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D. Keith Bolton, Director of Human Resources, Community Living, Inc. 1.

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1 D. Keith Bolton, Director of Human Resources, Community Living, Inc. 1

2 Over Confident Computer Focused Know More than their Manager Reject Tradition Want Instant Responsibility Want Instant Rewards Impatient Pay Me Now Demands Time Off 2

3 The Generation Gap This information was taken from a copy of Time Magazine Year August 15, 1969 3

4 Generations in the Work Force 4

5 Implications for Work Force Planning We now have a four generation work force consisting of veterans, boomers, generation x and New Millennial (Gen Y) These generations have given us a puzzle to solve…four generations trying to work together…sometimes clash and misunderstand each other because of different generational identities 5

6 Generational Identity A generational identity is a state of mind shaped by many events, influences and family values which can be referred to as sign posts. 6

7 Who Are The Players? Veterans/Traditionalists 1922 - 1945 Baby Boomers 1946 - 1964 Generation X 1965 - 1980 Gen Y/Millennials/Nexter 1981 - 2000 7

8 Basic Statistics Currently:  Veterans (1922-1945)5% of the workforce  Boomers(1946-1964)47% of the workforce  Gen X(1965-1978)29% of the workforce  Gen Y(1979-1991)19% of the workforce 8

9 Basic Statistics  Gen Y201435% of the workforce  Gen Y202046% of the workforce  Gen Y202575% of the workforce 9

10 Basis Statistics Missouri Unemployment Rate 2010 9.3% 20118.3% 20126.9% 20136.4% 20146.3% 10

11 5 Questions for Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y Do you expect constant feedback and gratification. What kind of reward do you prefer, a day off, a financial reward or a personal note. What do you look for in a company? How long should you stay in a position before switching to a new role? Is your generation stereotyped? 11

12 Veterans/Traditionalists The youngest in this group is now 68 Born 1922 - 1945 75 million strong Influences on this group: People: Dr. Spock, Betty Crocker, Charles Lindbergh, Duke Ellington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, family is important, Mickey Mouse, Flash Gordon, Wheaties, Tarzan, The Lone Ranger, Superman, Patton, Winston Churchill, Audie Murphy, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio Things: Scarce…..Save for a rainy day, waste not/want not, I can use those scraps of material to make a quilt, they support United Way, the Red Cross, believed you MUST vote and buy American, Kewpie Dolls Events: World War I, Pearl Harbor and World War II, Stock Market Crashes, The Great Depression, The Korean War, The GI Bill, The Silver Screen, Rise of Labor Unions, Golden Age of Radio, Social Security System established, Star Spangled Banner becomes National Anthem Values: Loyalty, Dedication, Duty, Hard Work, Respect 12

13 Baby Boomers The youngest in this group is now 49 Born 1946 - 1964 80 million strong Influences on this group: People: Martin Luther King Jr., John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Rosa Parks, Captain Kangaroo, Sky King, The Monkees, The Beatles, Beaver Cleaver, Richard Nixon, family and friends, John Glenn circles the Earth, Gandhi Things: Exploding availability of consumer products, Bell Bottom pants, Mood rings, Brooks Brother Suits, Rolex Watches, Junk Food, Junk Bonds, Television (biggest innovation - 1952: 4 million/1960: 50 million), foreign items are better than American, prestige first, First Nuclear Power Plant. Birth Control Pills Introduced, Slinkys, TV Dinners, Hula Hoops, The Peace Sign, Fall out Shelters Places: Watergate Hotel, Kent State shootings, Woodstock, Suburbs, Divorce Court, Vietnam, Battered Women’s Shelters Events: Vietnam War, Women’s and Civil Rights Movements, OPEC Oil Embargo, The Space Race - First Lunar Landing, Assassinations, the Cold War, JFK and Martin Luther King Jr. were assassinated, the Peace Corp is established and you vote if it’s convenient Values: Optimistic, Team Work, Achievement, Self Actualization, Youth 13

