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ENTERING THE HUMAN AGE From Capitalism to Talentism.

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1 ENTERING THE HUMAN AGE From Capitalism to Talentism


3 Do you know? Connect over 500,000 people to meaningful work every day Nearly 4,000 offices across 82 countries around the world Over 10.5 million people trained Over 400,000 clients ranging from small/medium sized businesses to Global Fortune 100 companies Largest global vendor-neutral MSP provider The global leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing The world’s largest IT professional resourcing firm The world’s largest outplacement firm Over 80% of revenues generated outside the U.S. Interviewed 12 million people in 2010 Over 30,000 employees Connected the potential of 4 million people to the ambition of business from the CEO level to the factory worker. ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

4 Ranked highest in scale, technology capability and global delivery footprint in their 2011 report Globally Recognized Leader Recent Accolades America’s Most Shareholder-Friendly Company for fourth year in a row First in Social Responsibility and Global Competitiveness among staffing industry Ranked 1,440 th on the 2010 Global 2000 Named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index third consecutive year Ranked 143 rd on the 2010 Fortune 500 Listed on FTSE4 Good Index Series Manpower Inc. RPO offering ranked in top 5 in HRO Today’s Global Market Leaders List Manpower Japan helped Apple reach its goal of 90 percent customer satisfaction at its call center in Sapporo Ethisphere named Manpower Inc. one of the Most Ethical Companies for One if the Greenest Big Companies in America Ranked #1 in global RPO revenue Ranked top overall MSP performer by buyers and suppliers in their 2010 report. Ranked #1 in Industry: Temporary Help on Fortune’s list of the World’s Most Admired Companies ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information


6 We’ve evolved as you’ve evolved… We’re evolving again to help you win in the Human Age… Temporary help agency “Fire engine” company (used in emergencies) Workforce management services Employment services company Innovative workforce solutions provider ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

7 Macro-Economic Forces Changing the World 7 7 The Global Readjustment Social Bifurcation Talentism Technological Revolution ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

8 50% The post-recession brings new challenges X2 More than 190 million people live outside their countries of birth – 3% of the world's population. Roughly one of every 35 persons in the world is a migrant, and their number is growing at almost 3% annually 190 mio If Facebook were a country, it would represent the third largest country in the world 3rd By 2050, Europe will have almost twice as many people over the age of 55, as under 15. BRIC countries represent 40% of the worldwide population and 50% global economic growth. By 2020, their GDP will more than double. ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

9 Capitalism Talentism The implication is that talent - as capital once was - is becoming the scarce resource in the economic world and a nation or corporation’s means of attracting, mobilizing and liberating talent will be a key competitive differentiator. Human potential will be the major agent of economic growth, and how to unleash then leverage that potential will be the key question organizations will need to answer Talent is emerging as the new “IT” ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

10 The world is entering a new era… Eras defined by the raw materials people bent to their will. Eras defined by the domains that people conquered with ever-increasing technology. Stone-Bronze-Iron Age Industrial Age Information Age ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

11 The Human Age Era defined by the ingenuity of individuals and of the community. The world has entered a new age and it’s having profound effects on people. It will be the power of human potential that drives companies and communities forward. Human Potential will become the major agent of economic growth, as the world’s only source of inspiration and innovation. This is creating complexity and opportunity in the marketplace ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

12 ManpowerGroup World of Work Trends: Indicators of the Human Age Source: Manpower Inc. ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

13 Demographics and the talent mismatch are increasing the pressure to find the right skills in the right place at the right time as working age populations decline, economies rebound, emerging markets rise, and the nature of work shifts. ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

