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Advertising Association of Thailand. Advertising In Thailand Development of.

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1 Advertising Association of Thailand

2 Advertising In Thailand Development of




6 communication that have an Objective most of the time commercial Advertising is a

7 Dominated Advertising is Client or Employer Product Competitor Consumer

8 Client Who invested millions Who needs to develop their business Who are part of country economics Someone who put their future in risk Dominated by

9 Product/Service New benefit to inform to public Convenience-faster-better-cheaper Dominated by

10 Consumer Who is smarter More independence More confidence Who more demanding for better life Dominated by

11 Advertising

12 Consumer Advertising Marketing Product

13 Consumer Advertising Marketing Product

14 Consumer Dictates everything not just Ads Power

15 Consumer Dictates everything not just Ads Power

16 Consumer Marketing change Product-Service change Advertising change Change When Everything

17 Consumer Research Insights

18 Why People change

19 Social Change Politic Economic Technology Environment

20 Politic:

21 DaraVedi controversial

22 Political change Objective change

23 Economic From frozen to Dynamic economic Near Dead businesses cracker Power of the west Innovative Value Power of the east Better price ?

24 Competition PDA cell phone Camera phone Smart Phone Phone Regular Cell Phone Fashion Phone

25 Competition

26 Technology Transumer-no commitment-rent-good style but cheap Trysumer-experience- tranparency-price quality-kik Participation life style -involvement-post picture in web Shut off order- lack of share understanding Less patience-less creative Now- what when where ever I want.

27 Environment

28 All Changed Advertising has to change

29 Advertising Doesn’t have political or social ambition Unless the objective is set for

30 Reflection Of social Trend-value-attitude-preference

31 AAT Advertising industry Advertising Student Cultural reference Repeat success TCDC TACT

32 Objective Attraction Sell result Taught evaluation

33 Problem In a Democratic society

34 Some Change General Yuppy Tech Gen Some don’t

35 Point of view Difference

36 Baby Boomer Ads for

37 Yuppy Ads for

38 Tech Gen Ads for

39 Yuppy: seller Tech Gen: Buyer Boomer: critique Problems: Ads???

40 Reflection Living in Fast Changing Society

41 Ability With the fast changing world To Change

42 Half a century Thai Advertising Of continuous changing

43 No where In Asia To#1 To#5 In the world From:

44 1:Informative Super AE

45 2:Art Direction Western Hot creative from oversea

46 3:Idea that connect with consumer’s mind

47 4:Thai humor The world famous

48 Communication Not Advertising any more 5:Future

49 Attitude Brand It’s Any thing you do I can do it,just better and cheaper

50 Idea Centric It’s Mine selling proposition-Experiential marketing

51 Idea innovation The Brand that Tells who I am


53 Apple KTC

54 IMC More and More Not just Advertising

55 Idea Objective Discipline Execution Level

56 7-Eleven Connections Book Smile Shop New Identity Partnership events Yearly 7-University (staff training) Roadshow to refresh old branches 7-Value card membership Counter Servie (Pay Point) launch 7 Book AWARD Food & Drink product campaigns Food Festival Money transfer Service Launch Free drink for policemen Charity Campaign Love Reading TV Program Website

57 SHIFT_ Perspective Press Conference Direct Mail Ambience Ad TV Tie in Rueng Lao Chao Nee Rotation Caravan Road Show Billboard P.O.P Magazine Ad Press Ad TVC T-shirt/Polo shirt Catalog/Mini brochure


59 Not thing last forever

60 Social Value Attitude Behavior Life Style Change As long as

61 Reflection of social Trend-value-attitude-behavior Advertising remains the

62 They will dictate the things to come

63 Thank you They will dictate the things to come


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