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Mrs. Beebe and Mrs. Eirich’s Third Grade Class.

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1 Mrs. Beebe and Mrs. Eirich’s Third Grade Class


3 Hi, my name is Abrianna Rose Nemitz. When you read this story, you will notice the story is not just about me, It’s about my Mom and Dad (Nicole and David). Most of my pictures are in different spots. You will see my cottage, my Grandma’s house, the church for my Mom’s wedding, my house in Michigan, my old apartment, and at church for my Aunt Eve’s wedding. I HOPE YOU LIKE THE STORY! GOOD LUCK!

4 My Mom really is a funny lady. Sometimes she’s serious. You don’t want to see her serious. My Mom is actually really nice. My Mom and I spend a lot of quality time together

5 My Mom loves getting her hair done. She loves flowers, kids, and pets like dogs, fish, birds, and Guinea pigs. Oh, and she loves necklaces too!

6 Mom is 29 years old and Dad is 34 years old. They got married 9 years ago. I was their first child. My Mom and Dad are divorced now, but they’re still very good friends. Sometimes I wish they would just get back together.

7 Before my parents divorced, we had two doge names Cuddles and Keena. We had to give Keena away first because she would be naughty with my baby sister Jahnika. Cuddles was next because she was nipping Jahnika. Mom and Dad did not like that one bit.

8 My Mom and Dad try to make Christmas special for us, so they asked Santa for a bouncing horse. It’s only for kids, but my Mom and Dad rode on it too. The horse can go up and down or back and forth. I really love that bouncing horse. Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

9 My Mom and Dad love the cottage, My Mom only went deer hunting once, My Dad went a whole bunch of times. Once everyone at the cottage made venison sausage. It was very gross. Now you know a little about my Mom and Dad!


11 Bede is a yellow labrador puppy. She has been in my family all my life. Bede is AKC registered. AKC registered American Kennel Club (AKC) is the chief organization of dog breeders. It recognizes and registers 122 breeds of pure breed dogs. A pure breed dog is one whose sire (father) and dam (mother) belong to the same breed. When the ancestors are known and registered by the breed club, the dog has a pedigree. The AKC divide its 122 pure breed into 5 groups: (1) sporting dogs, (2) hounds, (3) working dogs, (4) terriers, (5) toy dogs, and (6) non-sporting dogs. Mom said that they got Bede from a kennel and she is a sporting dog. Bede is the most mellow dog you’ll ever meet. Even if you play in the snow, she is not very frisky. She will just sit in the snow.

12 Bede’s favorite holiday is Christmas. Bede has always spent Christmas with us. She loves milkbones so much. She gets a milkbone for her Christmas present.

13 Bede loves kids. She has always been nice to them. Bede is good with anybody. When I was almost one years old, Bede was always there for me. When I cried, she would push me in the crib, then I would stop crying. Bede likes to jump onto the bed and play. Taking her to bed is better then a stuffed animal.

14 Bede loves to hunt. Bede likes to go hunting with my dad. She goes goose hunting and duck hunting too. When Bede returns from hunting, we need to give her a bath. She smells of pine trees. When we clean the ducks, Bede gets the heart, gizzards, and liver.

15 Bede loves to walk with us, because she hates to be alone. Bede tries to come with us wherever we go. She even goes with us when we go trick-or-treating on Halloween.

16 Bede’s favorite spot to lay is by the couch. She always looks at you when you talk. Bede lays by the fireplace because it is warm and comfy. She is getting older and needs to rest.

17 Bede always gets a tree with us. She has since she was a puppy. She picks at a tree by smelling it. Bede loves finding trees when we walk with her. She loves to walk too. The only thing she hates is riding on a tractor because she hates loud noises and the tractor is loud.

18 Bede like birthday parties. She likes them because as we drop food on the floor she snatches it. Bede gets a lot of hugs too. Aunt Nancy and my cousin Nicole hug and pet Bede too.

19 Bede was not a happy camper when we got Abby. Abby is a black labrador puppy. Abby barks at Bede. It is funny because when they come in from the woods, they race. Bede likes to sleep, and Abby would rather play. Bede doesn’t like being barked at. Bede is a great dog. She has lived a happy life. I hope we have Bede for a long time. Bede is so gently and loving. She is the best dog. I LOVE BEDE!