14 Generation X The youngest in this group is now 33 Born 1965 - 1980 46 million strong Influences on this group: Places: Former Soviet Union, Chernobyl, International Space Station, Starbucks, The Internet Things: Personal Computer is the biggest influence, Cable TV, VCR, Microwaves, Cell Phones, Palm Pilots, Pagers, Video Games, Fax Machines, Business ethics, items must be cheap, you must vote, Pet Rocks, Platform Shoes People: Madonna, Bill Clinton, Ted Bundy, Al Bundy, Beavis and Butthead, O.J. Simpson, Supermodels, Michael Jordan (almost every role model was indicted or exposed - far too human for hero), my family includes my friends, ET Events: Kids pictures on milk cartons, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), single parent households skyrocketed, latch-key kids, AIDS epidemics, Wall Street Frenzy, Downsizing, Fall of Berlin Wall, Persian Gulf War, Habitat for Humanity, Energy Crisis Begins, John Lennon shot and killed, Watergate Scandal 14 Values: Fun, Independence, Informality, Life Balance

15 Generation Y Also known as the Millennial’s and Nexters The oldest in this group is now 32. The youngest is 13. Born 1981 - 2000 72.9 million strong Influences on this group: People: Larger than life….Prince William, Chelsea Clinton, Tinky Winky, Leonardo DiCaprio, Barney, Brittney Spears, Mark McGwire, Serena Williams, Harry Potter, inclusive of diverse people, Bill Gates, Christopher Reeves, Tiger Woods, Princess Diana Places: Both Virtual and Tangible, Chat Rooms, Dawson’s Creek, 91210, Oklahoma City, Cyber Space to Outer Space, the environment needs help Technology: Available to everyone, Cell Phones, Pagers,Computers - available since babies (second nature), brand names Events: Directly affected by personal threats stemming from Columbine school violence and gangs. Personal safety #1 school/work place issue, September 11, heroic efforts vs. supporting United Way, President Clinton and Lewinsky, War on Terror, TV Expansion and Soccer Moms 15 Values: Optimism, Morality, Peer Acceptance, Achievement

16 Generation Z Also known as “Digital Natives” Oldest in this group is 23, youngest is 4 Born 1991 – 2010 Influences on this group: Effected by: School shootings, social networking, terrorism, environmental issues, Katnis Everdeen, The Avengers, President Obama, special effects movies. Facts: Me generation, unreal reality, don’t talk-just text me, instant minded, impatient, wary of their money, alternate lifestyles and families, independent, ambitious, multi-tasker’s, more business savvy, motivated to serve through volunteerism, politically disengaged, facing toughest economy since the Veterans. Characteristics: Most ethnically and racially diverse college group in history, special, sheltered, conventional, strong connection to parents, team oriented, achieving, pressured. 16

17 The Differing View of Generation Y ‘Huron High Students Describe Their Dream job’ 17 Interior decorator Action figure sculpture Guy who builds monster statues out of Lego’s Joe’s Crab Shack waitress Child Psychologist Budweiser promotions guy Any magazine job DJ for MTV High school principal Advertising Talk show host Actor Designer of jet cars Sports agent Go-cart attendant Computer marketer Back up singer/dancer Computer engineer Pilot Wall street broker Video game designer Fashion designer Movie critic Supermodel Business consultant Professional wrestler TV anchor person Tornado chaser Professional assassin Deli-counter guy Flight attendant

18 The Differing View of Generation Y ‘Huron High Students Share Their Thoughts’ Cool Job’s their parents have: Plumber Teacher Nurse Chef Youth Counselor Jobs to have because of the perks you get: Auto Executive International Business A Judge The Pope Performer in Adult Films 18

19 The Differing View of Generation Y ‘Huron High Students Talk About Uncool Jobs’ Routine jobs: Data entry Unpleasant: Health care jobs Psychologists Executioners High school teachers Stressful: Police officer Movie stunt coordinator President of the United States 19

