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Generational Differences Lisa Bourget – Marathon Travel.

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1 Generational Differences Lisa Bourget – Marathon Travel

2 Session Overview  Action item: Let’s Talk Takeaways  Understanding the Players on Your Team (who are the generations)  Let’s Talk Stereotypes  Power of Change  Closing Activity

3 Making it Personal  Flip over action plan  Write down name of someone challenging in your life 20 years younger  Write down name of someone challenging in your life 20 years older

4 What’s Your IQ?  GQ Self-Assessment

5 The Players…  Traditionalists (born )  Baby Boomers (born )  Generation X (born )  Millennial Generation (born )

6 Does This Topic Matter? “It’s an Economic Downturn and everyone is so easy to deal with…”  “Generational personalities” are carried with us throughout our lives  When hard times hit…everyone wants to play nice in the sand, right??? We entrench ourselves deeply into attitudes and behaviors that are ingrained in us!

7 What does the work force challenge mean to you:  Must fight harder to recruit and retain the best employees  McKinsey and Company “war for talent” study estimated over the next 30 years, demand for bright, talented 35 to 45 year olds will increase by 25%, supply predicted to decrease 15%  Prepare for mass exodus of know-how & experience and replacing it… With smaller pool of talent that comes from different values and expectations Challenges from “the gap”

8 Workplace Stats

9 Generation Gaps  Employees that don’t feel they “fit” will… ____ ____ ____ ____ ____  What’s at your water cooler? Few decades ago, 3 or 4 generations gathered and listened to “The Shadow” on the radio Traditionalist: “Nothing decent on TV since Murder She Wrote went off the air” Boomer: “…demise of thirty something” X’er: “Melrose Place” Millennium: “…waxing lyrical over My So Called Life.”  Translation: Communicational challenges and breakdown of bonds that hold companies together

10 Define Stereotypes

11 What do you see…

12 Again…

13 Stereotypes – by the media and you  The precocious Millennial kid  Tattooed Generation X slacker  Guilt-ridden, workaholic Boomer  Lifeless retired Traditionalist leaning back on the porch swing

14 Change – You Own It…  There is only one way Get to know who those generations really are Understand why they are that way Take this opportunity not to stereotype…but to learn something you didn’t know before

15 Stereotypes – by resentment  Xers resent Traditionalists (for being resistant to change and unwilling to hand over reins)  Boomers resent Xers for finding it so easy to change jobs whenever they feel like it and demanding balance in their lives  Traditionalists resent Millennials for entitlement mentality when Traditionalists had to work for everything they’ve gotten  Millennials resent Boomers for leaving the planet a mess

16 What forms our cultural personality?  Icons Martin Luther King, Jr., Selma, Alabama, and image of empty bus (all icons of Selma bus boycott of 1965) Assassination of Kennedy D-Day Challenger explosion Attack of September 11  Conditions Cold War Great Depression (changed forever by fear of not being able to put food on the table) Changes in divorce rate  Life stages…we have them in common (education, get a job, find a partner, have a family) – but different generations don’t approach them the same way

17 Traditionalists  Came of age before/during World War II  Core needs are group membership & responsibility  Childhood of struggle  Value: Stability, security, sense of community, patriotism and God  Trust hierarchy and authority

18 Traditionalists  People – Joe DiMaggio; Dr. Spock; Alfred Hitchcock; Franklin D. Roosevelt; John Wayne; Bob Hope; Betty Crocker  Places: Sarajevo; Pearl Harbor, Normandy, Hiroshima, Iwo Jima. Back home – bread lines, Victory gardens, church pew, kitchen table with family tuned in to “The Maxwell House Radio Hour”  Things: were scarce; with 2 wars and the Great Depression, this generation did without. Symbols carried great weight – swastikas to Sputnik, flappers to flattops, drove roadsters to drive-ins, stacked a few 45’s on the record player and did the twist

19 Tips for Traditionalists!  Show respect for length of service and experience  Watch your language  Take time when discussing technology  Do your homework; prepare to be tested  Respect attention to formality  Don’t rush or pressure  Serve and honor them

20 Baby Boomers  The first workaholics  Paid dues under old hierarchical rules; now redefining themselves in light of global initiatives and business restructuring  Gifted at political correctness  Traditionally found their self worth in their work ethic  Now…desperate for healthy work/life balance

21 Baby Boomers  People: Martin Luther King Jr.; Richard Nixon; Beaver Cleaver; Rosa Parks; Osmond Family; John Belushi; Captain Kangaroo; Partridge Family and The Stones  Places: Watergate Hotel; Hanoi Hilton; Kent State; Laugh-in; Woodstock. Suburbs, bedroom, boardroom, delivery room, and eventually divorce courtroom.  Things: Television (4 million in 1952 to 50 million in 1960!); Bellbottoms, mood rings, Brooks Brothers suits and Rolex watches.

