverage; accountability; with or without partner Approach: Partner with them, make a difference; network 18

20 Corporate women…. Entrepreneurs…. Influences: make it in a man’s world; career/family choices Values: self; money; next generation of young women; children Giving: need for education; want recognition; see results; leverage Approach: involve; communicate; business-like; recognize, entrepreneurial 19

21 Buster (Gen X) Women …. Influences: Watergate; technology; peace; end of war; jet travel; divorce; Berlin Wall Values: consumerism; quality of life; healthy living; rapid change; demand balance Giving: want involvement; proactive in selection of gift recipients Approach: not singled out as women; networking as business contacts 20

22 Generation Y Women …. Influences: digital age; 9/11; military overseas; will change jobs frequently Values: idealism, social causes, diversity, global orientation, independence Giving: more altruistic, DC Cares, more focused, want alternatives Approach: giving circles, specific projects within institution 21

23 Central issues: Whose money is it? Giving time vs giving money Giving dynamics between couples Comfort level for women thinking of themselves as philanthropists 22

24 Women’s philanthropy : a new approach Review standard procedures Call on women; ask them their opinions Engage both partners Review communication styles and techniques Use focus groups and interviews 23

25 Women’s philanthropy : decision-making different? Annual Fund Major gifts/Ultimate gifts Inclusion in capital campaigns Acknowledgements and stewardship Engagement in life of the institution 24

26 Realizing a women’s potential as a philanthropist Put away the checkbook Think as a philanthropist Find her passion Help her be a smart donor Consider gift as investment 26

27 Realizing a woman’s potential as a philanthropist Challenge others: peers, friends Give yourself permission Talk with others; give with others Give out of principal Be active Achieve parity with spouse Pass on your values 28

28 Basic principles of women’s philanthropy…. Identify Communicate Build relationships Motivate Develop Educate Ask for commitment Steward 29

29 Planned Giving from women…. Outright gifts: women hate debt; do not like pledges Planned gifts Estate planning Financial planning Need for serious education Integration of both financial goals and philanthropic goals = gift plan 31

30 Today’s Perspective: planned gifts from women vs men Women (53%) much more likely to make bequests over men (47%) Charitable remainder trusts more common with men (56%) vs women donors (44%) 32

31 How to reach women planned gift potential donors Be aware cultivation takes longer; commit time Educate women in p rojects that match interests; have details ready Meet individually listen to concerns and interests Realize current volunteers are prospects too Pursue and enhance these relationships Educate on gift plans in context of overall financial planning Create marketing materials with women donor pictures Always mention bequest options Conduct seminars on Financial/gift planning for alums 33

32 Characteristics of Today’s Women Givers Intergenerational wealth = $41 trillion Higher education, employment Financial knowledge, autonomy Inheritance and property rights Women have unprecedented power to make change. 35

33 8 Strategies for Women donors: Start early – build a history of giving Focus your giving – make more impact Work for parity with spouse – you should have a say where money is given Consider giving from assets 36

34 ...Strategies for Women Donors Consider collaborating with others Consider leveraging your gift – matching? Challenge? Teach kids in your life about giving Have fun with philanthropy! 37

35 228 main street, suite 272williamstown, ma

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