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- a nutraceutical ( substance with associated heath benefits ) - an antioxidant from

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2 - a nutraceutical ( substance with associated heath benefits ) - an antioxidant from

3 - a biomaterial used for microencapsulation - derived from cellulose and ethanol in the presence of dehydrating agents OR alkali cellulose and ethyl chloride from

4 CoQ10 tends to bunch together, making it hard to absorb in the intestine. Nanoencapsulation - separates individual molecules w/o altering its function - Increases bioavailability in the intestine

5 To determine physical properties of coenzyme Q10-loaded ethyl cellulose nanoparticles:  Particle size  % drug loading  UV stability  thermal stability

6 Langmuir, 2003, 19(22), 9504- 9510.

7 SEM images of EC microspheres For microencapsulation of aspirin, for drug delivery application [J. of Microencapsulation, 2001,18(2), 223-236] For controlled release of a pesticide, norfluazon [Pest Management Science, 2001, 57: 688-694]

8 Particle sizeThermal stability % drug loading Colloids and Surfaces A : Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2002, 210 (1): 95-104.

9 coQ10 gives Absorbance at 217-290 nm Solvents: methanol, ethanol, water ( mobile phase) Column: C18 from

10  Prepare nanoparticles by solvent-evaporation method by Desgouilles [Langmuir, 2003,19(22), 9504-9510] Vary the mass ratio of coQ10 to EC (20, 40, 50, 60, 80%)  Characterization of nanoparticles

11 by Dynamic Light Scattering scattering angle: 90° Temperature: 25 ° Hydrodynamic mean diameter and polydispersity, μ 2 /Γ 2, will be calculated by continuous method Light Scattering facility at UNC Chapel Hill

12 by Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Hitachi HD 2000 Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope Specifications ( at NCSU Engineering Graduate Research Center) CapabilitiesBrightfield,Darkfield, Difraction z-contrast Accelerating Voltage 200 kV Magnification2,000,000 X SEI Resolution2.4 Angstroms from NCSU Analytical Instrumentation Facility website

13 Sample preparation: -Freeze dry the particles -Extract coQ10 with methylene chloride -Dissolve further in ethanol Quantitation of coQ10: -Prepare calibration solutions of coQ10 in ethanol -Plot peak areas vs concentrations of calibration solutions -Compute for the amount of coQ10 in sample from peak area From Sample calibration curve

14 Freeze dry the particles Expose the particles to UV ( 320-400 nm) Extract the coQ10 Analyze by HPLC Chromatogram of coQ10 & degradation products ( from Michael Stiff, NCSU Crop Science Department)

15 Compare Tg and  H fusion for coQ10, EC and coQ10-EC particles TA2010 Thermal Analyzer (TA Instruments, New Castle, DE) Sample preparation: Freeze drying Thermal scan: Rate: 10° C per min Range: -10 to 160° C

16 ExperimentTechnique Particle Size DistributionDLS STEM Drug-loading EfficiencyHPLC UV Stability Thermal stabilityDSC

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