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HumanWare: The power is in your hands!. HumanWare Video.

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1 HumanWare: The power is in your hands!

2 HumanWare Video

3 Human-Friendly Solutions Focussed on enhancing the lives of people with disabilities, HumanWare provides intuitive, intelligent solutions. Solutions that enable our customers to participate effectively in today’s information intensive and highly mobile society.

4 HumanWare Group Based in New Zealand Two R&D and Productions Sites: Christchurch, NZ Drummondville, Canada Three Sales Subsidiaries: HumanWare US, Concord, CA HumanWare Europe, Raunds, UK HumanWare Australia, Sydney, AU 210 Employees

5 Our Products Tools that empower our customers to compete effectively in a sighted world.

6 Digital Talking Book Players World leader in DAISY players Tested and recognized by leading libraries The most complete line of DAISY players

7 The everyday computer for blind and visually impaired people Palm-size and less costly Flexible hardware and software configuration Next generation of notetakers

8 Trekker: GPS Orientation Solutions The next generation of orientation aid Fully portable solution at affordable price The most advanced digital maps

9 The BrailleNote mPower Portable notetakers for people who are blind

10 The BrailleNote PK A pocket size version of the BrailleNote

11 The SmartView Xtend Electronic magnifiers for people with low vision

12 myReader The world’s first Autoreader

13 The PocketViewer A portable electronic lens for people with low vision

14 Our Markets

15 Demographics of Visual Impairment Totally blind persons, who have light perception or less: [0.1%] (260,000 in US) Severely visually impaired persons [0.7%] (1,800,000) Visually impaired persons [3.9%] (10,000,000) Approx. 70% of group i) (180,000) would be in a range of visual function, and ability, to benefit from the use of a notetaker for accessing information. Penetration under 10% Approx. 40% of the persons in groups ii) and iii) (5,000,000) are in a range of visual function, in which video magnification equipment would make reading possible. Of this group, about 70% (2,800,000) are over the age of 65. Penetration under 5% Approx. 90% of the persons in groups i), ii) and iii) can benefit from access to digital audio books. In addition, there are 4 millions dyslexic kids in US schools who can benefit from using audio books. Penetration under 1% The over-65 segment of the population in most western countries is the fastest growing segment of the population as a result of improving health and the “baby boomer” population bulge.

16 Worldwide Sales Distribution

17 Competitive Advantages Innovation Strong corporate commitment to R&D (>10%) Low cost of R&D in NZ and Canada Customer focus Friendly, intuitive user interfaces Ergonomic designs Quality ISO 9000 certified manufacture Strong emphasis on quality and reliability

18 Accolades Received Winner of the CNIB’s Winston Gordon Award for 2002 (Victor Reader) and 2003 (BrailleNote). This is the top international award in the blindness technology industry NZ Trade and Enterprise Export Award winner in 2002, 2003 and 2004 Profit 100 – Fastest Growth in Canada

19 Accolades Received myReader awarded 1 st prize in the consumer product category at the Design Institute of New Zealand’s Best Design Awards – 2004 Canada Exportation Excellence Prize ADRIQ Innovation Prize Dominique-Rollin Prize

20 Victor Reader Digital Talking Book Players

21 The Victor Reader Line

22 Victor Reader Wave Plays DAISY books as well as music and books on MP3 or audio CD Powerful navigation features Go directly to any page number Very accessible design

23 Victor Reader Vibe Lowest cost player in the industry Completely off-the-shelf Highly Portable Solution

24 Victor Reader ClassicX The simple DAISY player for leisure books With all the important navigation features Robust, yet so easy to carry

25 Victor Reader ClassicX + Designed for students and professionals Full DAISY Functionality Robust, yet so easy to carry

26 Victor Reader Classic + with recording Designed for students and professionals Full DAISY Functionality Recording capabilities to place voice notes in books, take course notes, make to-do lists, etc.

27 Victor Reader Soft Accessibility is the key Multi platform capability (Notetakers, PDA, Internet) Toll free technical support DAISY/NISO support

28 Victor Reader Pocket player A Daisy player in your pocket Great platform for Internet distribution Communication choices to access networks or Internet Different choices of media for data storage with prices coming down and capacity going up

29 A Daisy player in your Pocket Carry preferred Daisy books for travel with convenient storage cards Listen to text books Access the huge collections of both electronic and audio formats available from the Web.

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