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Presented by Tony Martino Transition Plus Sustainability Solutions Sustainability ……… how it works for you in today’s turbulent times.

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1 Presented by Tony Martino Transition Plus Sustainability Solutions Sustainability ……… how it works for you in today’s turbulent times

2 Government Legislation Employment Standards Rising Benefits Costs Pension Challenges Union Relations Shrinking Talent Pool Changing Demographics Managing The Generations Managing Diversity Recruitment Retention Of Critical Skills Employee Engagement Baby Boomer Exit “Dignified” Career Transition Technology External Economic Turmoil Company Business Results Complexity Of the HR Business

3 Challenge COSTSERVICE Tasked to provide the services but contain the costs

4 Out of necessity... Innovate to find increasingly better “delivery vehicles” while not compromising employee engagement or level of service but still achieving cost envelopes HR Intranet On-line Recruiting Automated Performance Management e-Learning

5 What We Looked At... Unrelenting Cost Focus Environment Focus CSR Focus “Sustainability” Social Economic “Green”

6 Sustainability: Building economic success through environmental and social value. Sustainability is the opportunity of our lifetime to do the right thing for planet and community while improving our bottom line. Sustainability Defined

7 Engaged Staff CollaborationInnovation $$ Roadmap to success

8 Our Approach... Using business process redesign methodologies we tried to integrate broader sustainability requirements in the market with today’s HR challenges Could we develop innovative HR solutions that reduce the important resource of time, provide solutions that maintain a high level of employee engagement and reduce “carbon footprint”?

9 Visualizing a sustainable future through Human Resources

10 TPSS Sustainable HR Ambassador Flowchart

11 Sustainable Career Transition Can technology enable innovative ways to deliver career transition services while still maintaining high quality for the client and incorporating “sustainable” thinking. Our solution: - Incorporate Web cam technology - Development of richResume™ Innovative thinking…………………

12 Sustainable Career Transition Innovative thinking………………… Counselor/Terminated Employee interface using webcam technology –Immediate contact possible –Greater likelihood of engagement since no travel requirements and appointment times have more flexibility –More cost effective than traditional career transition –Time /Travel / Paper all saved –“Coach the Coach” allows use of company’s internal resources who may be otherwise displaced (ex. Recruitment team) to play key role

13 Sustainable Career Transition Innovative thinking………………… richResume™ uses webcam and internet technologies to create a personal accomplishments communication tool Enables candidates to stand out More personal engagement without physical presence

14 “richResume”™






20 Web Cams - Hardware options available - better audio/video quality (higher resolutions, smoother video streams, etc. - New technologies - pocket camcorders - Lower prices make this option affordable - quality web cams can be purchased for as low as $45 - Ease of use - simple instructions, almost plug-and-play Technology options continue improving

21 “richRecruit”™ Candidate (experience) Employer (experience) Integrating “richResume”™ into the “richRecruit”™ Integrated online technology solution for recruiting designed to reduce time, travel and overall process “carbon footprint”

22 “richRecruit”™ “richRecruit” allows corporations to take advantage of a ‘new richer’ communication flow for attracting the proper candidates “richResume” – allows candidates to stand out from the crowd by creating a richer Resume communication touch point.

23 “richRecruit”™ Employer Website Candidate (Tom) Email thinCanvas application Tom Invite Key Mary Employer Prepared by IConferenceU Inc

24 “richRecruit”™ Tom richResume creation Login succesful (Welcome message) Process walkthrough (Tutorials / Instructions / Help Files) Step 1 PROFILE page Interaction (Upload picture, Answering questions ) Prepared by IConferenceU Inc

25 “richRecruit”™ Tom richResume creation Uploads Media Assets (Powerpoint, documents) Records presentation (synchronized Audio/video to Media assets) Step 2 Saves / Publishes presentation STAKEHOLDERS notified Prepared by IConferenceU Inc

26 “richRecruit”™ Participant experience Stakeholders Interaction + Add comments + Rate candidates + Interact with Candidate with Questions. Step 3 Mary / Tom STAKEHOLDERS Candidate Interaction + Answers questions from Stakeholders Prepared by IConferenceU Inc

27 “richRecruit”™ Prepared by IConferenceU Inc

28 Sustainable HR = Measurable Results (ROI) Less Travel Less Paper Less and more efficient use of time Reduced Carbon Footprint Increased accessibility to individual Easy accessibility in remote areas

29 Key Message New Approaches (Innovation) Sustainable Thinking ROI $$

30 Contact Info.......... Tony Martino or (416) 203-7906

31 Thank you Q & A

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