21 I flew to Disney World with mom, dad, and my sister. My dad said that we were going to the Dells. My mom and dad said that we were going to visit the airport. I knew that we were going to fly somewhere and it wasn’t going to be the Dells. When we were at the airport, I saw a sign that said “Florida”. We went into the room next to the sign. When someone said “Flight 2421, now boarding,” we boarded. We found our seats, buckled our seatbelts and waited to take-off. The plane ride went well as we flew. We finally arrived in Florida. We got our luggage and then drove to our hotel. When we got to the hotel, we checked into our room and put our bags in the room. I was starving, so we went to get lunch.

22 First we went to the Magic Kingdom. We went to the bumper cars because they were first. I wasn’t very good at driving the bumper cars. We went to Pizza Planet and I got a medium -sized pizza for myself. There were video games, pizza, and balloons there.

23 I went river rafting. We had to wait a long time to be able to go rafting. The rafting trip was sure worth the wait! There was a holographic fire by the waterfall and the heat was pressing on us.

24 The next day we went back to the park.. There was a test track at the park. It was a raging car of terror. We also went to the carwash. It’s a place where it mists to cool off. Then we went to the mall. We only looked, but there was an ornament store. My parents bought a Tinker Bell ornament. I got Mickey Mouse. I don’t remember what my sister got.

25 On our walk to the gates to get to our hotel, we saw a Bugs Life poster. My mom had to take pictures. We got to the gates and went into the hotel and swam in the pool for four hours. Then we got our stuff and drove to the airport. I was looking forward to going back home. It’s always nice to go on vacation, but it’s better to be HOME!


27 My name is Bobbie Quella. I have a best friend named Michelle. I’ve known her since I was five years old. Michelle has three cats and two dogs. Michelle is an only child. She wishes for a sister or a brother.

28 When Michelle turned seven, she had a swimming pool party. Michelle had a pinata, a regular cake, and an ice cream cake for her birthday. Michelle got a lot of presents for her birthday. One present was a Powder Puff Girl Tent. Her birthday party was really fun!

29 The party was crazy because the kids were jumping here and there almost everywhere. They were jumping in and out of the swimming pool. The dogs were playing too. We had a lot of fun. Sometimes Michelle has sleepovers and we sleep in the Powder Puff Girl Tent. I look forward to seeing her again soon. Michelle and I are great friends and always will be buddies


31 On a warm August summer day, a month before my 7 th birthday, my dad had an early birthday present for me. “Hey Brett!” my dad said. “Do you want to go to Southern Canada?” “Yes!” I answered quickly. “We’ll go in a week or two. We’ll have a great time!” Dad said. As we waited for the day of our trip to arrive, we started packing. The big moment arrived late at night. Dad and I hopped in the truck and we were off!

32 On the way, we saw a gas station. At the gas station there was a big walleye statue. We had to pay $1 to go on it. The statue was 20-30 feet tall. It stood on stilts. I sat up there and we got 4-5 pictures, then it was time to leave. As we got on our way to the cabin, we decided to get bait. We bought blood suckers for bait.

33 We finally arrived at the cabin. We checked in right when we got there. We rented a cabin on the cliff. The woods were thick and large. Dad and I went on a walk. When we came back we had a campfire. It was clear and starry outside. Dad and I had a nice talk.

34 The next morning, we went fishing. I got to drive the boat. A 25 horse power engine pushed the boat pretty fast. We were lucky, we caught 4 Northern Pike. Then we went back to the cabin.

35 I couldn’t wait until supper. We had delicious Northern Pike that night! Over the five days we were at the cabin, we caught 4 fish. It was a really fun time in Canada!


37 My family is very important to me. We have a lot of fun with each other.

38 Every year we get to go to Wisconsin Dells with our cousins Chase, Shauna, and their parents. This year we went to Witches’ Gultch. It’s an old cave and it’s sort of like a history museum. Then we went to Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark has awesome water slides. After Noah’s Ark we usually go to Pizza Pub. Pizza Pub is a pizza restaurant with really yummy food. My mom always makes me eat a salad. My first drink is Root Beer, then Mountain Dew. Later on, I eat pepperoni and sausage pizza. That is also a tradition!