14 Pilot shortages continue to plague India’s airline industry Financial Times BEWARE TALENT CRUNCH IN ELECTRONICS International Business Times PLUMBERS SLIP THROUGH THE CRACKS The Australian Employers urge migration cap caution, worry skills shortage could send UK jobs overseas Associated Press Talent Shortages Continue Despite Global Recession International Business Times SKILLED JOBS ‘LOST’ IN RACE FOR A DEGREE Daily Mirror MINISTER LAMENTS SKILLS SHORTAGE Jakarta Post Firms Battle To Fill Roles Despite Jobless Jump Waikato Times NEW MANAGEMENT TALENT CRUNCH LOOMS Newsweek THE BATTLE FOR BRAINPOWER The Economist High Unemployment ‘is due to skills mismatch’ Reliable Plant Construction holds key to rebuilding jobs market Financial Times Factory Jobs Return, but Employers Find Skills Shortage New York Times India: Desperately Seeking Talent Businessweek Gray Matters in Booming China Wall Street Journal China proves toughest frontier for India’s outsourcers Financial Times Search for a workable solution Financial Times Germany Suffers a Labor Shortage Wall Street Journal Child’s play to nurture next generation of engineers Financial Times ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

15 Lack of resources creates tension on the high demand skills market Oversupply of low or wrongly skilled resources generates under- employment and unemployment Source: Confronting the Talent Crunch: A Manpower White Paper Demand for skill Supply of skill The Talent Mismatch Illustrated ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

16 1 in 3 Employers Worldwide Can’t Find Talent PERCENTAGE OF EMPLOYERS HAVING DIFFICULTY FILLING JOBS DUE TO LACK OF AVAILABLE TALENT ManpowerGroup 6 th Annual Talent Shortage Survey ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

17 Japan (80%) India (67%) Taiwan (54%) Romania (54%) USA (53%) New Zealand (46%) Argentina (52%) Turkey (51%) Switzerland (48%) Brazil (57%) Globally, employers report the most difficulty filling positions in the following countries: GLOBAL RESULTS ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

18 36% of Belgian employers have difficulties in filling jobs as a result of talent shortage. Manpower Talent Shortage Survey (2011) ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

19 Technicians1 Sales Representatives2 3 Engineers4 Laborers5 Management/Executives6 Secretaries, PAs, Administrative Assistants & Office Support Staff 10 Accounting & Finance Staff7 IT Staff8 Production Operators9 Skilled Trades Workers GLOBAL RESULTS: Top 10 Jobs Employers Are Having Difficulty Filling ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

20 Technicians1 Sales Representatives2 3 Engineers4 Laborers5 Management/Executives6 Secretaries, PAs, Administrative Assistants & Office Support Staff 10 Accounting & Finance Staff7 IT Staff8 Production Operators9 Skilled Trades Workers 20 Belgium - Top 10 Jobs Employers Are Having Difficulty Filling ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

21 Belgium - Impact on Stakeholders ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

22 22 Belgium - Reasons for Difficulty Filling Jobs ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

23 What strategies are you pursuing to overcome these difficulties? 23 Belgium - Overcoming the Talent Shortage ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

24 Individual Choice is eliminating the one size fits all approach and elevating the need for one size fits one. ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

25 One Size Does Not Fit All Traditionalist Born Boomer Born Generation X Born Generation Y Born Tammy Erickson, Photo Credits; Alfred Eisenstaedt, Getty Images, People Magazine, Padre Steve Pragmatic Immediacy Idealistic Each generation approaches work differently, shaped by the economic, social and political forces of their time. Hierarchical ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

26 Job for life is not any more popular Job hopping is the new trend Manpower Belgium survey – ,4 vs 3,1 How many employers do you expect to have once you reach the age of retirement? How many employers did you effectively have at the end of your career? ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

27 Skilled individuals – in increasingly short supply – will dictate their terms to employers, of how, where and when they work They will gravitate toward industries which offer the best commitment to corporate sustainability, and offer the best career development options ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

28 Customers have more access to information, experts and lower cost channels which increases visibility and subsequent pressure on companies to deliver value. Employers have become more sophisticated in assessing their workforce and are looking for specific skills that enable their companies to do more with less to meet ever- rising consumer needs ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

29 In a global inter-connected world your customers know more and expect more. ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

30 30 ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information Job titles with corresponding salary ranges are supplied anonymously by both companies and employees Company-supplied shots as well as any photos that employees have chosen to upload to or share on Facebook Company rating, accolades, and a CEO rating (by site members) but focuses more on the uncensored text reviews from a company’s applicants, employees and alumni Uncensored, detailed accounts (written by site members) of a company’s interview process and the overall experience of the applicant In a global inter-connected world, your customers know and expect more

