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Welcome to Target Zonta to a Diverse Audience

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1 Welcome to Target Zonta to a Diverse Audience
Ellen Dolsen, Presenter Zonta Club of Pontiac North Oakland

2 Common Ground vs. Generation Gap
Write down the first thing that comes to mind when I say ….. 1. __________ 2. __________ __________ 4. __________

3 Overview Framework of PR Four generations in the workplace
Examine Gaps, Myths, Conflicts Establish Common Ground Draft Plan of Action

4 Four Generations Today
Matures – 68 and older - Duty Baby Boomers – 67 - Identity Generation Xers – 33 – 48 – Entrepreneurial Millennials – Community

5 Matures – 68 and older Core Values – Hard work; authority
Perception of Work – Obligation Communication – Formal and written Key Motivators – Respect for experience Education – A dream Family - Traditional; nuclear Best at – Duty first; reliable, steadfast; eager to share what they know

6 Baby Boomers – 49 - 67 Core Values – Loyalty
Perception of Work – Opportunity Communication – Person to Person Key Motivators–Feeling valued, needed Education – A birthright Family - Disintegrating Best at: Idealism, structure, process

7 Gen Xers – 33 - 48 Core Values – Work-life balance
Perception of Work – Contractual Communication–Direct and immediate Key Motivators – Autonomy; have fun Education – A way to get there Family – Latch-key kids Best at – Independence, entrepreneurialism unafraid of new things

8 Millennials – 22 - 32 Core Values – Innovation and change
Perception of Work – Means to an end Communication – Text and Key Motivators – Collaborating with bright, creative people; technology Education – An incredible expense Family – Merged, blended Best at – Technology, organized, demanding, problem solvers

9 Small Group Activity #1 Form teams of 5/6 people
Workbook – Page 2 – Instructions Read page 3, 4, 5 or 6 – Generation in a Nutshell Write a Zonta Elevator Speech for one generation as assigned Select a spokesperson to report out minutes -

10 Tips for a Marketing Plan
Show Matures how to take action in their own communities Baby Boomers love options and change Gen Xers need to feed appetite for information and learning Millennials want it all

11 Baby Boomer Women and Cause Marketing
Stories of real people will trump the latest gadget for women Women are ensemble players; think “we” not “me” See themselves first as members of a community Driven by empathy Interested in belonging

12 Why Older Donors Matter
Seniors 65+ will grow to 1 in 5 by 2030 People 50 and over make up 24 % of US population As of % of US adults 65 + use the internet or 49% of seniors who are online in 2012 have Facebook accounts

13 Gaps, Myths, Conflicts Matures are accustomed to top-down approach to management Baby Boomers are exiting the workforce Baby Boomer generation uses work as a way to prove their worthiness. Rock ‘n Roll--Beatles, Rolling Stones, Abba were all the rage for Boomers Boomers have had to compete every step of their careers

14 Gaps, Myths, Conflicts 11% fewer Gen Xers to fill seats
Many Gen Xers are unprepared Gen Xers grew up with sophisticated TV advertising; learned to distrust the media Were first children to play video games Gen Xers value flexibility, work-life balance, autonomy

15 Gaps, Myths, Conflicts Millennials are goal and achievement oriented; ambitious Millennials are still too young They are citizens of the world Millennials have been pampered; they are used to being the center of attention

16 Small Group Activity #2 Marketing Idea – 10 mins.
Remain in the same Small Group with the same generation assignment Workbook – Page 8 – Instructions Read generation-specific reference material on either pages 9, 10, or 11 Answer 5 questions on Page 8 Design one idea from “A through F” on Page 8

17 Planning Ahead What was surprising? What will you do more of?
What will you do differently?

18 Steps to Success Action Plan–Page 12
Be wary of stereotyping Be aware of the differences Appreciate the strengths Manage differences effectively Develop a club-specific PR/Marketing Plan

19 Communication Plan Parallel Presence
Superficial Contact-Initiation Phase Making Contact-Self-disclosure-Intensifying Phases Phase I - Points of Interest Phase II – Discovering Passions

20 Thank You Have fun targeting Zonta to a diverse audience!

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