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PRESENTS: Mixing Generations in the Workplace Carol Price “Professionally Speaking” Phone: (727) 397-9111.

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1 PRESENTS: Mixing Generations in the Workplace Carol Price “Professionally Speaking” Phone: (727)

2 True purpose of communication…… Sender encodes Receiver decodes CONTENT Style Speed

3 Leaders Are Heard Seen Credible IQEQ PERSONALITY

4 Effective Leaders Develop EQ 1.What is it? 2.Why is it? 3.What does it do? 4.What does it help? EQ Skill Base (the other kind of smart) 3

5 WHO AM I? & WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM? Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Gen “Y” Mature Boomer Gen “X”


7 STRENGTHS / WORK ETHIC Mature Boomer Gen “X” Gen “Y” Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ MB XY Strong work ethic Enhanced knowledge Discipline Loyalty Emotional maturity Belief in the “greater good” Focus and perseverance See work as a privilege Committed to customer service Dedicated Good team members Optimistic Future - oriented Experienced and knowledgeable Adaptability Technological literacy Independence Creativity Willingness to buck the system Collective action Optimism Ability to multi-task Technological savvy Global world view Comfort with diversity Goal-and-achievement-orientation Belief in volunteerism and service to communities

8 CHALLENGES Mature Boomer Gen “X” Gen “Y” MB XY Reluctant to buck the system and speak up when they disagree Uncomfortable with conflict Not naturally “budget minded” Uncomfortable with conflict Reluctant to take a position against peers Sometimes put process ahead of results Skeptical Distrustful of authority Less attracted to leadership positions Need supervision and structure Are inexperienced--particularly in handling “people issues” Value time and flexibility so they can maintain work/life balance. View changing jobs as a natural process Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

9 COMMUNICATION PREFERENCES Mature Boomer Gen “X” Gen “Y” MB XY Memos Personal notes Letters Phone calls Personal interactions Voice Mail In person meetings Instant messages Blogs Text messages Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

10 THEIR MOTIVATION SOURCES Mature Boomer Gen “X” Gen “Y” MB XY Seeing how their actions affect the overall good of the organization Respect for their knowledge, experience and insights Rewards for their perseverance and work ethic Leaders who get them involved and show them how they can make a difference Managers who value their opinion, recognize their contributions, and make it clear that the organization needs them Giving them the freedom to get the job done on their own schedule Allowing them to do it their way Having the newest technology available Having very few rules Being more informal than corporate Managers who connect their actions to “their” personal career goals The promise of working with other bright, creative people Being a company “hero” Having adequate time and flexibility to live the life they want Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

11 COACHING PRINCIPLES Mature Boomer Gen “X” Gen “Y” MB XY Allow input in “Rules of Engagement” Match approach to “their experience” Let them define quality and fit your approach to that definition Use testimonials from the nation’s institutions Emphasize that you’ve seen it before Don’t highlight uniqueness Offer customization--a plan specific to them Offer peer level examples Spend time providing information and guidance Be impressed with their decisions Put all the options on the table Be prepared to answer “why” Present yourself as an information provider Use their peers as coaches when possible Follow up and meet your commitments Help them manage time wisely Demonstrate how important a strong team is Customize your style to their unique needs Emphasize their “victories” Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

12 MANAGERS AND/OR PEOPLE WHO TURN THEM OFF OR AWAY Mature Boomer Gen “X” Gen “Y” MB XY Are too “touchy-feely” Are indecisive and worry about making “unpopular decisions” Use profanity and slang Are disorganized Use management styles that seem “trendy” Micromanage Don’t walk the talk Spend too much time on process and too little on results Are flashy Are bureaucratic Schmooze Are cynical and sarcastic Who tell them they are very young people Who are tech challenged Are condescending Are inconsistent and disorganized Aren’t open to input Are bureaucratic Send a “my-way-or-the-highway message Don’t seem to care about them as people Practice “one-upsmanship” Are brusque Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

13 MANAGERS AND/OR PEOPLE THEY LOVE TO WORK FOR Mature Boomer Gen “X” Gen “Y” MB XY Set long term goals Spell out clear job expectations Manage clearly Are logical and fair Are consistent in their actions Respect others Are competent Communicate in a straightforward manner Are sincere Give them a deadline and turn them lose to do it Are informal and flexible Support training and growth Focus on results Teach them new things Know their personal goals and what they want to achieve Are positive Coach, support and collaborate Are organized and create a reasonable structure Are achievement oriented Instill a sense of fun and play in the workplace Strive for consensus Treat them as equals Manage democratically Use group practice to establish a vision, mission and goals Are warm and caring Assure them their making a difference through their work Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

14 DESIRED REWARDS AND RECOGNITION Mature Boomer Gen “X” Gen “Y” MB XY Plaques Certificates Tangible symbols of loyalty, commitment and service Personal appreciation Promotion Recognition Free time Continually upgraded resources and other time-savers Opportunity for professional development Bottom-line results Certifications to add to their resumes Awards Certificates Tangible evidence of credibility to strengthen their resumes Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

15 RETENTION STRATEGIES Mature Boomer Gen “X” Gen “Y” MB XY Use personal touch Make face to face contact Show respect for their age and experience Show them that their experience is viewed as an asset Offer lots of work schedule options Allow them to work autonomously Tap into their adaptability Give FAST frequent accurate specific timely feedback Use the power of peers Offer flexible options to accommodate family and person life Involve them in meaningful volunteer efforts and support the projects they are already involved in Use their technological skills to access information quickly and their comfort with diversity Invite them to learn interpersonal skills Offer flexible work arrangements! Provide challenging work Offer phased retirement options Offer health & wellness programs to foster healthy lifestyles Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

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