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Managing the Generation Mix by Barbara Semeniuk, Purcell Enterprises Ltd. 1 780-951- 0867.

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1 Managing the Generation Mix by Barbara Semeniuk, Purcell Enterprises Ltd. 1 780-951- 0867

2 Tearing your hair out: What motivates the younger generation? Do you have to train them to work safely? How do you get them to work safely? Why do they take risks? How can you get them to work safer? 2 780-951- 0867

3 How can you get the different generations to respect one another and work in harmony as a team, to create a safer workplace? People are living longer and different generations are mixing and working together for longer time periods. 3 780-951- 0867

4 Lost Generation This term was coined by Prince Phillip for the generation that endured the Great Depression and World War Two They are moving out of the workplace now: retiring. Born before 1945 Characteristics: they saved and sacrificed, molded by World Events. Respect for authority, loyal. 4 780-951- 0867

5 Baby Boomers 1945-1964 Older baby boomers 1950 and before had many opportunities Mid baby boomers 1951-1958 Young Baby boomers 1959-1964 Mid baby boomers had less opportunities than the older baby boomers Young baby boomers resemble generation X Baby boomers: instant gratification, good work ethic, comfortable with a great deal of debt “the credit card generation” 5 780-951- 0867

6 Generation X born 1964 to 1980 Bust generation in terms of numbers and job opportunities Compete with large numbers of baby boomers overshadowed by them Very family orientated, good work ethic. Entrepreneurial, more tech savvy than the baby boomers. 6 780-951- 0867

7 Generation Y 1981-2000 very techno-savvy The echo generation: larger numbers than generation X: children of the baby boomers Very devoted to their tribe: friends and family. Loyalty to them rather than corporations Techno-savvy, multi-taskers, short attention spans 7 780-951- 0867

8 All these generations are still in the workplace and the mix can excerbate tensions This can create morale and Health and Safety hazards What motivates Generation Y? How do we manage them? What do they like about their managers? What do they dislike? 8 780-951- 0867

9 I have conducted over 500 Health and Safety audits Baby boomers tear their hair out (what’s remaining) about this generation No respect for authority Have to train them to work and/or work safely Question everything Work ethic is very different to theirs As is knowledge of technology 9 780-951- 0867

10 A quote from a “Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong They are smarter than I’ll ever be… what a wonderful world… It’s time to see our kids for who they truly are. Most of them are not rude, wild and irresponsible, in fact, most of them could one day make this country an immensely better place. David Gergen, Editor at Large, US news. 10 780-951- 0867

11 Positive attributes of this Generation Lots of confidence, upbeat and full of self esteem The most education minded generation in history A generation paving the way to a more open, tolerant society A generation leading a new wave of volunteerism. 11 780-951- 0867

12 The self esteem generation These are the echo boom The children of the baby boomers Baby boomers nurtured self esteem The rise of the “helicopter parent” that takes a more active role in their children’s lives sometimes to manager’s detriment and amazement This digital generation has never experienced life without computers 12 780-951- 0867

13 Techno-savvy They can access increasingly complex system(s) much faster than their elders They are consultants to their parents who don’t know how to use technology and collaborators with teachers infusing technology into the curriculum They like to gain instant access to people, events and ideas Short attention spans 13 780-951- 0867

14 Wired for the Future Slow, unwieldy processes are out, streamlining is in One size fits all is out Customization is in Passive learning is out, interactivity is in Lifelong learning is a fact of life to this generation: 90% expect to attend higher learning institutions like university, college, and technical schools 70% expect to work in professional jobs 40% of college freshmen expect to get their masters degree Work and education lines blurred Education spans the boundaries of place and time, self paced learning, just in time to meet the knowledge gaps in their real lives and work 14 780-951- 0867

15 Tolerant Children of bi-racial and multi-cultural marriages, creators of customized spiritual paths Rail against racism, sexism and homophobia One in three is a non-white minority Generation Y will be the first generation to grow old as the white population for the first time in the US and Canada becomes a minority. 15 780-951- 0867

16 Volunteerism This is the most socially conscious generation since the 1960’s. Generation Y has a refreshing altruism that embraces environmental, socio-economic and community problems. Service learning is the norm: to go beyond academics to mold young adults into socially conscious, aware citizens. 75% of college freshman performed volunteer work in 1999. 16 780-951- 0867

17 What is the magic for this generation? The magic for Gen Y’ers comes in making a difference in producing something worthwhile while working with a great team and getting the rewards they feel they have earned. This generation wants to be part of a highly motivated team of committed people. They like working closely with and learning from colleagues they respect, and they hope to socialize and form friendships with their co- workers…the human connection is important because they spend a lot of time alone: 20% of the time by themselves…they crave connections. 17 780-951- 0867

18 The Differences The Lost Generation sacrifices and can delay gratification The Baby boomers are work orientated Generation X like to be part of a team of sole proprietors who meet to put their individual contributions together in a sum that is greater than its parts Generation Y prefer to work side by side with energized and energizing co-workers. Respect must be earned. 18 780-951- 0867

19 The Challenge Make people of all backgrounds and generations feel welcomed, mobilizing their unique talents to get important work done and done in a safe manner Creating an open and open minded workplace is a major challenge as is managing expectations. 19 780-951- 0867

20 The facts Until 2005, most jobs available to Gen Y’s will be minimum wage positions that meet none of their expectations. They become bored and isolated and feel little incentive to excel. Slight increases in hourly wages will lure them out your door and across the street to work for your competitors. You need to know what and how to motivate them 20 780-951- 0867

21 The right now generation Mangers must be able to coach Generation Y’s in time management skills: how to break up large projects into more manageable pieces, plan their time, handle day to day task and responsibilities in the midst of interruptions and to meet deadlines. This generation grew up being micro managed by their parents and do not want this from their managers. 21 780-951- 0867

