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Generational Imperative

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1 Generational Imperative
The Generational Imperative with Chuck Underwood

2 Generational Strategy
In The Marketplace Market/Marketing Research Development of Products & Services Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations Patient Care/Customer Service Legislative Relations Volunteerism

3 Generational Strategy
In The Workplace Recruitment Retention & Engagement Management Fulfillment & Productivity Understanding & Cooperativeness Training & Leadership Development Succession Planning

4 How Generations Happen
3 Truths Formative years mold core values. Five living generations. Generational values guide decisions.

5 America’s Generations
G. I Silent – to 81 Boomer to 62 GenX to 43 Millennial present 0 to 26

6 Boomers BOOM!

7 Boomers We Win !

8 Boomers Birth years: 1946 – 1964 Current age: 44 to 62
# born: ,907,844 Formative years.: ’50s to early ’80s

9 “We need idealistic children.”
Boomers “We need idealistic children.” Dr. Benjamin Spock Common Sense Book Of Baby And Child Care

10 The Consciousness Movement 1961 - 1975
Boomers The Consciousness Movement

11 Passion. Masses. Idealism.
Boomers Passion. Masses. Idealism.

12 The Consciousness Movement
Boomers The Consciousness Movement Civil Rights Movement Feminist Movement Ecology Movement War Protest Movement Sexual Revolution Drug Revolution

13 Boomers “I have a dream today!” MLK August 28, 1963

14 Boomers Happy Days !

15 Boomers “We do not feel like a cool, swinging generation.
“We are eaten up by an intensity we cannot name.” Commencement Address Radcliffe College, 1968

16 Graduate HS: mid ’70s - early ’80s Current age: 44 to (about) 53
Boomers Second-Wave Boomers Born: to 1964 Graduate HS: mid ’70s - early ’80s Current age: 44 to (about) 53

17 Missed Consciousness Movement Don’t feel like Boomers or X’ers
Second-Wave Boomers Missed Consciousness Movement Don’t feel like Boomers or X’ers Who are we??

18 Live life to the fullest Unlimited opportunity
Boomers Second-Wave Boomers Nuclear family intact Live life to the fullest Unlimited opportunity Career-driven

19 Individuality is precious Empowerment & engagement
Boomers Second-Wave Boomers Belief in meritocracy Respect for knowledge Individuality is precious Forever Young Empowerment & engagement

20 Skeptical, but not cynical
Boomers Second-Wave Boomers Skeptical, but not cynical More materialistic Less optimistic

21 Boomers ‘Nam Engagement Empowerment Hard Lesson

22 The Career-Driven Generation
Boomers Career “Ambushed” Fierce competition The Career-Driven Generation

23 Boomers Financial Pressure Layoffs Age discrimination

24 Boomers Financial Pressure Eldercare Extended childcare Poor savers

25 Print ad – Morgan Stanley
Boomers Print ad – Morgan Stanley

26 Boomers (2006) BOOMERS TURN 60

27 Boomers “Bring it on!” No hurry to retire

28 The Revised Book Of Life
Boomers The Revised Book Of Life by the boomers


30 starved for integrity”
Boomers “The country is starved for integrity”

31 Boomers Skateboard Mom

32 Boomers Mamapalooza

33 Willing to take control Comfortable in the spotlight
Boomers Outgoing, extroverted Assertive, aggressive Willing to take control Comfortable in the spotlight

34 TV spot – Walt Disney World
Boomers TV spot – Walt Disney World

35 Boomers Aging is mandatory Growing old is optional.

36 Boomers TV spot - Ameriprise

37 Boomers Boomers At Work The Career-Driven Generation
Ethics & values important Leaders, assertive Work = vitality = engagement

38 Boomers Boomers At Work Care about company, all employees
Fair play for all Pay dues, play by rules, challenge ‘em Co-worker relationships important

39 Boomers Boomers At Work Hard workers Outgoing personalities
“Comfortable” with technology Usually comfortable with change

40 Loaded with “practical intelligence”
Boomers Boomers At Work Team builders Wisdom Varied experiences Loaded with “practical intelligence”

41 Boomers Recruiting Boomers Seek growth, not just income
Flexible hours: eldercare & childcare More mobile than younger generations?

42 Boomers Recruiting Boomers Retirement security is priority
Explain big picture Explain short & long-term goals Prove organization is ethical Discuss fulfillment, personal growth Buzzword Bias?

43 Boomers Managing Boomers Consider new work arrangements
Give choice, flexibility Include them in all new training Trade retirement security for more work? Promote or move them laterally

44 Boomers AVOID THE BRAIN DRAIN ! Aggressive, refined recruiting system
Internal mobility Alternative work systems Reduce their stress, burnout Customize benefits and incentives

45 Boomers Boomer Nation

46 Generational Strategy
Understand each generation’s unique formative years… Understand each generation’s unique core values… “Connect” with each generation in the workplace, marketplace, and living room.

47 The Generational Imperative, Inc.
Contact Chuck The Generational Imperative, Inc. 1343 Fleming St. Cincinnati, OH 513 –

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