20 Today in Social Services We Often See: Boomer Leadership Boomer and Generation X Management Boomer, Generation X and Generation Y Team Members 20

21 Core Value Comparison 21 VeteransBoomersGeneration XGeneration Y Self SacrificeMe GenerationWhy Me GenerationInclusion (friends) Works Hard Works Hard (but don’t interfere with life) Opportunities to Grow I Earned ItEntitlement AttitudeTradeoffsTradeoffs/Patient Save MoneyPlays HardPlans HardSave Money TenaciousInstant/Personal Gratification PragmaticCivic Duty Self Disciplined/Saves Money Spends HardSaves MoneySociable Do Your Job WellPersonal GrowthFocus on Current JobWorks as Long as there are Opportunities to Learn Own a HomeBuy the Most House you can Afford Buy What You Need.Live at Home Until….. Belief in GovernmentDistrust of GovernmentWary of GovernmentGovernment is What it is. Belief in BusinessPursuit of Personal GoalsTakes Nothing for Granted Confident and Tech Savvy Patience – Delayed Rewards Personal GratificationI Don’t Care What You Think Optimistic Prepare for TomorrowLive Life to the FullestLive Life for TodayOptimistic

22 Workplace Value Comparison 22 VeteransBoomersGeneration XGeneration Y Work until you dropWork until you drop and then some Work Hard to Support Lifestyle Lifestyle First Loyal to employer Career and Professional Loyalty Loyal to Career Options Fascinated by technology Technology challenged (40%) Technology Savvy (80%) Lives by Technology Follow the leaderMission is okay, but not needed Must have a clear purpose Must have a mission with actions that fit Strong chain of command Chain of commandWhat is a chain of command Prefers collective work Authoritarian leadership style Collegial and consensual leadership Respect the experiences they have. Strong structure and strong collegial leadership. Planned to stay long term Seek work/life balanceStay as long as they can learn and grow

23 Generational Responses to Total Rewards - Benefits 23 VeteransBoomersGeneration XGeneration Y Normal retirementLike early retirementExpect cash balance pension Pension? Standard benefitsFlexible benefits401k PlansTime Off Dependent on organization Education benefits important Child Care subsidyEducation benefits/time off Retirement planning is important Long Term Care options Non traditional approaches Valued vacation packages Elder Care is valuedSupport for health/fitness and lifestyle issues Non traditional approaches Concern for Long Term care Child Care as a basic benefit Recreational activities values Recreational activities valued

24 Generational Responses to Total Rewards - Recognition 24 VeteransBoomersGeneration XGeneration Y Service and longevity awards Team recognition, promotion Awards fast and frequent. Not in a group setting Team awards, time Off awards Acknowledgment by boss Acknowledgment by colleagues and boss Acknowledgment by co-workers Team acknowledgment Pins, gifts certificatesPrefers gift optionsCash and time off valued Time off valued

25 Lifestyle Value Comparison 25 VeteransBoomersGeneration XGeneration Y Sense of purposeAchievement = Fulfillment Skeptical of Institutions Comfortable Self confidentBeliefs in hidden truths Resourceful – adapts to change Drives change Focus on extended family Left relationships to seek out fulfilling ones Peer focusedTeam/Friend focused Financially and socially conservative Spends more and saves less Adaptable to changeEnjoys change Vacation is reward for hard work Has a victim attitudeJob focusedFree time is the focus Willing to share knowledge Wants the real storyCautiousWilling to volunteer Works to liveLives to workWorks to liveEnjoys work Family is their identityCareer is their identityWork is a means to an end Focused on a simpler life