39 When I was five, we went to a park in Lutsin Minnesota. There was also a ski hill in the same park. At the park, we went to a wind slide. The air pressure from the slide was so strong, we had to sit on a mat. We went up and down the slide. I was getting tired of going up and down. I got a headache from the speed!

40 Besides traveling, Christmas at the Schuh’s is a family event. We always watch a Christmas story. It’s a “movie”. We usually eat while we’re watching the movie. Later on we open presents. Paper is everywhere, even in the air. The house is shaking and ribbons are in people’s hair I can’t wait till our next Christmas. As you can see we have a lot of family fun.


42 A long time ago, I had two dogs, named Jake and Hunter. They were Dobermans. The dogs ears wouldn’t stay up like a Doberman’s should, so we had to put bandages on their ears. The bandages on my dog Jake’s ears didn’t work His ears went down like a piece of paper. Hunters ears did stand up straight.

43 When Jake was four weeks old and Hunter was four weeks old, Hunter got sold to our cousins Harley and Zach. Hunter once ran away from Harley and Zach, but we brought Jake over to look for him. We never found Hunter. We think he may have crossed the road and gone into the water in the ditch. Hunter never cam e back.

44 Jake grew into a good watch dog. He never let anyone into our garage entrance. He is nice to me and he is playful. I like to play fetch with him. He is my Doberman called Jake!


46 I was born November 7, 1994 in Appleton. I ws the third child in my family. I was a happy and healthy baby. I weighed 11 pounds when I entered the world. My mom thought I broke the scale. I had darker hair when I was a baby and it stood up. I had a lot of hair for a baby.

47 When two came I was good at walking. I hardly ever fell over. My hair turned a lot brighter too. It went from black to blond. I think two came and went too fast!

48 At three, I started liking police officers. My friends dad is a cop. I got my own police uniform. It had a bag and everything. When I grow up I wasn’t to be a cop. I am trying to be a cop already.

49 When four came, I started liking birthdays. I wanted a little cop car, but I didn’t get one. I felt bad, but it was OK. Because I will always have my family. That is good enough for me. Ever since four I loved birthdays, especially mine.

50 When I was Five, I had a birthday. I had a cake with crayons on it. I looked small, but my mom said I was tall. I didn’t like being small because people teased me. I don’t five to come again!

51 Six came. It was OK! I stopped getting teased. I wasn’t small, I was tall, I think! On my sixth birthday, I got a big toy. It was a yellow Tonka machine. It could lift plastic bags. They were a little heavy, but not that much. That machine broke and my dad got mad and kicked it. That was the best sixth birthday a six year old boy could ever have!

52 Seven was awesome. I could do a lot more stuff like swim. I was a lot taller than my sister because she was only four. My clothes were better. Seven came and went fast. It was OK!

53 Eight came flying in. It was like a bird. I started liking super stars. I liked to put my hands up like a super star would do after the song. My favorite super star was Justin Timberlake. He was awesome. Eight I wished would never go! But it did!

54 Nine…here it is. I started doing more. I took swimming lessons. Swimming is fun! I got more clothes. I am really tall now and I have short brown hair. Nine is cool! I wish it would never end. I LOVE MY LIFE!


56 This Halloween we wanted to do something different. So we had a Halloween party! We had a lot of work to do. We made punch with gummy worms in it, cake with spider webs on it, and green jello shaped liked hands, and a lot more!

57 We had to put up some decorations too. So we put fake spider webs on the walls and pumpkins, skeletons, and a lot of bats on the walls too!

58 I was in charge of inviting my friends over. My brother invited his friends too. One of my friends whom I invited was Matthew. He was a pirate. Matthew had a light-up sword.

59 I was a dead soldier! I was shot in the head too. My grandma put the costume together.

60 Two of the parents who came to the party were Conor, Matthew’s mom. She was a witch. Christopher and Parker’s mom was a fortune teller. So was my mom! My brother was Zorro for Halloween. His costume didn’t take long to make. I had a pistol too and I knew how to use it!!

61 When almost everyone was there, we gathered up by the pumpkins and said “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” “CLICK!”

62 It was a fun time! We all went inside for a break. Then when everyone started leaving, we said…”WE CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!”




