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Taking Your Business to a Professional Level Thanks for your attendance at this presentation. I trust that it will help you to enhance your vision of all.

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1 Taking Your Business to a Professional Level Thanks for your attendance at this presentation. I trust that it will help you to enhance your vision of all that you have to offer through Nature’s Sunshine. This material will be available within 48 hours at under “webinars” you will need your account number and pin to access the website.

2 Taking Your Business to a Professional Level

3 What is the biggest problem with network marketing? Jan Ruhe My Response: “People don’t treat it like a business”. There are REAL RESULTS; REAL REWARDS; REAL RELATIONSHIPS, but somehow some people fail to see what they have as a real business.


5 A Brief History of Our Industry Middle ages/American frontier-peddlers Fuller Brush Co. 1915 –door to door California Vitamin Company-Nutrilite California Perfume Company-Avon Stanley Home Products-Party Plan Shaklee -1956 Amway-1959 Mary Kay-1962

6 Early Challenges Koscot Interplanetary Holiday Magic Dare to be Great (First public awareness of pyramid schemes)

7 1970-80 Legal Challenges 1979 Amway – FTC Ruling re legitimate business Shaklee volunteered to be the test case for another challenge Results: Both cases were won by the defendants and as a result network marketing was officially recognized as a legal business model.

8 “Network Marketing” vs “MLM” Network Marketing is a method of marketing and distribution. MLM is a method of compensating (paying) those people who are involved in the business.

9 Traditional Sales vs NWM TraditionalNWM ManufacturerManufacturer Wholesaler AdvertiserDistributor Retailer ConsumerConsumer

10 Four Phases of Our History The Underground Period (1945-1979) Pyramids grew beside legitimate companies Regulators made up the rules as they went along

11 The Proliferation Period (1980-1989 ) * Technology made it possible to work from your desk at home * The number of new companies skyrocketed

12 Mass Market (1990-1999) Rapid growth of new technology * fax on demand; satellite broadcasts; videos; 3-way calls; toll-free 800 #’s

13 Global Outreach (2000 + Beyond) Internet E-commerce Viral marketing Social media New levels of Professional Leadership Needed

14 DSA In 1955 the Direct Sellers Association of Canada was established NSP Has been a member since shortly after coming to Canada in 1976 In 1995 the Direct Sellers Educational Foundation was established – NSP was a founding member

15 DSA: To represent you through the company you partner with, to the government regarding legislation concerning our product lines and network marketing as a viable business. DSEF: To promote and explain what direct selling is to: * governments at all levels * academia: universities, colleges, high schools * the general public outside our industry

16 The DSA Today 42 major companies Over 600,000 ISC’s (that’s you) Over 1,000,000 family members involved (This does not include non-member companies)

17 DSA Affiliate Program Established to give YOU credibility as a business professional in this industry To demonstrate to governments that we do have people who practice their business with ethics and integrity To provide you with goods and services at prices not normally available to small business Go to: Click on the link at the top left to find out how easy it is to join and all the benefits for just $29.95 per

18 NWM Status Today Government recognition Many books and other resources Some college and university courses U of Illinois and U of Calgary Invitation to address an MBA Class this spring

19 Network Marketing is NOT for Everybody There used to be an old saying that network marketing is a good business for anyone who can fog a mirror. That is not (and never really was) true. Some people make better consumers than distributors. You make the distinction when you ask the right questions from the beginning.

20 The New Professionals (The Next Major Profession) Authors: Dr. Charles King, Professor at the University of Illinois James W. Robinson, Sr. Advisor to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

21 People Coming from Varied Backgrounds Business owners and executives Professionals: doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, educators Public Service: policemen, firefighters, civil servants WHY????

22 The Economy is Changing Normal Unemployment rates have escalated Full Time employees being replaced by contract labour High employee turnover-no security, outsourcing Employees must negotiate to survive: Forced to accept pay and benefit cuts Reward: keep this job (or a lesser one) for a little while longer

23 Franchises Have Failed to Deliver 1972 – Franchises almost declared illegal by US Senate (6 votes) Since then they have been sold as the answer to would be entrepreneurs” dreams High initial entry fees; long hours; high operating costs; rigid guidelines 1/3 fail; 1/3 break even; 1/3 succeed

24 It’s time for people to begin minding their own businesses. Robert Kiyosaki A job means you are being paid to mind somebody else’s business. In this new economy (business model), you’re paid to mind your own business.

25 What do we have to offer? A good earning opportunity A product that really works and actually helps people Time freedom Continuing opportunity for Boomers to make a contribution (2011 – the first Boomer retirees at 65)

26 Paine-Webber Study 75% of Boomers plan to continue working after 65 15% of them would like to stay with their company-even with reduced pay 28% want a new occupation 10% want to start a new business Boomers will not retire: they will retread.

