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Robert Temple, Farm Manager Rumsden Farm East Sussex, England A Customer’s View - a view of Irish genetics in the UK Beef Expo, Ireland 2008.

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1 Robert Temple, Farm Manager Rumsden Farm East Sussex, England A Customer’s View - a view of Irish genetics in the UK Beef Expo, Ireland 2008

2 Just over 150 acres Permanent pasture and woodland Heavy clay soil Small fields 100 head of pedigree Charolais cattle Successful commercial show herd

3 High Weald Area Of Oustanding Natural Beauty Rolling Hills Abundant woodlands Sunken roads Small irregular fields Streams running in deep gills Heavy clay ground Rumsden Farm – in the High Weald AONB

4 Rumsden Samurai – 14,000gns

5 Rumsden Udimore By Doonally New Rumsden Crusader By Farleycopse Telemarque








13 Irish imported stock at Rumsden Farm…..

14 A commercial steer purchased in Ireland In Ireland and in England




18 Rumsden Farm - Semen sales of all breeds 2000 - 2007


20 Performance Details - Rocky EBVAccuracyIndex Birth Weight+2.89977 Calving Difficulty-2.99796 Gestation Length+1.99988 Calving ValueLM-1C9990 200 Day Weight+4698137 400 Day Weight+7998136 Muscle Score+2.196141 Muscle Depth+7.798136 Fat Depth-0.494123 Beef Value+4899146 Note: Index 100 = average

21 British Limousin Cattle Society Data Rocky297 Ronick Hawk294 Sympa211 Limo Tanat151 Oxygene147 Ionesco140 Cloughead Umpire125 Nenuphar122 Killerton Travis119 Wilodge Tonka112 Limousin Sire Usage for animals born in 2007 In 2007 Rocky became the top sire by number of pedigree calves registered in the year. Since Rocky semen sales were 14% higher in 2007 than 2006, and a further 11% up again in 2008, he can be expected figure in this table again in the future.

22 Our semen catalogue, which we also produce in house, printing on demand, so that we can add news as soon as it happens. Dromiskin Viceroy Viceroy was rated the top Charolais bull of his test group in the Irish National Cattle Breeding Federations Spring 2005 Test at Tully (pic below right). With an overall index of 114 for beef merit he was sold for 20,500 Euros to NCBC, where he stood alongside his sire, the great Doonally New. Viceroy had previously won his class at the National Charolais Show (pic. Top right). Viceroy has Irish BLUP figures of Muscle: 141; Skeletal: 128; Functionality 117. His dam is the exceptional Dromskin Princess. She was All Ireland Heifer Champion herself 2001, and her other offspring so far include Dromskin Unite, Reserve Senior Calf Champion at the 04 National Show, and sold in Carrick for 11,000 Euros in 2005. Viceroy first sons made 12,000 and 10,700 euros Dec 07 (pic bottom rt). Commercial farmer David Lawton has described his 2007 Viceroy cross calves as “in a class of their own”. Viceroy son Ch Fintona 08 (bottom left) Ear No. VCR Hermes Sire: Doonally New Intruse Mogador Dam: Dromiskin Princess Felixtown Maye

23 Our website,, which we update ourselves every few days with any news about our herd or our semen sires. Pedigree Charolais, Limousin and Commercial Cattle from the Rumsden Herd in South East England Commercial HerdHome PageContact Details & LinksPedigree CharolaisSemen and Embryos for Sale RUMSDEN HERD OF PEDIGREE CHAROLAIS CATTLE Introduction Rumsden Farm is located in the South East of England, within easy reach of Gatwick airport, the Channel Tunnel, and Dover. Owned by Rupert Taylor Ltd, a family run company which specialises in Noise and Vibration Control, the Rumsden Herd of Pedigree Charolais cattle was formed in 1995 and has been very successful in a short time due to a combination of purchasing top quality foundation stock and total commitment to breeding the perfect beef animal. Visitors are always welcome by appointment. News (last updated 22nd September 2008) Click Here to make Rumsden Farm your Homepage Click Here to add Rumsden Farm to your favourite list Herd Health Status: Rumsden Farm is in a TB free area (four yearly testing - clear herd test Feb 2008) and the whole herd is vaccinated for BTV8 as of 28th May 2008. LATEST NEWS AND UPDATES Two bulls for Perth October 2008... Click here for details Son of Viceroy is Champion at Fintona

24 Guards Boomer by Rocky sold for 22,000gns

25 Farleycopse Turbo by Doonally Prince, Top price Perth Feb 2004 sold for 28,000gns Sarkley heifer by Rocky, sold for 9,000gns

26 6 month old crossbred daughter of Rocky, Champion at Craven’s Champions Day, bred by Mr Akrigg, sold for 1680gns. Newroddige Venture by Doonally Olmeto, Junior Male Champion, Royal Show

27 Brims Coockie by Rocky Owned and Bred by Mr Oag Interbreed Champion Caithness Show Rumsden Bintang by New Owned by Roger Harper Breed Champion and Coleman’s Cup winner, Royal Norfolk Show



30 Previous Charolais Herd sire by Doonally Prince

31 Limousin and commercial sire by Rocky

32 Our latest Herd sire: Rumsden Cruiserweight gs. Meillard Sire: Roundhill Rocky gd. Marlene gs. Doonally Olmeto Dam: Rumsden Titania gd. Rumsden Olivia


34 Rumsden Ultra by Doonally Olmeto Breed Champion and Interbreed Female Champion South of England Show for Richard Wakeham-Dawson, Graywood Herd.

35 Three daughters of Doonally New born at Rumsden, shown by new breeder Martin Gibbons, Interbreed Progeny Group Champions Edenbridge Show 2005

36 Rumsden Limousins





41 MY MISSION STATEMENT To breed a medium sized easy fleshed cow capable of rearing a quality calf every year from a low input system

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