22 Managing them This generation loves to be assigned a challenge, given the freedom to explore the challenge and matched to the best team to explore the challenge One company provides young, new hires with ready made friendship groups and a support system to ease their transition into the workplace Organizations that can’t or won’t customize training, career paths, incentives and work responsibilities need a wake up call. 22 780-951- 0867

23 Managing them This generation craves the guidance of knowledgeable, confident managers and co-workers. They want their ideas to be heard by expert listeners who don’t discount them because they are young. They are entrepreneurial in nature. They challenge everything asking, “Why?” This can drive the baby boomers crazy Expect the best and you will get the best The work world will change as baby boomers retire and Generation X and Generation Y embrace the values and structures to those defined by these generations and those demanded by the new economy. 23 780-951- 0867

24 Managing the Generation Y’s Lifetime employment is dead Gen Y’s are the owners of “me, inc.” The best young talent is learning to negotiate the best deals in ways the older generations could not have conceived 24 780-951- 0867

25 The Seven Worst Traits of Managers according to this Generation Close mindedness: don’t come across as an expert, closes out other voices, opinions and perspectives Ineffective delegation: this generation wants to contribute and feel they’re adding value. They want to be challenged with the pace and scope of work. Remember increasing responsibility lights their fire. If you’re not sure your challenging them enough, simply ask. They will be happy to tell you. 25 780-951- 0867

26 The Seven Worst Traits Their bosses need to know more than do. They expect that’s why you have earned your title. Little respect is given by them if they feel they know more than you do: although they’ll forgive you in the technology department. You need to be competent in organization, planning, decision making and goal setting. Position means little to this generation rather the person with hands on knowledge and who can help them get the job done and accomplish their goals wins their loyalty and admiration. Ongoing learning is important: this generation needs effective training they don’t want to feel incompetent as it deflates this Gen Y’s self-confidence and self-esteem. 26 780-951- 0867

27 The Seven Worst Traits Disrespect for young people. They have been told all their lives they can do anything. Authority figures must earn their respect and that will be granted when it is earned. Management by intimidation does not work well with this generation, hence the rise of workplace bullying issues is no coincidence. 27 780-951- 0867

28 The Seven Worst Traits Over-emphasis on outward appearance: dress is a prime generational battleground No more jerks, please: this generation leaves rather than putting up with ineffective managers. Knowledgeable, effective managers in your organization are required that have a commitment to people. They are the ones willing to do the high maintenance work required to motivate a high maintenance workforce…but the rewards are commiserate 28 780-951- 0867

29 Ideal Manager Knowledgeable adult who jumps in as a team player when needed, listens to their ideas, recognizes and mentors them and inspires and motivates them to excel at work Relationship with their immediate supervisor is the number one factor affecting employee performance as well as retention 29 780-951- 0867

30 The Supervisor’s Role Supervisors must be trained to mentor and coach this generation and promote Health and Safety and take a leadership role in the process Work must matter: it must challenge them, clearly delegate assignments with freedom and flexibility. Offer increasing responsibility as a reward for accomplishments. Connect with your employees ensure competency by time outs for one on one coaching sessions, team meetings, informal chats Provide ongoing training and learning opportunities Learning is part of their daily lives, they want clear connections between the skills they learn today and the skills they’ll use tomorrow. Mentor your employees. The Construction Owners Association of Alberta at www. has a free mentoring course. 30 780-951- 0867

31 The Supervisor’s Role (cont’d) Comfortable, low stress environment is essential Flexible scheduling Focus on work but be personable with a sense of humour Hands on: managers must be strong enough to take charge, know enough to provide guidance and leadership and walk the line between that role and the role of a contributing worker unafraid to get into the trenches with everybody else. Treat them as colleagues: for example a baby boomer manager who knows the power of words tells his gen X and gen y staff he is a colleague and not to introduce him as a manger when they are out in business situations. Treat them with respect and consistently provide constructive feedback Use incentives when they have done a good job: verbal recognition is not enough. Managers need to customize rewards and incentives to keep their best contributors 31 780-951- 0867

32 Why does this generation take risks The brain in young teenagers and adults is still immature as is the area of the brain that analyzes risk….they don’t have the same perceptions about risk as older workers do. Mentor and coach them about risks and watch them to ensure they are working safely. Explain why its important to follow a certain job procedure and/or process. 32 780-951- 0867

33 How do you get them to work safer Their relationship with their immediate supervisor is the key This person must be competent and tell this generation how the task they are doing fits into the big picture. Even the smallest job can be positioned as contributing to a larger result. Talk to them: what are we doing well, what are we doing not so well, how can we do this better? Teach them leadership skills and engage them in leadership roles. Reward them in quick, instant ways. Spell out everything. Write it down. 33 780-951- 0867

34 How do you get them to work safer (cont’d) Talk to them…let them manage their own learning and provide a variety of resources to match their diverse learning styles. 34 780-951- 0867

35 How do you get them to work safer (cont’d) Recognize your mentors and avoid burnout: often baby boomers have this role and with their other responsibilities become resentful and tired. Create a physical and emotional comfort zone for this generation Feedback needs to be frequent, accurate, specific and timely: FAST. All generations need to lighten up and monitor their stress levels 35 780-951- 0867

36 How do you get the different generations to work together safely and in harmony. Customize your feedback to the different learning styles of the generations Build on each generations strengths and facilitate teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit. Use the appropriate rewards for each generation and strive for a respectful, actively caring environment Use targeted behavioral based safety initiatives where appropriate Remember the number one reason why all generations leave their employer: their immediate supervisor. Provide rewards targeted to the individual, not the group Respect one another’s differences and strengths. 36 780-951- 0867

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