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Barry Davis: Back on Board? Super Awesome Consulting Inc.

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1 Barry Davis: Back on Board? Super Awesome Consulting Inc.

2 Agenda 3C Analysis Main Issue Key Objectives Criteria & Alternatives Evaluation Matrix Recommendation

3 3C Analysis - Company Design & TechnologyBrand RecognitionGrowth Potential

4 3C Analysis - Customer Not entirely about price & qualityIncome LvL & AgeGen X + Boomer + Girl

5 3C Analysis - Competition Specialty Retail Store US & Australia Big Corporation Competition

6 Main Issues Retail vs. Manufacture New vs. Old Name New vs. Old Target Market

7 Sustainable & Scalable Growth Potential Market Share Clear PositioningBrand Diffentiation Key Objectives

8 Criteria Growth Potential (2)Customer Recognition (2)Cost to Implement (3)

9 Alternatives Market Development Skateboard Alternative Markets Product Development ApparelsSkateboarders Market Penetration SkateboardSkateboarders

10 Evaluation Mix Growth PotentialCustomer Recognition Cost to Implement Market Development (2) 2(4)4(8) Product Development (2) 3(6)2(4)4(8) Market Penetration (3) 3(9)1(3)4(12) Total1915 28

11 Recommendation Market Penetration Great Growth Potential Excellent Customer Recognition Less Cost to Implement

12 Implementation Product Stay with Existing “Hot Shot” Same Design & Technology Distributor for existing apparel Distribution Open a Retail Location Find Other Distribution for our boards Price Cost = $80 Price = $200

13 Implementation Hot Shot Website “SEO” YouTube Videos Contest + Prize Message: 100% made in Canada Promotion

14 Implementation Pre-Open (3 Months) ProductPlace DesignMaking the board LeaseFloor Layout Stocking Inventory AdvertingWebsite OpenPersonal selling directly to consumer Finding other distribution channels across Canada

15 Financial Analysis Market Size = $12.7M We expect Barry to gain 1.5% of market share at first year = $191,000 (Est. Sales)

16 Financial Analysis CostEffect Contest & flyers$5,300 Q 2% Youtube & website$2,000 Q 2% Become a distributor for existing brands of apparel $10,000 Q 3% Google advertising$7,700 Q 5% Profit = Quantity sold * (Price – Variable cost) – Fixed Cost Fixed Cost = Marketing Budget ($25,000) Overall, Growth rate will be about 12%

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