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Delaware Health and Social Services Division of Services for Aging & Adults with Physical Disabilities Congregate Extreme Make-Over: Targeting Today &Marketing.

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1 Delaware Health and Social Services Division of Services for Aging & Adults with Physical Disabilities Congregate Extreme Make-Over: Targeting Today &Marketing to Boomers Tomorrow Nirmala Abraham, MS, RD 4th State Units on Aging Nutritionists & Administrators Conference – August 2006

2 The First State… Delaware Fighting Blue Hens

3 Delaware… A Small Wonder Walk Delaware… 96 miles in length 35 miles in width 3 Counties… New Castle Kent Sussex

4 New Castle County Wilmington…A Place to Be Somebody Located just 30 miles from downtown Philadelphia

5 New Castle County Wilmington…Largest City in DE Located on the Delaware River... Banking Capital Pharmaceuticals Chemical Industry Blue Rocks Baseball

6 Kent County Dover…State Capital Legislative Hall Dover Air Base Manufactures Spacesuits

7 Sussex County Agriculture & Poultry Industry Coastlines & Beaches

8 28 miles of Coastline 1 of the top 5 “Dream Towns” per recent AARP Survey

9 AGE WAVE The 1 st Wave of Boomers turned 60 in 2006 U.S. Census Bureau 65+ Population Statistics

10 Why Delaware??? Among top 10 retirement states …resort areas, affordable housing, tax benefits, proximity to major metropolitan areas, moderate climate… In-state residents are choosing to retire closer to home

11 In the News… News Journal March 16, 2006 “Population Booming in Southern Delaware” June 6, 2004 “Developers bet seniors will move downstate” 55-plus communities lead surge in housing  Proposals have been made for sites north of Dover and just south of Milford that could add 1,700 homes for active adults by 2010.

12 The Challenge… How are senior centers & existing congregate meal programs in the First State targeting new consumers…Boomers? How are they diversifying to meet the needs of rapidly changing demographics?

13 Congregate Meal Programs are meeting the challenge... Name Change Facilities Wellness Center Strategic Planning Networking & Outreach Marketing Techniques HOW???

14 2 Successful Models of Congregate Meal Programs in Delaware CHEER- Sussex County Senior Services Modern Maturity Center Kent County

15 Modern Maturity Center 1 large multi-purpose room (multiple activities) Limited hours of operation Cafeteria-style dining Limited & traditional menu items “ MMC” …Name Change in Progress Modernized facility, multiple rooms Increased hours of operation Diversified environment Variety of menu options This is NOW… That was THEN…

16 MMC Facility & Congregate Program Make-Over Facility renovations: softer colors, more greenery, artwork, better signage Removed bulletin boards & similar items from dining areas to eliminate school cafeteria image Upgrades to existing snack bar: includes bistro seating & a lighter menu fare as an alternative to full meal

17 Congregate Meal Program Make-Over A New Dining Experience… Staff wears uniforms & are trained in customer service to provide more of a restaurant feel Beverage stations for tea, water, cups & napkins Dinner dances twice/month with banquet type meal, buffet, dancing… Music provided before & during lunch Classes, meeting, support groups & education setting set to end at 11:30 so participants may stay for lunch

18 More Changes… A New Dining Experience… Dining room renovated with softer colors, artwork, greenery to create a more casual dining setting Tables decorated with seasonal centerpieces Ethnic meals offered to tie in with cultural celebrations Picnic meals offered during summer A hostess circulates throughout the room & sends each table to the buffet line rather than using a loud speaker…

19 Wellness… Fit for Life Delaware Senior Olympics Fitness Center Pool Fitness Activities Walk Delaware Challenge

20 The new MMC Medical Building opened in March, 2006. Services include: Hope Clinic Delaware Curative Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative ServicesDelaware Curative Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Services Generations Home Health Care Bayhealth WalkIn Clinic Ribbon Cutting MMC Medical Building March 2006 “MMC” Medical Services Building

21 “MMC” Markets to Boomers… New ads depict active adults in sports or fitness setting to create a new image of today’s “senior” Use of term “ active adult” vs. “senior citizen” to reinforce image of vitality Advertise in new venues (Delaware Today Magazine) to reach a different demographic Partner with local television & radio station with younger demographic to target adults still working Use of “MMC” rather than “Modern Maturity Center” in advertising…More focus on programs & services…not the location.

22 CHEER Sussex County Senior Services

23 8 locations throughout Sussex County

24 Bright, clean, NEW centers Fitness centers Expanded & weekend hours Building rentals to Boomer groups CHEER is Targeting Boomers… Newest Resort Locations Pelican Cove Ocean View Leisure

25 CHEER Then & Now Older Facilities Hours:Mid-day hours Meals: traditional menu Volunteers: Meals on Wheels Activities: Health screenings/immunizat ions, bingo, cards, Bible study, arm- chair exercises… New Facilities Flexible hours & weekends Alternate menus, light fare, special breakfasts & dinners Services: Health screenings, support groups, counseling Volunteers: non-traditional roles Education: Seminars on investments & computer, Defensive Driving. Leisure: Short trips, Movies, Arts, Music, Dance, Bridge Clubs, Cookouts

26 CHEER Congregate Meals Make-over Banquets, Dances, Conferences, Seminars, Special Events Modern facilities

27 Small Steps….diabetes prevention programs completed at Delaware congregate programs; Evaluation showed behavioral changes related to positive lifestyle changes. Diabetes support and education groups at sites focus on management of diabetes. The trend with chronic disease is to provide resources on both prevention and management. Wellness

28 Moving Forward… Boomers & Challenges for the Future… Aging in Place Living Longer More Diverse Challenge for Congregate Programs: Integrating & responding to needs of multiple generations & cultures…

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