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Embracing a Multigenerational Workforce! Nonprofit Capacity Conference Shira Harrington President Purposeful Hire, Inc.

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1 Embracing a Multigenerational Workforce! Nonprofit Capacity Conference Shira Harrington President Purposeful Hire, Inc.


3 What Ever Happened to a Good Book?

4 Kids These Days! “Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food and tyrannize their teachers.” Socrates (470-399 B.C.)

5 Disclaimers About the Generations  Generational diversity vs. age diversity  People are individuals  Use to understand, not to stereotype!


7 Who are the 4 Generations? LabelBorn Between Veteran1925 – 1945 Baby Boomers1946 – 1964 Generation X1965 – 1981 Millennials1982 - 2002

8 Veterans, Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials: Yesterday…and Today!


10 Veterans / WWII Generation: THEIR LEGACY World events Depression, WWII, radio and movies Core Values Loyalty, Rules, Authority, Frugality, “Duty first” View of Work Work is an obligation, not a career fulfillment Management Style Command and control; military style

11 Discussion question What impact did the Veteran generation have on our current workplace “norms?”


13 Baby Boomers: THEIR LEGACY World Events Vietnam, Civil rights, Roe v. Wade Core Values Optimism, involvement, respect for power and accomplishment, “paying your dues”, teamwork View of work Success = face time and “playing nice” Work is my identity Tend to be workaholics

14 Baby Boomers: Where they are now  “Sandwich Generation”  Debt reduction  When to retire?  Work-life balance

15 Discussion questions Do you have employees struggling with being a “sandwiched” Baby Boomer or concerned about retirement? How do these challenges impact their work?


17 Generation X: Their legacy World events Berlin Wall, Challenger, Dot-com (dot-bomb) Family focus Children of divorce, Latchkey kids, Downsized parents Live in shadow of Baby Boomers Core Values Demise of families, corporations and government Self-reliance, results orientation, informality, skepticism and individualism View of Work Don’t micromanage me!

18 Generation X: Moving Up…or Moving Home?  Conflicted: career mobility vs. work-life balance  Can’t decide whether they want exec slots  Many don’t want to manage staff  More are staying home with children  Many are becoming entrepreneurs  Most not open to relocating for promotions

19 Discussion questions Do you have Gen-Xers concerned about: Career growth Work-life balance Managing Staff How are you helping your Gen-Xers determine if an executive role is a good next step for their career?


21 Millennials: Who they are World events OKC bombing, Columbine, 9-11 Technology: X-Box, Playstation, ipods, bluetooth Family focus “Helicopter parents”, over-programmed Involved in family decision-making Expect same income as parents Core Values Pragmatism, self-confidence, tenacity, inquisitiveness, extreme informality, social consciousness View of Work A stepping stone, should be FUN, team oriented Demand options, hi-tech, immediate feedback, paid volunteers

22  Will comprise 75% of workforce by 2025  Already competing with Gen-X for Boomer slots  Average tenure in job is 18 months  Twice as likely as Boomers to be small biz owners  1-in-5 will leave for work-life balance  Many interested in charitable causes Millennial Statistics

23 MILLENNIALS WANT:  Career mobility (vertical or horizontal)  Worklife balance  Mentoring opportunities  Team / peer interactions  No silos / lots of brainstorming!  Transparency from executives  Causes to support

24 Discussion question How has the Millennial generation impacted your workplace? How is your organization adapting to their needs?


26 Case Study #1 Career Advancement Michael, a 20-something recent college grad joined Save the Planet (STP) because he was interested in its mission but also because he wanted to grow his career…fast! However, with all of the “grunt” work assigned to him during the first 6 months, it seemed that he wasn’t going to climb the ladder as quickly as he would have hoped. Exasperated, he sits down with his boss, John, a 55-year old career veteran. *How could Michael express his frustration to John in a way that doesn’t make him seem “entitled?” *How could John explain to Michael that his career advancement depends on his willing accomplishment of the assigned tasks?

27 Case Study #2 Work-Life Balance Laura, a 30-something mother of 2 wants to take fuller advantage of STP’s flexible work-life policies by including more teleworking into her schedule. Nancy, her 60- something supervisor is reluctant to approve her request because she fears that Laura will be ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ She also worries about how other staff will react when they don’t get to have the same “perks.” In addition, how will she know whether the work is actually being done? Besides, it comforts Nancy to physically see Laura in the office because she was used to putting in ‘face time’ when she was that age. **What variables should Laura and Nancy consider before deciding whether an increased teleworking schedule would be a productive option?

28 Case Study #3 Social Networking Donna, a 55-year old executive whose idea of “social networking” is to sit around bonding during a cocktail hour doesn’t understand the need for social media, let alone why her 27-year old direct report, Jeff, would be chatting on Facebook during work hours. To compound her frustration, Donna is concerned about liability if Jeff shares inappropriate information with their constituents. On top of which, she is concerned that he’s spending his time planning happy hours with his buddies rather than working. **What coaching would you give Donna on how to have a productive conversation with Jeff so that she balances her concerns while building a trusting relationship?

29 Thank you! Shira Harrington Purposeful Hire, Inc. 703-508-9573

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