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5.2014 How to Create a Brand as the GO-TO Mortgage Professional.

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1 5.2014 How to Create a Brand as the GO-TO Mortgage Professional

2 FreddieMac Single-Family Mortgage Originations

3 1 – To dominate the market of Millennial buyers who are now entering the market in record numbers 2 – To leverage the opportunity presented by the Baby Boomers who are moving-up to the house of their dreams or downsizing their primary residence and buying a second vacation/retirement home 3 – To readily identify the three most important activities they can be involved in over the next 90 days Answer ANY & ALL questions you have regarding Bridge Builders and the opportunities it provides Today, we will construct a unique value proposition that will allow you to stand out as the “go-to mortgage professional” with your real estate partners by giving you the tools your agents need:


5 HOUSEHOLDS in the U.S.* 2014-2017 121M Current Households in the United States 3.7% Projected Growth over the Next 3 Years *Urban Land Institute’s 2014 Emerging Trends in Real Estate 4.48M Additional Households to be Formed

6 Are 4.2M First Time Buyers about to Buy? Zillow 3/2014 of all renters nationwide would like to buy within the next 12 months 10 % first-time home sales, if all renters that wanted to buy actually did purchase a home in the next year 4.2M

7 Unemployment Rate: Millennials Ages 25-32 with a Bachelor’s Degree vs. U.S. Rate Bureau of Labor Statistics & Pew Research

8 Median Annual Full Time Wage: Millennials Ages 25-32 with Bachelor’s Degree vs. U.S.Rate Bureau of Labor Statistics & Pew Research

9 MILLENNIALS are ready to buy homes… of Millennials plan to purchase a home in the future 85% increased their interest in purchasing a home in the past year as the positive attributes of homeownership resonate with this generation 58% plan to purchase a home in the next two years 49% Of those planning to buy in the near-term: 56% are current homeowners 41% are renters Pulte Group 2014

10 Millennials: Associate Owning A Home with… Pulte Group 2014

11 NAR 2014 Percentage of Buyers by Generation

12 Buying is CHEAPER than renting in ALL of the 100 largest metros by an average of… 38 % Trulia 2/2014

13 The Increasing Cost of Renting Census Bureau 2014 Median Asking Rent 1988-2013

14 Federal Reserve OVER 30X greater than renters Homeowners Net Worth…

15 An American Family’s Net Worth Federal Reserve

16 2014 will be the year of the repeat homebuyer - Trulia

17 said they are considering selling their home in 2014 71 % have a positive outlook on housing this year 69 % have a positive outlook on the economy this year 63 % Consumer Views on Housing & Economy Lending Tree Survey 2014

18 Paul Diggle Capital Economics We are anticipating a meaningful increase in the supply of homes for sale. The survey evidence suggests that rising prices are motivating more owners to list their homes.

19 “The oldest Baby Boomer turns 68 this year, and the youngest turns 50. They are buying homes in droves as their employment situation, home values, and stock portfolios have almost fully recovered from the Great Recession. We are seeing strong sales in this same demographic throughout the country.” - John Burns Real Estate Consulting Boomers are starting to move…

20 BH&G 2014 Baby Boomers ready to buy a 2 nd home… said they’d likely buy a second home, such as a vacation or beach house, to use during retirement 25%

21 Vacation Home Sales UP 29.7 % NAR 2014

22 Thinking about moving up to the home of your dreams?

23 Comparison – End of 2015Current HomeMove-up Home Current Price$300,000$400,000 Future Price (+8%) $324,000$432,000 Future Gain$24,000$32,000 Actually Lost$8,000 Move-Up Seller

24 Impact of Increasing INTEREST RATES

25 "One thing seems certain: we are not likely to see average 30-year fixed mortgage rates return to the historic lows experienced in 2012." Freddie Mac

26 1/20135/2014 Freddie Mac Projected Rates May 2014 – 2015 4Q Freddie Mac Actual Rates January 2013 – May 2014 Freddie Mac 5/2014

27 DateMortgageInterest Rate*P&I** Today$250,0004.5 $1,266.71 End of 2015$270,0005.7 $1,567.08 *Average Commitment Rate per Freddie Mac **Principal and Interest Payment $300.37 Difference in Monthly Payment

28 DateMortgageInterest Rate* P&I** Today$800,0004.5 $4,053.48 End of 2015$864,0005.7 $5,014.66 *Average Commitment Rate per Freddie Mac **Principal and Interest Payment $961.18 Difference in Monthly Payment

29 DecadeAverage RatePayment 1970s8.86%$1,589 1980s12.7%$2,166 1990s8.12%$1,484 2000s6.29%$1,237 2014 YTD4.36%$997 The average 30-year fixed mortgage rates and the approximate payment for a $200,000 mortgage. Payments are principal & interest only, based on a $200,000 fully amortizing mortgage. All terms are assumed to be 30 years. Freddie Mac 3/2014 Historic Mortgage Rates by Decade





34 U.S. Backs Off Tight Mortgage Rules -Wall Street Journal 5/14/2014 FHA Announces Blueprint for Greater Homebuyer Access to Credit - National Association of Realtors 5/13/2014 Jumbo Loans Thrive As Other Mortgages Slip - Boston Globe 5/12/2014

35 They must…

36 Be their ‘Expert’ This is a person to whom people will turn for advice on difficult or complex real estate decisions.


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