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The Growth (and Decline?) of the Suburbs

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1 The Growth (and Decline?) of the Suburbs
AP Human Geography

2 Background Info : People leave rural areas for urban and cities such as Chicago experience rapid growth (post-WWII): 20% of American’s live in suburbs, 40% in small towns and 40% in big cities. 2000: 50% live in suburbs, 30% in cities, 20% in small towns and rural areas. The pattern? First the growth of cities, then the growth of suburbs, and now the decline of suburbs?

3 Levels of Urbanization
City- independent, self- governing unit. Ex. Chicago Urbanized area- central city and surrounding suburbs. 70% live in urbanized areas (30% in city, 40% in burbs) Ex. Chicago and surrounding suburbs Metropolitan statistical area (MSA) The area of influence of a city (functional area) Ex. Chicagoland area, including parts of Indiana and Wisconsin.

4 Levels of Urbanization

5 Megalopolis A string of MSA’s that overlap, creating one large, connected urban area. U.S. East coast from Boston to Washington DC. Think of cookies melting together.

6 Edge City Concentration of business, shopping, and entertainment outside a traditional urban area in what had recently been a residential suburb or semi-rural community. Develops on the periphery of a larger city.

7 Suburban Sprawl Sprawl refers to the spread of urbanized areas, specifically the suburbs, into undeveloped rural areas. Suburbs grew rapidly following WWII and were still growing at a rapid pace until the housing crisis of the mid-2000’s. Now, suburban housing developments sit vacant and have been foreclosed by banks.

8 Sprawl in Las Vegas

9 Foreclosures

10 End of the suburbs? Many experts believe that the expansion of the suburbs in the U.S. has come to an end. Why? Baby boomer generation getting old People having fewer population Cities are desirable for younger people

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