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Think, Plan, Grow!™ Jim Boomer, CPA.CITP

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1 Think, Plan, Grow!™ Jim Boomer, CPA.CITP

2 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ VisionTrendsOpportunitiesExecution

3 Think, Plan, Grow! ™



6 CPA2Biz, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Information Digital Innovation Decades of Disruption to Business as Usual 1980s: Digital Office Work Begins – Personal Computing, Excel, Quicken, etc. 1990s: Digital Value Chains – Internet, Networks, Email, Tax & Audit Software, e-Commerce 2000s: Digital Consumption – Paperless, Online Research, Mobile, Social Media, Self-Service 2010s: Digital Engagements – Portals, Cloud, Collaboration, Apps, etc 20 th Century 21 st Century Geoffrey Moore Slide – Adopted for CPA Marketplace

7 CPA2Biz, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Information 1990 2000 Today Client Accounting Over Past 20 Years Today’s Opportunity Cloud based Integrated Paperless Dashboards Real Time Small Businesses push work back to firms to focus more on their business Role of Firms Reduced QuickBooks introduced to small businesses Re-claiming of Client Accounting & Trusted Advisor Role

8 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ 10 X Thinking SelfTeamExpertsPeers

9 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ Directly linked to growth Two different types of innovation Directional Innovation Improves a service based on fairly predictable steps Improve delivery skills Intersectional Innovation Multiple disciplines meet to solve a problem/improve a solution Focus on discovery skills 1

10 Think, Plan, Grow! ™

11 Positive attitudes – good year so far! Continued M&A Activity Salary increases Mobile, mobile, mobile! Cloud – changing attitudes Value pricing

12 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ 20072008200920102011 Revenue per FTE (see definition below) $153,779 $142,677 $138,859 $143,685 $161,947 Average hourly rate$147$138$140$146$161 % chargeable50.4%49.5%47.8%47.5%48.2% % of revenue invested in technology 5.44%5.3%6.0%6.4% Investment in technology per charge hour $7.99$7.39$8.45$9.34$10.32 Ratio of IT personnel to end users 1-341-321-351-32 FTE = 2,080 hours Updated 5/6/2012

13 Think, Plan, Grow! ™


15 …think faster, better, cheaper & easier – The Cloud Yupana

16 Think, Plan, Grow! ™


18 Bookkeeping Packaging Naming Pricing Processes Team Niche Change Management Buy-In

19 CPA2Biz, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Information Driving Adoption in a Digital Age Business Change Talent Technology Most significant challenge

20 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ Desktop Software on Client PC Desktop Software on CPA Firm PCFile Transfer to CPA FirmClient enters Data Create FinancialsExport to T/B SystemCleanup/Fix Client MessAdjusting Entries Print Import into Desktop Software on Client PCFile Transfer to ClientMail to Client Workflow in Desktop Accounting

21 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ Client Dashboard & 24/7 Access to Downloads Electronic Data CaptureCreate Financials & ReportsAdjusting Entries Workflow in Cloud Accounting Direct to DMS/Portal Trusted Business Advisor Advisory Services Cash Flow Analysis Budgeting Tax Planning & Compliance Business/Strategic Planning

22 Think, Plan, Grow! ™

23 Core Business Accounting & Reporting PayrollWorkflow Document Mgmt. HR- Benefits & Training Technology & Phones Planning & Budgeting Think – Like an Entrepreneur What do I need? How much am I spending on these services?

24 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ M A Top 100 Firms Over $30M Top 100 Firms Over $30M Firms-90% Under $3M Firms-90% Under $3M What is the difference? What is the difference? The Missing Structure The Missing Structure Leadership & Management Talent Development Client Development Technology Compensation The Missing Structure

25 Think, Plan, Grow! ™

26 Business owners are good at their specific business services or operations, but… Struggle running their businesses as a business. In the past we offered a limited means to serve their needs.

27 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ BookkeepingBudgeting Bill PayCash Flow BillingBanking Relationship PayrollCompliance: ABC, Regulations Property TaxTax Planning and Projections DepreciationTax Preparation Bank ReconciliationsStrategic Planning

28 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ Create a service platform that allows business owners to focus their energy growing their business They focus on revenues and production, we focus on “back office” operations

29 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ Clients are able to concentrate on their strengths and growing their business We combine our strengths to support their weakness A stronger interactive client relationship is formed with each client with each service

30 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ Talley Group Talley Law Group Talley & Co. CPA CTO Advantage Succession Planning Group 11 Advisors HR/Staffing Relationship Manager Client

31 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ Group 11 Advisors Bookkeeping Banking/ Finance Back Office Support Advisory Services

32 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ Financial Services Mix Tax Service Mix Fee Expectation Bookkeeping Tax Prep $300 – 1,000/mo Experience Compliance, Bookkeeping, bill pay, business filing and renewal Compliance (above), tax planning and compliance, financial forecasting, legal, banking management, legal $1,200 – 7,200/mo

33 CPA2Biz, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Information Client Accounting Services… Virtual Controllership Collaborative Advisory Services – Virtual CFO Collaborative Advisory Services – Virtual CFO Write-Up Accounting Software Needs to Scale with Firm and Client Needs Business Process Outsourcing Advisory Transactional Span a Service Spectrum Specialize in Client Industry Verticals Healthcare Not-For-Profit Technology Professional Services Property Management Government Contractors Retail Franchises

34 Think, Plan, Grow! ™ Those with passion do. Those without passion try. Dr. Viktor Frankl 1905-1997Chad Hymas

35 Think, Plan, Grow!™ Think. Plan. Grow! Questions?

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