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Christine V. Bullen Stevens Institute of Technology.

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1 Christine V. Bullen Stevens Institute of Technology

2 Collegial Collaborators  Tom AbrahamKean University  Cynthia BeathUniversity of Texas-Austin  Keith FramptonThe Marlo Group  Kevin P. Gallagher Northern Kentucky University  Tim GolesTexas A&M International  Kate M. Kaiser,Marquette University  Stephen HawkUniversity of Wisconsin-Parkside  Judith SimonUniversity of Memphis

3 Motivation for Studying the IT Workforce Consistent top concern of IT management Changing times ○Low university IT enrollments ○Pending baby boomer retirements ○Migrating skills ○Shift in function and location of IT providers © ITWF Team

4 Phase 1 and Phase 2 Phase 1 - Clients Skills and capabilities critical in house vs. sourced 104 senior executives interviews– primarily SIM members Wide range of sizes and industries Found increased use of providers Phase 2 - Providers Capabilities critical in house to serve clients 153 senior executives online survey Wide range of sizes and global locations How do providers compare to clients?

5 Mission Change for IT  From Delivering technology-based solutions  To Managing process of delivering solutions © ITWF Team

6 Capability Categories – both phases  TECHNICAL  PROJECT MANAGEMENT  BUSINESS DOMAIN  SOURCING © ITWF Team

7 Entry Level Skills ≠ Career Success Project Planning Process Knowledge Company Knowledge BPR Systems Analysis Industry Knowledge Project Leadership Project Risk Management Systems Design Change Management Skills critical in house Programming Systems Testing Desktop/Helpdesk Systems Design Systems Analysis Voice/DataTelecomm Database Design Continuity/Recovery Operations Server Hosting OS/ Architecture & Standards Project Planning Project Leadership Project Risk Management Systems Analysis User Relationship Management Systems Design Negotiation Industry Knowledge Process Knowledge Project Integration Programming Systems Analysis Systems Testing Systems Design Communication Voice/Data Telecomm Desktop/Helpdesk Architecture & Standards Database Design Skills sourced from 3PPs Skills desired in entry-level hires Skills desired in mid-level hires

8 Implications for Curriculum and Hiring Marketplace – clients and providers Demanding new patterns of capabilities Competing for same talent pool T-shaped people Deep technical and broad client-facing skills (developers and specialists) Deep client-facing and broad technical skills (analysts and managers) Importance of client-facing skills increasing-especially high-wage areas Project management Communication Business domain © ITWF Team

9 Enterprises face challenging economic environment 2010 Solutions through IT Contribute to overall corporate results Reduce enterprise and IT costs CIOs need to be decisive and resourceful in building an effective future enterprise Gartner: Meeting the Challenge of the 2009 CIO Agenda Gartner Report Favors IT Investment

10 The Global Sourcing Factor Sourcing activities slowed 2008 Leading providers posted losses Consolidations beginning Overall Outlook Positive Pipeline of work is good More smaller engagements Moving from “lift & shift” to partnerships for developing IP and industry process competence 60% of those outsourcing have aggressive plans to expand Global Services & NeoIT, 2009, TPI, Equaterra, Duke Ciber

11 Issues for Interactive Discussion your  What are your concerns?  How to manage cost cutting? Layoffs? Hiring? Sourcing?  Are you increasing sourcing? On-shore vs. offshore  How has talent supply been affected? More talent available due to layoffs? More talent available postponing retirement? Fewer H1B visas?  Universities low enrollments? discontinuing or merging IT programs?  Concerned about skills pipeline?  The “Lost Generation”

12 Contact Information  Christine V. IT Workforce Collaborative Many articles on SIM Web site under Communities tab White papers  Phase 1: THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY WORKFORCE: TRENDS AND IMPLICATIONS 2005-2008  Phase 2: THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY WORKFORCE: IT PROVIDER TRENDS AND IMPLICATIONS 2006-2009

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