22 Tips for Boomers!  Resist rushing and learn to value “people side” of business  Choose face-to-face conversation  Ask for their advice (and take notes to show you are listening)  Offer your support and partner to get job done (don’t wait to be asked)  Put priority on a business atmosphere and relationships formed there  Honor their experiences

23 Gen Xers  Count on technological acuity and business savvy to stay marketable  Extremely resourceful and independent generation  Get in…get the work done…move on to the next thing  Need freedom to act without hindrance  Energies focused on skillful performance, variety and stimulation in the workplace

24 Gen X’ers  People: Bill Clinton; Monica Lewinsky; Ayatollah Khomeni, Ted Bundy, Beavis and Butt-head, O.J. Simpson, Madonna  Places: Media expanded places – X’ers could travel more; Soviet Union, Somalia, Chernobyl, Scotland, international space station to internet  Things: Cable TV, satellite, VCRs, video games, fax machines, microwaves, pagers, cell phones, Palm Pilots…

25 Tips for Gen X’ers  Stop micromanaging them  Initiate work/life balance initiatives  Teach new skills  Mentor them and ask questions. Talk with, not at, them.  When delegating, describe the outcomes (but leave the processes to the Gen Xer)  Provide immediate answers and feedback; they crave stimulation  Need help on something technical? Just ask!!  Value their need to keep learning in order to be marketable.

26 Millennium  They are always on – come of age in an era of instantaneous global communication, media saturation, and material excess.  Grew up in “decade of the child”  Intellectual authority in homes and at work  High-speed stimulus junkies (just enough skepticism – like the xers – to keep them asking healthy questions)  Just enough political savvy (like the Boomers – to know who’s who)  Just enough respect for character development (like Traditionalists – to incorporate the virtue of individual responsibility in their jobs)

27 Millennium  People: Prince William, Chelsea Clinton, Kurt Cobain, Barney, Britney, Backstreet Boys, Serena Williams  Places: Virtual and tangible – ranging from chat rooms to Dawson’s Creek, from to Oklahoma City, from cyberspace to outer space  Things: Access to cell phones, pagers and computers since they were in diapers Took PC’s for joyrides on information superhighway; through internet they have visited every corner of the globe Choices – hang out at local mall or virtual mall!

28 Tips for the “Always On”  Give them your web address; prepare for the improvement plan  Emphasize positives of doing right, rather than negatives of doing wrong  Be positive, simple, rational, factual, friendly  Respond quickly and move fast with this “instant gratification” generation  Mentor them and be realistic  Be prepared to offer VERY flexible scheduling

29 Meet Edna!

30 Your Action Plan  Sharing Time – who had “ah ha’s??”  What will you change the next time you: Have a meeting Need to ask a question Need to change their direction

31 View of Work BoomerGen XGen Y Work hard and get ahead Work as hard as you have to and get a life Work, but make a difference

32 Work Relationships BoomerGen XGen Y Individual – do your own work, but play by the rules ‘Intrepreneur’ - do what needs to be done in the fastest way Team player - where everyone counts

33 Rewards BoomerGen XGen Y I want status or recognition I want options I want meaning and significance Ta Da!

34 Feedback BoomerGen XGen Y Give it to me by the rules Just say it, now. It should always be on the screen

35 Training BoomerGen XGen Y As a rewardPrepare me to leave and I’ll stay Duh?!

36 Career BoomerGen XGen Y EnjoymentPortabilityIntegration

37 Grow… With Generational “Smarts”  Communicate “Smart”  Sell “Smart”  Market your business “Smart”  Build Relationships...“Smart”

38 Sources  “When Generations Collide” – Lynne C. Lancaster and David Stillman  Robert Lord, Training and Organizational Development Manager, Travel Guard  “Talking About Our Generations” – A Personal Guide to Mastering Generational Diversity in the Workplace; Express Personnel Services

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