26 Key Differences to Recognize 26 BoomersGeneration XGeneration Y “We can do it as a team”“You can do this…ask if you need help” “There are multiple things to get done” “I would love it if you would love it” “Just do it…….this way”“Lets review what needs to be done” Like long discussions, meetings Dislikes meetings…keep discussions brief and to the point Needs a clear explanation of the purpose and process Will attend meetings and read memo’s Voice mail, brief memo, e-mailClear bullet-point memo’s, personal contact, team meetings Recognition means a great deal - wants acceptance and popularity Dislikes Hype – expects a genuine thank you, private rewards and individual attention Likes team rewards – recognition for accomplishing agreed upon goals

27 Technology and the Generations 27 Generation Y Totally comfortable with technology VeteransBoomersGeneration XGeneration Y 64% intimidated by technology 57% intimidated by technology 55% intimidated by technology 5% intimidated by technology Trained in technology on the job Trained by technology on the job Trained on technology in the classroom. Surrounded by technology Acceptance made easier by positive acceptance by others Acceptance based on efficiency and productivity Accepted as standardExpected as standard Seeks traditional solutions first Will seek technology for solutions if believed to be most efficient Expects technology to be the solution Technology is the only solution. Surfs the web if they feel it is safe Surfs the web for information Surfs the web for funFeels the web is old technology

28 Intergenerational Conflict in the Workplace 28 Are you aware of any intergenerational conflict among employees at your organization? SHRM Generational Differences Survey Report

29 What The Other Generations Say About The Veterans Boomers say: They’re dictatorial, rigid, need to learn flexibility and adapt better to change, they’re inhibited, technological dinosaurs, narrow Generation X says: They’re too set in their ways, they’ve got all the money, jeez…learn to use your email man! Generation Y says: They are trustworthy, they are good leaders, they are brave! 29

30 What The Other Generations Say About The Boomers Generation X says: They’re self righteous, workaholics, too political, they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk Generation Y says: They’re cool! They’re up to date on the music we like, they work too much! Veterans say: They talk about things they ought to keep private…like the intimate details of their personal lives 30

31 What The Other Generations Say About Gen X Generation Y says: Cheer up! Boomers say: They’re slackers, they’re rude and lack social skills, they spend too much time on the internet and email, they won’t wait their turn Veterans say: They’re not educated, don’t respect experience, don’t follow procedures, don’t know what hard work is 31

32 What The Other Generations Say About The Gen Y’s Generation X says: “Here we go again, another self absorbed generation” Boomers say: They’re cute, can do a web page for me, need more discipline from their parents, can set the time on the VCR Veterans say: They have good manners, they’re smart little critters, need to toughen up, watch too much TV…with crude language and violence 32

33 Dispelling Myths Older generations cannot accept/will not accept new technology Younger generations are not willing to work hard Painted, false nails, tattoo's, and body piercings are indicative of a non-professional attitude Older generations have very little patience, and see little value in younger generations The young in this country is going to ____ in a hand basket! No one wants to work long, hard hours any more! 33

34 Implications For Organizations: Have you determined the predominant age cohort in your work force Does your benefit package acknowledge the different needs of the generations? How do you communicate benefits or other policies to fit with each generation? Is recruitment geared to specific generations? Do your retention efforts focus on the different generations in your workforce? 34

35 Implications For Managers: Access the ‘generations’ within your current work team Recognize their differences and their contributions Remember not to look at members of our work teams as ‘all the same’ Deliver messages using various methods of communication….no more ‘one size fits all’ Set clear expectations, in terms of performance and behavior - have everyone on the team help to identify the behaviors that fit with your service’s mission Make sure to look at the world from a multigenerational perspective 35

36 Retention Issues Boomers: Provide excellent mentoring opportunities Recognize individual and collective contributions Identify and voice their value as unique individuals Create harmony in the workplace Name recognition Reward hours, effort and provides perks Point out their value to the organization in specific ways Recognize their struggle to achieve some balance in their lives They will need mentors on new technology Listen closely to their concerns about work environment, worker safety issues, patient issues Involve them in testing new approaches to safe care Help them tell their ‘good war stories’ 36