66 When I was a second grader, I made my First Communion. It was a big event. First Communion means to receive the bread and wine of Jesus Christ. We prepared for this all year, and every week we went to religion classes. My Mom and Dad had gotten me a new suit for my special day. The day of my First Communion, we had a special mass and I was in a big group along with my cousin Brittney. After the mass, everyone took pictures and we each received a certificate telling us that we were presented to God in a very special way.

67 We went over to my cousin’s house later on for a party and we ate, played, and opened up gifts. My Grandpa and Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins were all there to help me celebrate. We went over to my house for supper. Everyone was there and I got to open my gifts. I got a prayer book, money, necklace, and a photo album. Mom and Dad were so proud of me.

68 After supper we had cake and we went outside to play until it got dark.. It was time for everyone to go and I thanked all of them for coming and for sharing my special day with me.


70 My pet tortoise’s name is Loey. He’s no ordinary tortoise. He is an African Sper Tortoise. He likes to eat lettuce, broccoli, and carrots. He likes to sleep, but really he likes to run. In a few minutes, he can be three feet away!

71 Next is my pet elk Horas. He likes to run around the fields, eat a lot, and fight with other elk. He likes to eat hay, corn, and hickory nuts. He’s my family’s biggest elk. He’s about five feet five inches tall. Now my other elk is Agey. She likes to eat hay, corn, and rotten peaches. She really likes to run, play, and sometimes sleep. She’s now an adult and has a baby.

72 Now my other pets, Casey, Lucky, and Toby are ring-tailed lemurs. If you look closely you can see that they have black rings on their tails. They eat grapes and bananas. Their favorite things to do are eat, sleep, and swing. They can swing like acrobats.

73 My favorite pet is Sammy. He’s a brown Cappuchin Monkey. Sometimes, he can get our of his cage in the summer, because he can tear apart the plastic around his cage. He’s very sensitive. He’s nine years old. He loves to eat chocolate, peanuts, ice cream, and just about anything! The only things he doesn’t like are cucumbers and bananas. He’s very strong. Even his bites are painful. Ever since Sammy was two years old, he protected my Dad. Whenever he’s out, he sits by my Dad. If I hug or do anything to my Dad, he’ll bite me instantly. He can bite hard. He’s very, very dangerous!

74 When Sammy was little, he would go to work with my Dad, but he only went in a little cage. Next is my cat Sweety. She’s a Minx Cat. She likes to eat cat food, shrimp, and drink lots of water. Sweety is interested in other animals like monkeys, dogs, chickens, and geese. Sweety’s the #1 cat in my house because she chases mice and gophers! She caught forty mice and only one gopher!

75 Sweety had babies! She had five babies. We were going to keep two, but my mom only let the family have one. Some were black and some were striped. We kept a striped one and named her Mousers.

76 I also had two dogs Buck and Brudis. They both liked to hunt, run around the field, and play all day. When I blew bubbles, Brudis would come and try to pop the bubbles with his nose, That was the cutest thing he always did. Buck would always protect me and my family. Brudis was a Doberman Pincher and Buck was a Golden Retriever. They no longer are living with us.

77 I used to have my dog Gracy. She liked to chase our chickens and play ball. She was awesome at playing ball. She could play all day long without missing! She loved to eat dog food, any kind of meat, and lots of dogbones.

78 Last but not least is my dog Bo. His breed is a Cocker Spaniel. He loves to eat meat, any kind of dog food, and dog treats. He loves to eat!. He can eat all day and never get sick or full. He also likes to chase chickens and play with other dogs. Bo likes to sleep, but not a lot. He’s mostly active during the day. I love all my animals even if they’re mean or scared. I love them very much.


80 Hi, my name is Kellie Frank and this is my story about the night I broke my arm. One night in 1997, when I was 3 years old, I broke my arm. It all happened when I just got out of our goat pen from feeding the goats grain. I quickly put the grain down and got out as fast as I could so the goats wouldn’t ram me. After 5 minutes I climbed up a huge stack of bailed hay to see if the goats were done with their grain. When I was coming down I suddenly tripped on a string and tumbled down all the bales and fell flat on my back and arm. Boy did that hurt! I ran to the house because it hurt so much.

