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Charlie—Empty Nester 50 to 70 year old male Primary target Boomer Charlie -50-60 years old Core Values -Optimism, individualism, achievement If married,

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1 Charlie—Empty Nester 50 to 70 year old male Primary target Boomer Charlie -50-60 years old Core Values -Optimism, individualism, achievement If married, married to Helen What Are His Needs?! Clean & orderly environment Personalized customer service -From “simple greet” to “going the extra mile” -Simple, benefit-focused solutions when it comes to technology & entertainment Don’t talk over me Don’t overlook me or underestimate purchasing power -If I want it, I have the means to get it Store environment creates clarity

2 What are his attitudes and psyche? Entering third phase of his life. Retirement=Death. Plans to remain active & engaged Confident about his place in the world Simple, and benefit-focused Technology has to find Charlie Relationship with Best Buy: Open to finding new experiences in life, but looking for someone to help make the “new” less complex

3 Helen—Empty Nester Children have left home -Target age: 50-60 (Baby Boomers) with an affinity for technology Excited for new chapter in her life If married, married to Charlie Grandchildren or aging parents are key life issues What are her needs?! Explain the benefits to inspire me to purchase -Replacing technology based on need, not want -Explain technology in easy to understand language Build confidence in purchase decision -Validate pre-purchase research and offer post purchase support

4 What are her attitudes & psyche? Just starting to think about retirement; wants to engage in different activities Rediscovering “me time” Doesn’t want technology to pass her by Learns about technology through work, friends, and family Wants to be connected to her community Relationship with Best Buy: Doesn’t see store as a place she enjoys or seeks to interact with…yet.

5 Carrie—Urban Trendsetter Younger female without children -25 to 35 years old Typically lives in urban areas Loves technology What are her needs!? Make ME feel comfortable -Don’t talk down to me; I am smart and have done research -Tell me what I don’t know in a way I can understand Pull it together for ME -Show me what I need to make life easier-let me see how it works Keep me connected all of the time-PORTABLE,PORTABLE,PORTABLE -Wants multichannel experience Help me to MAKE ME – ME -I want to stand apart—with style and newness

6 What are her attitudes and psyche? Freedom -I control my time & how I spend it -My lifestyle is really ALL ABOUT ME Explore ne experiences -Travel, career changes, school & entertainment -Without large financial obligations -On a journey of ‘self-discovery’ Environment, Aesthetics, and Style -Love to shop for non technology; inspired by visual displays, new trends, & warm environments -Pride myself on having the latest and greatest, but not paying full price for it Trend, color, and style are key Relationship with Best Buy: Loves what technology can do for her life, but doesn’t enjoy the shopping experience. No competitor is winning right now.

7 Buzz—Urban Trendsetter Younger male who is typically single -23 to 30 years old -Sub segments are status, fun, responsible Often lives in urban areas Fully integrated technology into all aspects of life What are his needs?! To have knowledgeable people he can talk to about technology Make me aware of latest and greatest Let me interact with the product Sometimes just want to hang out and check out what’s new without buying To stay connected w/ friends and current events Understand how technology enhances lifestyle

8 What are his attitudes and psyche? Has high enthusiasm for staying current, especially w/ technology Has a strong sense of community and a need for inclusion -Always looking for ways to entertain himself Strongly integrates technology & entertainment into his life -Technology & entertainment are a passion Do a ton of “research” as part of the shopping process -Such a way of life, don’t even think of it as research Relationship with Best Buy: Likes Best Buy but he has many choices and is not loyal. Value Proposition: Try before you buy

9 Maria—Middle America Busy, middle-income, multi-tasking mom 35 to 40 years old Her kids are 8 to 12 years old Most likely be married to Ray Plans family budget with Ray, then in charge of monitoring it Extremely involved in community What are her needs?! Balancing all of the demands of a busy mom Discovering new ideas to keep family connected Maximizing the value of money Finding the sweet spot of activities my kids want to do vs. the activities I want them to do Respect me

10 What are her attitudes & psyche? Has a lot on her plate…raising kids, running the house, working outside of the home, volunteering Looking for her kids to be the best they can be, but also enjoying themselves “kids need to be kids” Marriage is a strong partnership with Ray…independent from each other. Decisions are made by both of them. Doesn’t have time or interest in learning about new technology…kids are major educational resource for her when it comes to what’s new Relationship with Best Buy: A store I go to only when kids & husband force me. Takes way too long to accomplish my mission, and there’s nothing interesting for me there. Value Proposition: Organize me so I can enjoy more family time

11 Ray—Middle America Our bread-and-butter customer -40 years old; $75,0000 include, married w/ two kids Often lives in smaller cities, towns, or in the country Ray loves Best Buy and the products What are his needs?! Wants to build a close knit family – looking for ways to “turn on the family fun” Wants to help getting the most enjoyment out of life as possible, really a “kid at heart” Crave personal accomplishment – tends to want to do things himself Maximize technology and entertainment spending to get more stuff for his family

12 What are his attitudes and psyche? Ray is engaged in the shrewd pursuit of a more fun and exciting family life Believes that family and fun are the main points of life Ray is a “techno-tainment” enthusiast and a “do it yourselfer” – he wants to play with and experience the products before he buys them Avid researcher of products, he comparison shops and purchases only after understanding Typically waits to purchase products after they stabilize & research their “real price” vs. overpay Very savvy shopper, he lives within his budget, understands where the best deals are Relationship with Best Buy: Ray loves Best Buy, but thinks we can be so much better than we are

13 Upscale Suburban--Jill Affluent (Top 10% of US household income) Married Age: 40-45 Likely to have kids ages 3-17 Lives in suburban metropolitan areas Highly educated; college or beyond What are her needs?! Dominant Need: I want personalized white glove products and services Help me give my teens the latest stuff without disconnecting them from me Help me find & fuel my new passions so I can remain true to myself Help me simplify technology

14 What are her attitudes and psyche? Balancing many roles (family, career, personal time) so simplifying things & maximizing time is critical Wants to be inspired with ways to grow & achieve for herself and kids Willing to pay experts to get her work done as efficiently as possible -Over indexes vs. all our customers on: Geek Squad, MHT delivery install, and appliances install More comfortable w/ technology than most other women, but relies on her kids and husband for help Relationship with best Buy: Jill likes technology (and its benefits) but does not enjoy the inconsistent purchasing experience offered by best Buy Value Proposition: Delight me w/ personalized premium or ultra-premium experiences

15 Upscale Suburban--Barry Affluent (Top 10% of US household income) Married Average age: 47 Likely to have kids ages 13-17 Lives in suburban metropolitan areas Highly educated; college or beyond What are his needs?! Deliver Value through: -Personalized Service: “Treat me like I’m the only guy in the store” -A thrilling Experience: “Inspire me and bring it to life by letting me fully experience benefits -Product Assortment that meets my expectations -”Premium brands presented as a total solution”

16 What are his attitudes and psyche? Smart investor-Barry calculates the value in every purchase Confident and self-reliant-Barry’s confidence comes from his research (online, friends, product reviews) and he trusts his instincts Demanding Customer-He expects that the rules can be broken for him Successful Provider-Barry strives to balance his family, career, and life Relationship with Best Buy: Barry is a demanding customer who expects a high level of service. Best Buy has to continue to earn trust to get more of his technology & entertainment dollars Value Proposition: Delight me with personalized premium or ultra-premium experiences

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