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Understanding Multi-Generations KASFAA Conference April 12, 2007.

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1 Understanding Multi-Generations KASFAA Conference April 12, 2007

2 The Challenge The four generations (Veterans, Boomers, Xers, and Millenials) have: unique work ethics different perspectives on work distinct and preferred ways of managing and being managed Varied views on work-world issues such as quality, service, and…..just showing up for work

3 Who’s in Your Workforce? Gen X and Mills (18 to41) = 45%. Together they equal the Boomers. Veterans = 10%, give or take

4 Important to Remember A generation is defined by what it thinks, feels and experiences together and not just dates of birth. We are NOT stereotyping but understanding the diversity of our workforce and communities.

5 Veterans Born prior to 1946 Core Values Dedication/sacrifice Conformity Respect for authority Delayed reward

6 Veterans’ Generational Personality Conformers Traditional family roles “American values” – civic pride, loyalty, respect for authority

7 Veterans’ General Personality Life isn’t fun? That’s the way it goes.

8 The Veterans Markings: Conservative, somewhat dressy clothing: coats, ties, nylons. Spending style: Save and pay cash.

9 Veterans On The Job Assets Stable Loyal Hard Working Liabilities Difficulty with change Reluctant to buck the system Uncomfortable with conflict

10 Veteran Leadership Often have a militaristic tone to their leadership style. Believe strongly in the corporate structure. They are boss.

11 Dealing with a Veteran LISTEN. Ask for his/her insight. Most comfortable with face-to-face communication, least with e-mail.

12 Baby Boomers 1946-1966, 1943-1960 Core Values Optimism Personal gratification Health and wellness Youth

13 Boomers’ Generational Personality Stars of the show. Working dad, stay- at-home mom – children were in the spotlight for the first time. Me first, me last, me only. Tend to be optimistic.

14 Boomers’ Generational Personality Don’t like job? Move on.

15 Boomer’s Generational Personality Heart & humanity to the office. Have always been cool. Just Ask one of them. After all: they are the world, they are the children…

16 The Baby Boomers Markings: Designer glasses, suits, bodies, cell phones, whatever’s trendy Spending style: Buy now, pay later- with plastic

17 The Baby Boomers Assets Service oriented Good at relationships Want to please Liabilities Don’t like conflic Judgmental of other’s opinions Self-centered

18 Boomer Leadership Know how to work the system. Tend to micro-manage. Don’t like surprises. Like to talk things through – many meetings/open door policy.

19 Dealing with a Boomer Most comfortable with face-to-face communication. Conversation seen as part of a warmer, friendlier workplace. Social Interactions as well as work-related (going out to lunch together, after work drinks, etc.

20 Gen-X 1965-1981, 1966-1981, 1960-1980 Core Values Diversity Balance Technoliteracy Fun Informality Self-reliance

21 X’ers Generational Style Self-reliant Nearly ½ of their parents’ marriages ended in divorce: visitation rights, joint custody, weekend dads/moms First generation of kids with two- family income. Latch-key kids.

22 Xer’s Generational Style Seeking a sense of family In absence of parents, created its own surrogate families (friends) Want balance Parents “lived to work”. Xer’s want to “work to live”. Leave work at 5; no weekends; rarely volunteer to work overtime.

23 Xer’s Generational Style Like informality Casual days (Friday jeans/T- shirts) Want to look less corporate. Have fun at work.

24 Xer’s Generational Style Approach to authority = casual. Unimpressed by it. Saw authority figures step off pillar into the gutter. Skeptical.

25 Xer’s Generational Style Attracted to the edge. Rock climbing, mountain biking, parachute jumping.

26 Xer’s Generational Style Technologically Savvy Older generations can learn tech skills; this generation grew up with it.

27 The Gen-Xers Markings: Nose rings, naval rings, functional clothing, tattoos. Spending style: Cautious, conservative

28 Gen-Xers on the Job Assets Technoliterate Independent Unintimidated by authority Liabilities Impatient Poor people skills Cynical

29 Gen-X Leadership Little patience for office politics. Not impressed by titles. Respect is earned.

30 Dealing with a Gen-Xer Most comfortable with email, least with face-to-face Wants to minimize discussion. Why? Don’t like “chatty” meetings.

31 Gen2K, Millennials, Gen Y, Nexters 1981-1999 Core Values Civic duty Confidence Morality Street Smarts Diversity

32 Dynamics of Millenials Substantially larger than Gen X but 3 million short of Boomers. 1980’s signaled return of concern for and interest in children. Vegas has “family” packages 50+ TV programs for kids

33 Dynamics of Millenials More literate than other generations Busiest kids of all generations (soccer, music lessons, football, math tutoring, ballet, chess club, etc.)

34 Dynamics of Millienials US Census Bureau: by 2010 less than 30% of American children from two-parent homes. Majority of Millienial’s moms will have jobs away from home. Nearly 1/3 of all births in early 1990’s to unmarried women. Expectation of two-parent family?

35 Dynamics of Millenials Street Smarts By age 10 know about divorce, drugs, AIDS, anorexia, gangs and guns. Learn in school about recycling, global warming, destruction of rainforests, acid rain. Acceptance of multiculturalism.

36 Dynamics of Millenials Statistically lower rate of teen pregnancy than other generations. A 1994 study (Youth Ethics Monitor) Mils preferred love and respect to money.

37 The Millennials Markings: Polyester, pagers, retro Spending style: Spend your parents’ money as fast as you can

38 Millennials on the Job Assets Heroic spirit Multitasking capabilities Technological savvy Liabilities Need for supervision and structure Inexperience, particularly with handling difficult people issues

39 Millennial Leadership Work by collaboration. Like diversity of ideas/opinions. Quick to judge others regarding their technical competency or lack thereof.

40 Dealing with a Millennial The Millennials have been part of the day-to-day negotiation of their home. Raised by highly communicative, participation-oriented parents,. That means……….

41 Dealing with a Millennial Cont. They’ll be tough to bully because they’re used to sticking up for themselves. But they’ll be able to contribute and collaborate right from the start.

42 Tips for Success Know your work group and the generation into which they belong (or think they do). Value a variety of perspectives. Modify your work style to help with the harmony of the workplace.

43 What does this all mean? Across the generations, employees want the means and motivation to improve and grow. One BIG difference today: if employees aren’t learning, challenged, valued and growing they are gone – especially youngest gen.

44 Questions? Resources: 1.Ron Zemke, Claire Raines, Bob Rilipczak, Generations at Work (New York: AMACOM, 2000). 2.Lynne Lancaster, David Stillman, When Generations Collide (New York: HarperCollins Pubs, 2002) 5.Chief Learning Officer Magazine, March 2007

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