81 By the time my mom got home, my dad was asleep so he couldn’t tell my mom what had happened that night. The next morning my mom thought I was acting pretty suspiciously because I could barely move my arm, so my mom called my dad and he said “She fell on her arm last night!” My mom was pretty surprised. After she got off the phone, she called the doctor’s office and made an appointment to have x-rays. I ended up having about 3 or 4 x-rays and getting a cast.

82 I had to have the cast for about 6-8 weeks. My arm got really warm when I had the cast on. When they took it off of me, it felt much better because my arm got fresh air. I don’t know how they took it off without ripping it. Today I still have my cast. My cast stinks a lot because it’s been on a plastic bag and then in a box for 6 years.

83 I had a bunch of signatures on my cast from my mom’s power company friends. They signed it when we came there a couple days after I broke my arm. I won’t ever forget that day I broke my arm!


85 My Grandma and Grandpa are the most important part of my life. I have a Grandpa who’s 90 and a Grandma who’s 78.

86 My Grandpa and Grandma live in Boise, Idaho.

87 Boise is a large city, but smaller than Chicago..

88 My Grandma spends lots of time with me, We walk together and we shop together. My Grandpa spends a lot of time with me too. We fish together and walk together and we both like sports. I spend as much time as I can with them. My two week vacation always goes fast with my Grandparents. My Grandpa and Grandma are sad when we leave. We get ready to go. We leave at six to catch our plane. We miss Grandma and Grandpa the instant we leave the driveway. I always enjoy time with my Grandparents.


90 I am the second child in a family of six. My family includes dad, mom, a sister Andrea, two brothers, Zach and Spencer and me.

91 My Dad works construction. He helped to build the Greenville WalMart. He also built something in Michigan. He also built Wolf River Lumber. I even got to help him. I got really messy. Sometimes he is able to relax.

92 My Mom is very nice. She is a good cleaner and I love her. Sometimes I help her clean. Once in a while, she finds time to relax. One of her favorite places to relax is on the couch.

93 I love the picture of my sister, brother, and me. This picture was taken at Sears. I was 6 when we took the picture.

94 I really like my sister. She is nice to me. We do a lot of things together. My sister is 2 years older than I am. She helps me with my homework. It is nice to have an older sister.

95 Zachary is a toddler who likes to tease Spencer a lot. Spencer is 3 years older than Zachary. It’s not easy having boys in the house.

96 When I was younger I looked different that I do now. I am a good worker at home. My family is great. We have fun together!


98 I was 7 years old when we got Boomer. Boomer isn’t a watch dog. Boomer is a golden retriever. He loves to swim in our creek. Boomer jumps in the pool at my friends house. If we hit our hand against our chest, he will jump up and hug us.

99 Boomer is 2 years old now. Boomer is a nice dog. He is funny and he is cute too. Boomer is my favorite dog!


101 We got Maggie from my Mom’s friend. Maggie is white, brown and black. Maggie is small and nice to us. Maggie sleeps with me at night in my bed. I play with Maggie all the time and she likes it a lot.

102 Maggie lets me scratch behind her ears and under her collar too. Maggie snoops around the house a lot and I find her in the bedroom all the time. Maggie and I watch T.V. together. Maggie is a beagle…a very good beagle. She and I play together. One time we left Maggie home alone and she went to the bathroom in my Mom and Dad’s room. I play with Maggie outside all the rime. We play tag, fetch, role, and run. Maggie and I like to play with the family so much. We like it a lot. Maggie and I watch “Cat in the Hat” all the time. Maggie, my little sister Kari, and I go to the store for food for dinner sometimes. We stay home sometimes after school together. Maggie watches me do my homework. She loves to visit people. Maggie is good at home some of the time. She don’t mess in the house or hurt the furniture. We love Maggie a lot and we won’t leave Maggie home alone anymore because we love to have her with us. She is part of our special family.


104 Hi, my name is Peter Tenpas. I am going to tell you all about my deer hunting experiences. I like my dad’s stand. A stand is like a little hut on stilts. That is where you shoot the deer. My dad shot a lot of deer in it. It is located on my dad’s friend’s private land.

105 I like to look at the landscape outside of the stand while I’m deer hunting with my dad. My first time deer hunting, I did that. I saw a deer two years ago in my dad’s stand. My dad didn’t shoot it because it was a doe and he thought a buck was behind it.