31 Rapidly changing technology and greater global arbitrage increases individuals’ and organizations’ choice of where, when and how work is performed, and with whom. ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

32 It allows the talented individual to undertake professional jobs anywhere in the world, and gives employers access to talent on a global scale Technology is a great liberator of global potential ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

33 Technology has long transformed the way we work Talent can be virtually accessed anywhere Competition is everywhere ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information


35 Job hopping

36 We Know it’s Resonating! CEO of Manpower: We Have Entered “The Human Age” ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

37 So, what…? Winning in the changing world of work requires a New Way of thinking about and approaching your workforce. ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

38 ManpowerGroup has found that: 46% of HR leaders globally consider their talent gap a risk to achieving their business strategy Just 27% of HR leaders feel their business has the talent it needs to win Only 25% of HR leaders feel their current workforce is agile enough to react to future market forces Are you prepared? ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

39 The Human Age is Creating Complexity There are new demands for:  Productivity  Innovation  Talent ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

40 Structural changes are causing a fundamental shift requiring 40 The redesign of business models The redefinition of value propositions The reinvention of social systems ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

41 This means you need to re-examine your assumptions about: Talent Sources People Practices Work Models ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

42 How Will You Unleash Your Workforce’s Potential? Work Models People Practices Talent Sources Today’s practices were created with out-dated assumptions – so why are will still using them? What new practices will we need in order to attract, develop and retain the talent? How will you improve your talent supply? What talent strategies do I need to reach undertapped and untapped talent pools? How do we manage the talent ecosystem to drive productivity? How do we manage a diverse and virtual workforce? How do we inject flexibility into our workforce mix? ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

43 Work Model Trends Specialization of Work – more and more segmentation and specificity of work being demanded, particularly of knowledge work. Extreme Specialization of Work – dividing work into smaller and smaller tasks and distributing them via the Internet to many people Virtualization of Work – increasingly work is being performed from home by fulltime remote workers or contractors choosing more flexibility to choose when how and where they work Increase of Freelancers – more people are willing to work on an outcome basis so that they can choose the work that they want to do, even at the risk of not being paid. Shift from Employee to Contestant – a rapid rise of virtual marketplaces pitting contestants against each other to win work ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

44 People Practices Need to rethink: What is a job vs. job description vs. success profile? What is an employee? What is leadership? What is development? How do we pay and for what? How do we drive productivity and innovation through our people practices? What are the new ways of thinking about and approaching work to accelerate business performance and get access to the talent we need? Management theory and people practices of today were developed in the 20 th century, before globalization, desk top computers, PDAs and the transparency created by the web. ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

45 Talent Sources: Managing the Talent Ecosystem Permanent Employees Crowd Outsourced Talent Pools Contract Talent Pools Consultant Talent Pools Retired Talent ? Communities Contingent Talent Pools ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

46 Do you have a Workforce Strategy Aligned to your Business Strategy? ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

47 Are you ready for THE HUMAN AGE can help you…. ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

48 Demographical changes & Talent Mismatch Individual choice 1. How my business & organisation will be impacted by these trends? Rising customer sophistication Technological revolution ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

49 2. How do I face the new challenges of The Human Age? Organise talent Do I have the right work models in place to unlock the human potential that will drive my business forward? How do I inject flexibility in my workforce mix? Attract talent Have I identified the skills and talent that will be critical to my business? Is my employer brand strong enough to attract new talent? Develop talent Am I using technology to liberate human potential? What about social networks? How can I ensure the talent I have, fits my business models, now and in the future? Manage talent Am I earning loyalty, respect and engagement from my employees? How do I manage a diverse and virtual workforce in an increasingly volatile and shifting world? Which leadership style & people governance will suit the Human Age? ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

50 “Companies who are able to harness the passion and innovation of the human spirit will be those that will win in this new and complex world where we have to do more with less” Jeff Joerres, Chairman & CEO ManpowerGroup World Economic Forum, Davos 2011 ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

51 More insight & vision? ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information

52 Innovative Workforce Solutions that Power the World of Work ManpowerGroup Proprietary Information


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