27 Filling the Gaps Network marketing is ideally positioned to fill not only the “income” gap but also the “meaning” gap.

28 Challenge: Work vs Parenting How does a mother reconcile the competing demands of work and parenting? Why choose between them when there is a way to do both?

29 A New Paradigm is Needed YOU, Inc. Elements of Your Business: –A REAL business: potential to generate revenue and attractive earnings –An EXCELLENT product line: Could you, in good conscience persuade people to buy inferior products, if you knew they were?

30 Elements (cont’d) You have a proven system of marketing, selling and distribution You have the corporate support of professional scientists, marketers and business leaders You have the opportunity to work in an industry which is successfully “marrying” high-touch (our roots) with high-tech (our future) You have the opportunity for professional development through company offerings You have a REAL business to pass on to your children and grandchildren (or to sell it if you wish)

31 A Word of Caution Watch out for the myths and legends that get circulated too easily in this industry: The Wall Street Journal did not say that by 2000 60-70% of all goods and services would be sold by network marketing. MLM is not taught at Harvard and Stanford—yet. 20% of all millionaires in America did not make their money through network marketing. John Naisbitt, author of Megatrends and Megatrends 2000 did not say MLM is the wave of the future.

32 NSP: The Ideal Business for Teachers 1. Use your training and experience. 2. Enjoy Great Tax Advantages. 3. No limits on Your Earnings. 4. Set your own schedule. 5. Travel the World FREE. 6. Enhance your standard of living. 7. No classroom management problems. 8. Excellent Professional Development Programs 9. Personal Growth in new directions. 10. Employ your personal creativity. 11. Receive superior recognition. 12. Leave a legacy for your children.

33 NSP: An Ideal Business for Healthcare Professionals 1. Make a difference in the lives of others. 2. Receive recognition for your accomplishments. 3. Enjoy career security. 4. Work from home. 5. Invest the hours you choose. 6. Be your own boss. 7. Provide for your children’s future. 8. Establish a tax shelter. 9. Design your own retirement lifestyle. 10. Use your life training and experience to optimize your retirement years.

34 Cite the Actual Authorities Read and quote from the works of respected authorities such as Robert Kiyosaki, Charles King, and Paul Zane Pilzer (as well as the late great Jim Rohn).

35 You are part of an honorable and growing profession. Do your part-as a professional-to promote it that way. Be proud to say you are a “Network Marketer”

36 The following slide(s) contain some questions for you to ask prospective members of your sales organization. You may access a downloadable copy suitable for printing and duplication at

37 Questions for Potential New Professionals Group One Is there a possibility that your job might be eliminated in the future? Could your company merge with or be bought by another firm, resulting in a downsizing that would affect you? If you are a business owner, could your enterprise suffer an irreversible financial setback? Are you generally satisfied with your income level? Can you expect reasonable, uninterrupted advances in salary and stature going forward? Are you adequately prepared for your eventual retirement? Will Social Insurance, your company pension, and personal investments allow you to approximate your current lifestyle during 20-30 years of retirement? Has your profession or occupation changed since you entered it? Is it still rewarding and lucrative?

38 Questions (continued) Group 2 Do your professional obligations leave you adequate time for family, friends, and leisure pursuits? Do you have a bearable commute to your place of work or business, and once there, do you work in pleasant, friendly surroundings? Are you living where you want to live? Do you have a significant degree of control over your life, or do you feel trapped by routine and personal circumstances? Do you prize stability over uncertainty or a degree of risk over security? Is it vital to your self-esteem that you work for a large, well- known, prestigious organization?

39 Questions (continued) Group 3 Do you have reasonably effective communication skills? Are you willing to talk in front of people? Would you be able to approach friends, family, colleagues and even total strangers with a sales pitch most want to hear? Does the fear of rejection significantly affect your behaviour, including your willingness to ask people for favors, bosses for raises, and potential customers for sales? Do you have a sufficient degree of self-discipline to ensure that you would accomplish work tasks in a home office in a timely manner- resisting distractions ranging from children to pets to television to snacking? Would you feel a sense of isolation if for a significant portion of your professional life you never went to meeting or attended “power” breakfasts, lunches or dinners?

40 Questions (continued) Would you consider it demeaning to sell consumer products or services and commingle with people whose educational, income, and class levels may be lower than your own? Would a negative reaction to your new profession by family and friends cause great concern or a rapid change of course?

41 Thank You Thanks for your attendance at this presentation. I trust that it will help you to enhance your vision of all that you have to offer through Nature’s Sunshine. This material will be available within 48 hours at under “webinars”.You will need your account number and pin to access the website.

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