106 I had to play my GameBoy so I wouldn’t get bored, because we were there from 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M! I was really hungry too, so my dad and I ate a lot of sandwiches! My favorite is ham and cheese. Mmmm!

107 My dad got a buck 4 years ago. It would’ve had 8 antlers, but one broke off in a fight with another deer. My dad got another deer that year too, it was a doe. That year I was too young, so I didn’t go with him. I was only 4!

108 My dad has lanes in the trees so he can shoot the deer easier. They are like stripes on a zebra. When you look our of the front part of the stand you see the lanes like stripes. He usually shoots the deer from the left side, but this year he got one from the right. Four years ago, he got a deer from the left side. I was amazed by how much the trees have grown from last year.

109 My dad got a 6-point buck last year. It was very big even though it was pretty young. I named him Moonlight because his eyes shone like the moon,. After we shot him, we went to a gas station to get him tagged, When you tag a deer you register it by the law. You have to get your deer tagged. He would’ve had 7 antlers, but it lost one in a fight with another deer.

110 My dad usually gets some good-sized deer when he hunts. It’s hard to believe this, but my dad’s gun is over 50 years old! He got it from my grandpa, but it still shoots good. If my dad wouldn’t have gone target shooting and adjusted his scope, he wouldn’t have shot the deer. From his stand he shot it right in the back of the neck!

111 Remember to be careful when you hunt because you never know what could happen. Take care of your equipment and have fun! Join me again! THANK YOU FOR READING!


113 Hi! My name is Sarah Fannin. I am nine years old and live with a family of eleven. I am in 3 rd grade and live in Hortonville, Wisconsin. My whole family is very good at singing or playing an instrument. I plan on playing the flute. I hope to take flute lessons this summer.

114 My brothers and sisters and I go to the Hortonville School District. We are all different ages. Some are in college, high school, middle school, elementary school, and my oldest sister, Betsy is married.

115 Last April, I received my first communion at Most Precious Blood in New London. My sister made a special cake that said Christian and Sarah with a rosary and a cross on it. Christian (my little cousin) was baptized the same day. Our day was special.

116 Jellystone! One of my family’s traditions is to go to Jellystone Park and camp. We have a lot of fun in only 4 days. The park has a swimming pool, a go-cart renting house, mini golfing, and hay rides.

117 Mascots There are two mascots named Yogi and Booboo. There are all kinds of activities to do with them. In the morning they have you wake them up and raise the flag with them. Our family has a lot of fun at Jellystone. It is nice to have a little fun before school starts.

118 Every year my family goes to visit Sister Veronica! She lives in a convent which is a big house and it has a lot of sisters. There are a lot of rooms too. My favorite room is the craft room and there are a lot of things made by the sisters. At the end of every visit sister gives us junk. Junk are things she doesn’t use and she puts them in boxes. We have a lot of fun with them. I always remember our visits! We try to visit every year.

119 Summer is a big part in my family so I’m looking forward to this summer. These are some of the things we are planning to do, go to Jellystone, get flute lessons, and go to the convent.


121 Once I went to Arizona for five days so I could stay with my aunt. We had to drive to Chicago and took a plane from there. On the first day my aunt showed me where she worked. ( She is an EMT) She works at a fire station.

122 After we left her work, we went to the zoo. I saw a whole herd of zebras. The most exciting thing I saw was a wild snake. I also saw a lizard. He was a gecko.

123 The next day we went to a place called Rawhide. I even got to pan for gold.

124 I also went to a candy shop. I had a lot of candy! I had to leave on my third day in Arizona. Before I left, I went swimming in the evening. Luckily for me the sunset was beautiful. It was a GREAT TRIP!


126 In the summer, we like to go camping. Sometimes we go fishing. We put my Grandpa and Grandma’s camper right near the lake. I enjoy sitting by my Grandma’s camper. We like watching the lake.

127 My Grandpa likes to take me fishing. He gets my fishing pole ready. I have a bright red fishing pole. My Grandpa puts on a bug lure. Maybe I will catch a big fish.

128 When we go camping, my Mom and I like to style each others hair. My Mom puts my hair in a pony tail because we run a lot. I like my hair up because it is warm our when we go camping. I like to put my Mom’s hair in piggy tails. My Mom looks good in piggy tails. I am looking forward to going camping next summer. Our family has a good time.


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