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Nick Byrne Lanie Nguyen-Johnson By Jayne O'Donnell.

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1 Nick Byrne Lanie Nguyen-Johnson By Jayne O'Donnell

2 So what’s a Boomer, anyhow? Baby Boomers: 1946–1964 Estimated 78.2 million 45–63 years old Represent about 29% of the U.S. population

3 Move over Boomers, here we come! Generation Y: 1982-2000 Estimated 82 million Most influential generation for retailers - Bigger than Baby Boomers - Spending power - Strong opinions

4 Gen Y Buying Habits Prefer buying products that display individuality Internet-savvy - Gen Y spends more time surfing online than watching TV - 42% watch online videos at least once per month

5 Slow websites, dismissive sales staff and free shipping that takes more than two days will turn Gen Y consumers off a brand. Will wait just three seconds for a page to download before they click away Processes website information 5X’s faster than older generations Instant Gratification & Immediacy

6 Generation Y Parents Non-authoritarian Value their friendships with their kids Youthful, 'kid-like' qualities

7 Cheap or Elite High-End Retailers - Abercrombie & Fitch - J. Crew - Best Buy - Circuit City Lower-End Retailers -Forever 21 - eBay "The moderate segment is getting more squeezed." "Girls want to buy something that's special vs. something that's kind of in the middle." "It's not because they don't have the money but because they want to save the money.“

8 High-End Gen Y Consumer I want … by: Micky Osterman “I want a... midnight blue Mustang convertible. I want to buy all my underwear at Victoria's Secret. I want to shop at Polo (and) The Limited... I would love a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. And a Coach purse.” Micky Osterman is a 16-year-old high school student from Columbus, Ohio

9 Sources YOU TUBE: IMAGES: Professor Elton & Kaitlyn: 390 Quiz Question ARTICLES: Article US Census Ferguson, Tim. “Gen Y is Setting the Tech Agenda”. BusinessWeek. 367.htm. July 30, 2008. 367.htm

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