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Invention, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (8/29/2012) 1.

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1 Invention, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (8/29/2012) 1

2 Management Librarian in Troy Colette Holmes Email: Voice Mail: 518-276-8331 Folsom Library, 3 rd floor North (341A) Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM Appointments Recommended 2

3 Passwords & Tech Help Your RCS Userid and Password One sign on for most library services Available from VCC Help Desk Contact consult& Sample Logon Window for Off-Campus Access 3

4 Entrepreneurship Resources Starting a Business Business Plans Venture Capital & Private Equity Franchising Trade Publications & academic Journals Competitors Market Shares, Rankings, Market Information Industry Information Manufacturer Information NY State Business Information Legal & Tax Information Global Business 4

5 Statistical Sources New York State Statistical Yearbook Statistical Almanac of the United States (until 2012) Statistical Almanac of the United States U.S. Business Statistics E-Stat International Business Statistics Capital District Regional Planning District American FactFinder 5

6 Reference Tools Timelines of Invention and Technology 16 th century to Present Access Science Sci-Tech Encyclopedia 6

7 Emerging Technologies Gartner’s The Worlds 50 Most Innovative Companies Gartner Identifies Top 10 Most Disruptive Technologies 2008- 2012 Gartner Identifies Top 10 Most Disruptive Technologies 2008- 2012 O’Reilly Radar MIT 10 Emerging Technologies 7

8 Current News Sources Computerworld Fast Company Technovation Technology Review New York Times Wall Street Journal NPR (National Public Radio) NPR Television Networks 8

9 Develop Scenario Previously undetected congenital heart defects Healthy adult has stroke caused by hole in heart Baby Boomer and GenXer Market Living well into adulthood Known/unknown congenital heart defects Some repair procedures in place since 1940s Adult Patients = New Market (s) Procedures performed by Pediatric Cardio. Surgeons Clinical trials for closures relating to strokes, migraines Treatments vary 9

10 Patent by Carlos E. Ruiz 10

11 Ruiz Heart Closure Patent 11

12 Carlos E. Ruiz’s Patent Medical hole closure device and methods of use … Carlos E. Ruiz Patent Patent Number: 5976174 Issued: Nov 2, 1999 12

13 Patent Citations vs. References Luiz Patent was granted a patent Nov 2, 1999. Citations (Patents that 1999 Ruiz Cited.) He cited 10 patents of others in his 1999 patent. These patents date from 1950 to 1999. Subsequently Reference (Patents that Cited the 1999 Ruiz Patent) Over 200 references dating from Jan 2000 – Aug 30, 2012 2000-2009 96 patents 2010 -2012 106 patents in most recent 2.5 years 13

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