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Ohio Insurance Institute Classroom Immersion Exercise April 2012.

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1 Ohio Insurance Institute Classroom Immersion Exercise April 2012

2 Classroom Immersion Packet 1) Classroom Questions 2) Group Discussion 3) Group Discussion Response The exercise includes the following sections:

3 Classroom Questions

4 Art/Drama/Music English/Journalism History Math Science Business/Finance Family & Consumer Sciences All of the above Select your class’ favorite subject(s). Select any or all of the above. Include number of students in each group.

5 List activities on worksheet List extracurricular activities that attract your students — i.e. academic clubs, sports, community groups, volunteering, etc.

6 College or university (4-yr) Associate’s degree program (2-yr) Trade or vocational school/technical training Entering the workforce Enlisting in the armed forces, AmeriCorps or other service organization Other Undecided What do members of your class plan to do after high school? Include number of students in each group.

7 Art [Drama, Fashion, Music, Photography, Etc.] Business [Accounting, Economics, Finance, Insurance] Business [Management, Marketing] Business [General] Education English/Journalism Engineering [Chemical, Civil, Mechanical] History/Political Science Math [Actuarial] Science [Biology, Chemistry, Nursing, Pre-Dent, Pre-Med] Technology/IT Trade [Carpentry, Construction, Cosmetology, Culinary, Electrical, Etc. Undecided Other If members of your class plan to attend higher education or training, what fields are they most interested in pursuing? Include number of students in each group.

8 I am a leader and a planner I am an individual that does well at taking direction I am a team player that enjoys collaboration and sharing responsibilities How do your students describe themselves? Include number of students in each group.

9 I enjoy working independently I enjoy working as part of a team I enjoy a mixture of both of the above Depends on the situation How do your students prefer to work? Include number of students in each group.

10 Salary Work/life balance (i.e. Monday-Friday work schedule, off on nights and weekends) Benefits (i.e. working from home, travel, vacation time, insurance, perks, etc.) Location (i.e. availability near by hometown, options to work internationally, etc.) Helping others Something in which I excel What I enjoy Opportunities to advance Work culture/environment (i.e. like-minded people, flexible work attire, acceptance and use of technology, etc.) Other What matters most to your students when selecting a future career? Please select the top 3.

11 I want a job that allows me to establish and expand my own goals, offers significant opportunities for advancement and puts no limits to what I can achieve. I want a job that is consistent and well-defined, with set goals, expectations and moderate opportunities for advancement. I want a Monday-Friday, 9-5 job that does not require me to participate in ongoing education or take on additional responsibilities. Other How do your students describe their ideal future job? Include number of students in each group.

12 Having a single job/position that offers career-long employment with an organization. Experiencing multiple jobs/positions within a single organization for career-long employment. Experiencing multiple jobs/positions with a variety of companies. Experiencing multiple careers throughout my time in the workforce. What scenario appeals most to your students when selecting a future job? Include number of students in each group

13 Friends Siblings, Relatives Parents Teachers School Guidance Counselors Career professionals visiting the classroom Other Who do your students trust and prefer to talk to about future careers and/or majors? Include number of students in each group.

14 Career fairs Career professionals visiting the classroom College or university websites Company or organization websites Information received via U.S. mail Information distributed/received at school Newspaper/magazine articles Online assessment tools/surveys Online searches Online videos — websites or YouTube Social media — Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogs Other What resources do your students prefer to use for investigating potential careers? Include number of students in each group.

15 Yes No Not Sure Do students in your class know someone who works in insurance? Include number students in each group.

16 Yes No Not Sure Would students in your class consider a career in insurance today? Include number of students in each group.