37 Retention Issues Generation X: Provide excellent, easily accessible training for new roles and skills Encourage their independent spirit and work Provide direct feedback Do NOT micro-manage Recognize balance as a critical factor in their lives Give them state of the art technology Stress self-development Recognize that they are going to make career and job changes….help them see the opportunities with you! Encourage their interest in technology to assist others Help them with people skills - consider mentoring programs, in addition to a preceptor Point out the steps to follow to be safe Encourage practice….it does make ‘perfect’ 37

38 Retention Issues Generation Y: Demonstrate ways to achieve and grow Support teamwork and collaboration within and between departments Listen to them…..a lot! Be competitive in pay and benefits Allow them to speak up and take part if projects Avoid any semblance of ‘you have to pay your dues’….corporate politics are a major turnoff Encourage questioning status quo….engage them in meaningful improvement efforts Value their total acceptance of diversity Discuss the mission and how you are making it come alive in their work Help them to connect with other generations Focus on recognizing team accomplishments Enlist their optimism and altruism to balance others in the team Use their expert technology skills/awareness to help others 38

39 Key Factors in Retention Across All Generations Communication is key! Talk with me - tell me the good and the bad Work with me - lend me a hand when we’re busy….don’t just set in your office Stand up for me - when the chips are down Know who I am - know something about me as a person Be with me - share a cup of coffee, let’s eat together, department events Help me grow - crave professional development Do make me laugh - humor and laughter are important 39

40 5 Questions for Boomers, Gen x and Gen Y Do you expect constant feedback and gratification. Boomers – Every generation wants constant feedback Gen X – We like frequent feedback Gen Y – We love it! It helps us improve and succeed 40

41 5 Questions for Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y What kind of reward do you prefer? A day off, a financial reward of a personal note? Boomers – Personal note Gen X – While everyone loves financial rewards, personal notes are often more realistic and just as valuable Gen Y – Personal note 41

42 5 Questions for Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y What do you look for in a company? Boomers – Company culture Gen X – Challenging work and flexibility to move around Gen Y – Strong company mission and values 42

43 5 Questions for Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y How long should you stay in a position before switching to a new role? Boomers – 3 years (if the role is a good fit) Gen X - Until the work is no longer challenging Gen Y – Until the work is no longer challenging 43

44 5 Questions for Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y Is your generation stereotyped? Boomers – We use to call the more experienced generation “old dinosaurs”, But we don’t feel this stereotype today Gen X – Gen Y and Gen X are often perceived a not willing to pay our dues Gen Y – We are seen as un-loyal or uncommitted to a company 44

45 Approaches to Managing an Intergenerational Work Force 45 Very Successful Moderately Successful Slightly Successful Not Successful N/A Communicating information in multiple ways 65%29%6%-2% Collaborative discussions, problem -solving 37%49%14%1%2% Training managers on generational issues 37%40%20%3%17% Team building activities 31%47%20%2%6% Different types of training 29%47%20%4%8% Mentoring programs 27%37%29%7%13% Training on diverse workforce 22%47%27%4%21%

46 So…..How Do We Manage This Diverse Work Force? Recognize the uniqueness of each generation Ask the right questions Invest in good people from each generation Value their differences! 46

47 Resources Understanding the Generations: Implications for Work Force Planning, Tomorrow’s Work Force, VHA,, 2003 Generational Differences, SHRM Research, August, 2004 Leadership Styles Series Part II: Generational Differences, Society of Human Resources Management,, 2004 HR Commission Monograph on the Workforce for the New Millennium - ASHHRA,, 2002 When Generations Collide: Lynn Lancaster and David Stillman; 2002 HR Development Day, BJC Healthcare, March, 2005 Managing a Multigenerational RN Workforce, The Advisory Board Company, Washington, D.C., 2002 Generations at Work, Ron Zemke, Claire Raines, Bob Filipczak, 2000 NBC, 2014 Forbes 2014, SAP 2014 47

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