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Demography is the study of the characteristics and trends of the human population. Your demography is your future.

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1 Demography is the study of the characteristics and trends of the human population. Your demography is your future.



4 Miners used to routinely take a caged canary in mines to help detect the presence of FATAL gases. If the gases were present the canary would die first and the miners knew to get out of the shaft.






10 High Magnet/High Sticky Arizona Florida Georgia Maryland North Carolina Oregon South Carolina Tennessee Virginia Washington High Magnet/Low Stick y Alaska Arkansas Colorado DC Idaho Kansas Montana Nevada New Hampshire New Mexico Vermont Wyoming

11 Low Magnet/High Sticky Alabama California Illinois Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Ohio Pennsylvania Texas Utah Wisconsin Low Magnet/Low Sticky IOWA Maine Mississippi Nebraska New York North Dakota Rhode Island South Dakota West Virginia

12 Iowa ranks 46 th in Magnet characteristics & 35 th in Sticky characteristics - according to Pew.

13  Iowa’s population growth of 25.7 % during the last 100 years is the lowest growth rate in the nation.  In 1900, Iowa was the 10 th most populous of the states, by 2008, Iowa ranked 30 th.  Since 1950 only two states (North Dakota, West Virginia) had a smaller population growth rate.

14 Iowa ranks 50 th among states in retaining college graduates, with fewer than 50% opting to stay in state. Wisconsin retains 80% of its college graduates.

15 The Only State in the Nation Not To Grow by 50% or More Since 1900

16  The number of people in Iowa aged 75 years or older have increased each of the last five decades. Data from the 2000 Census indicates Iowa had more residents 75 years old or older than children under age 5.  Projections indicate that Iowa’s population will continue to grow slowly and age.  Iowa has 792 communities that have less than 2,000 residents. They have 10 communities with 50,000 or more.  75 counties had declining population since 2000.

17 “According to the NCES, Iowa ranks first among the seven upper-Midwestern states in net attraction of out of state high school students to its colleges in a 2008 report. The states include: Iowa (8,632), Missouri (2,487), South Dakota (606), Nebraska (191), Wisconsin (-82), Minnesota (-2,222), Illinois (-4,913). - IOWA COLLEGE AID COMMISSION

18 Iowa ranks 4 th nationally in net attraction of out of state high school seniors, behind Arizona (23,329), Pennsylvania (15,329) and Florida (9,713) - IOWA COLLEGE AID COMMISSION

19  There are 128,000 “AT RISK” youth identified in Iowa between the ages of 16-24 that do not possess relevant skills and may never obtain them.  In Iowa there are another 255,000 “ AT RISK” students already identified between ages 5-14. Most of these youth are economically disadvantaged.  Only 7% of low income students will ever earn a college degree.







26 In the Fall of 2009 there were several schools in the GPAEA that had more than 50% of their students qualify for “free & reduced lunch”. The average for the region is 40%.









35  “Older Americans will transfer between $40 and $150 trillion of net worth to the baby boomer generation by the year 2040- an historic intergenerational wealth transfer.” The Iowa Vitality Center, Iowa State University  The transfer of wealth from this area is happening now. Most people leave their estates to their descendents who now live in places other than southern Iowa.




39 -few financial resources that continue to leak from our region; -A declining school (youthful) population that is increasingly “at risk”, -An increasing elderly population that will require more services in the near future,

40 -Low tax valuation that leads to underfunded educational opportunities and infrastructure challenges for our municipalities, -An under skilled and increasingly diverse workforce, -A higher than normal rate of poverty and unemployment. However:

41 -An emerging community foundation with resources that create great potential. -Terrific infrastructure and transportation facilities. -New private sector leadership with interest and commitment toward community betterment. -An opportunity for new leadership in economic development.

42 -build a new Business Incubator with an array of support services for new and expanding businesses, -create training opportunities for “at risk” youth. -create a First in the Nation model Workforce Campus to provide coordinated services for “up-skilling” of the workforce.


44  Programs are developed locally in conjunction with your school district & local employers based on industry & community needs.  A key component is sharing of resources.  These programs provide a “career/alternative pathway” for high school students.  Students receive a high school diploma and college credit toward an Associates Degree.


46 An Engaged Workforce In Tune with local needs: Regional High School Programs that engage and train students early for the workforce. Quality Technical & Customized training for existing and start –up industries through Indian Hills Community College. Assistive services for displaced workers (Workforce Development, Workforce Investment Act, Promise Jobs, Voc. Rehab, Job Corps) Support services for New Business Starts (Small Business Dev. Center, Rural Entrepreneurial & Leadership Institute, Revolving Loan Funds, Incubator Space, Pro-Bono legal and Accounting services)


48 “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago!” “The next best time is NOW!” - Theodore Roosevelt

49 The time to act is NOW, in order to take advantage of community synergies that currently exist. We cannot afford to wait for the next opportunity…………….. IT MAY NEVER OCCUR AGAIN!


51 December 7, 2010

52 Deere Foundation grant to OEDC = $100,000 Develop strategic action and marketing programs Future grants anticipated Deere Ottumwa Works commitment of $100,000 per year for next 5 years Support community betterment and economic development projects Committing $50,000 this year and next directly to OEDC to further support economic growth Deere is committed to Ottumwa Celebrating 100 years of Deere in Ottumwa this year Working on growing our business at the Ottumwa Works

53 Growth is Good for business More customers More potential employees available Supports local community and local governments Workforce expansion and development Better ability to recruit to Ottumwa Retain young people and skilled workers already here Develop our existing workforce

54 Shared pool of resources to make things happen Benefits each of us individually and all of us collectively Now is the Time for Leadership from All of Us

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