17 Yes, I would like to learn more about insurance careers. Maybe, I don’t know much about insurance. No, I have no interest in learning about insurance careers. Would students in your class be interested in learning more about the variety of jobs available in insurance? Include number of students in each group. END OF PART 1

18 Group Discussion 1) A Changing Workforce 2) Opportunities for High School Students 3) What is Insurance? 4) Myths About Insurance The OII group discussion includes the following sections:

19 A Changing Workforce

20 In 2011, approximately 25% of the United States population, or 78 million people, belong to the “Baby Boomer” era. Baby boomers include all those born between 1946-1964. Every seven seconds a baby boomer turns 60. In the next 10-15 years, America will see a dramatic shift in professional talent as baby boomers retire. Statistics about the aging American workforce Source: United States Census Bureau, National Population ProjectionsNational Population Projections

21 Opportunities for High School Students

22 How the retiring workforce benefits the next generation Source: Independent Agent Magazine, Filling the Void.Filling the Void More than 60% of insurance professionals are over the age of 45. As the majority of insurance professionals move toward retirement age, an abundance of opportunities for employment, innovation, leadership and success are opening to young talent. Young professionals will be the future of the insurance industry. Their ability to communicate, learn quickly and use technology will help build new agencies, enhance overall skills of the workforce, and ultimately pave the future of agencies in insurance companies. Opportunities for High School Students

23 How the retiring workforce benefits the next generation Unlike many other industries, insurance has remained stable throughout financially hard times and the recent recession. Insurance has continued to turn a profit during the recession, despite other industries struggling with bankruptcy and large-scale downsizing. Insurance offers some of the most competitive salaries available for professionals, as well as a wide scale of opportunities to grow, advance and change careers within one company. The availability of jobs, flexibility of career options and stability of employment in the insurance industry makes it an attractive employer. Opportunities for High School Students

24 What is Insurance?

25 Insurance is a risk management product that offers individuals and businesses the ability to purchase coverage for their assets. Insurance is purchased on an annual basis, and can cover the following: Some insurance coverages are required by law, such as car insurance, and will protect a customer in the event an accident occurs. Basic facts about insurance Homes Automobiles Medical expenses Life Business Unemployment Workers compensation And more

26 Myths About Insurance Common misconceptions of the insurance industry and careers

27 Myths About Insurance While there are insurance agents and brokers, they are only a portion of the team members employed by agencies, carriers and professional organizations. There are many educational paths that lead to a career in insurance. Insurance industry jobs include, but are not limited to the following: “If you have a job in insurance, you are an agent or a broker.” Advertising Business management Claims Customer service Financial analysts Human resources (HR) Information technology (IT) Marketing Public relations (PR) Risk management Secretarial Underwriting

28 Myths About Insurance Insurance sales are different than other sales, because they provide companies with the ability to establish long-term relationships and change their services throughout the various stages of life — renters become homeowners, individuals become business owners, etc. Unlike other sales that can be impacted by changing consumer interests, insurance is often required by law — drivers must carry car insurance, businesses must carry insurance to cover employees and vehicles, etc. It’s more than humorous commercials and saving money. It’s a lucrative industry with career opportunities for those with all types of skills and interests. “Insurance means you’re in sales.”

29 Myths About Insurance Ohio is a leading insurance state in the U.S., with 265 companies. Ohio currently employs approximately 238,000 people, making it the seventh-largest state in insurance-industry employment. “Insurance is done by big, national companies in other areas.” Source: The Youngstown Vindicator, KSU to offer insurance degreeKSU to offer insurance degree END OF PART 2

30 Group Discussion Response

31 Based on the discussion points presented in the Group Discussion Exercise, how would your group best describe the insurance industry? List activities on worksheet

32 Were you surprised to learn about the employment opportunities and wide variety of careers available in insurance? Why or why not? List activities on worksheet

33 What information would you want to see when learning more about insurance career opportunities? Examples: website articles, videos, guest speakers, career fairs, etc. List activities on worksheet

34 Does anyone in your group know someone who works in the insurance industry? If so, what do they do? List activities on worksheet

35 When considering future careers, what steps will you take to investigate your options? Who will you talk to? What sources will you use? List activities on worksheet END OF PART 3

36 Thank You! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @marybonelli@marybonelli

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