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A Closer Look Dr. Don Jenrette Air Force Reserve Command

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1 A Closer Look Dr. Don Jenrette Air Force Reserve Command
Millenials A Closer Look Dr. Don Jenrette Air Force Reserve Command

2 Reference Material Lancaster, C., Stillman, D. When Generations Collide. Harper Collins Karp, H., Fuller, C., and Sirias, D. Bridging the Boomer Xer Gap: Creating Authentic Teams for High Performance at Work. Palo Alto, CA. Davies-Black Publishing Zemke, R., Raines, C., and Flipczak, B. Generations at Work: Managing the clash of Veterans, Boomers, Xers, and Nexters in Your Workplace. NY. AMACOM 2000. Howe, N., and Strauss, W. Millenials Rising: The Next Great Generation. Vintage

3 Overview Who are they? Characteristics

4 Millenials Always been MTV Always been a woman on the Supreme Court
Always been able to get their news on CNN or USA Today Travel to space has always been in reusable spacecraft John Lennon and Elvis Presley have always been dead Always been women astronauts Never dialed a phone

5 Other names include Generation Y,
Millenials Who are they? Born Other names include Generation Y, Net Generation, Generation D (

6 Millenials - Exhibit little knowledge or understanding of the military
- Higher education is military’s chief competitor in recruiting them - Dissuaders of military service are far stronger than persuaders of service (due to misperceptions and ignorance)

7 Millenials Largest generation in U.S. History with 80 Million
Next to largest generation is Baby Boomers with 76 Million ( ) Gen X is 46 Million strong ( )

8 Millenials - Generally come from smaller families
One in three births were to unwed mothers 60 percent work outside the home One in three is not Caucasian Boys have close friends who are girls but not “girlfriends” and same for girls Don’t view each other in stereotypical gender roles as found in previous generations Product of “female-dominated society”

9 Millenials Core Characteristics: Special Independent and vocal
Sheltered Optimistic/Confident Pressured/Impatient Team-oriented Conventional/Traditional Skeptical Tolerant/Open minded Materialistic

10 Millenials What do they think?
#1 goal for almost all is a well-paying job (81%) Having people’s respect (77%) Having a good relationship with parents (77%) Worst problems facing the U.S. are: -- Selfish people (56%) -- No respect for authority (52%) -- Parents who do not discipline their children (47%) -- Entertainment media (44%)

11 Millenials What do they think? Adhere to old-fashioned values:
-- Four out of five say they want to get married -- 53% of girls claim that premarital sex is “always wrong” -- 41% of boys claim that premarital sex is “always wrong” Care deeply about social issues Grand sense of optimism Tend to be conservative but generally apathetic toward politics itself Second to their value of families is value placed on friendships

12 Millenials What do they think? Racial differences are not a big deal
Tend to view each other according to socioeconomic class Work place demands include access to technology, high compensation, responsibilities, information and continuous learning opportunities, and flexible work locations and hours Their one rally cry is for the environment

13 Millenials 677 teenaged Millenials from six states asked “Why have you not considered the military as a career option?” Doesn’t match career objectives (27%) College bound (24%) Personal beliefs (19%) Loss of personal control/freedom (12%) Risk of life/limb (6%) Lack of information (3%) Parental pressure not to join (3%) Other (3%)

14 Millenials 677 teenaged Millenials asked:
Why would you consider the military as a career option? Adventure/Travel (20%) Pay and benefits (17%) Educational benefits (17%) Challenge (12%) Exposure (6%) Relative with military experience (5%) Lack of options (5%) Duty to country (5%) Lifestyle (5%) Other (5%) Appealing mission (3%)

15 677 teenage Millenials asked:
What has been the greatest influence on your perception of military service? Family member (29%) Movies (24%) Other (13%) Friend (12%) Advertising (10%) Recruiter (6%) Teacher (4%) Internet (2%)

16 Five Forces that shaped and molded the Millenial Generation:
Millenials Five Forces that shaped and molded the Millenial Generation: -- Parents -- Technology -- Education -- New Economy -- Media

17 Millenials Parental Influence
-- Most (baby boomers) do not regard military career as “successful” -- View military for second-tier students

18 Millenials Technology Influence
-- Computers have made knowledge cool through a fusion of fun and learning -- Display an ambiance of arrogance because of technology is omnipresent in their lives

19 Millenials View of Media Technology Veterans/Builders Radio/Slide Rule Boomers TV/Calculators Generation X Atari/Lap Tops Generation Y Internet/iPod

20 Millenials View of Technology Veterans/Builders Hope to Outlive It Boomers Master It Generation X Enjoy It Generation Y Employ It

21 Millenials View of Heroes Veterans/Builders Babe Ruth/FDR Boomers JFK/MLK/John Glenn Generation X Kurt Kobain/Michael Jordan Generation Y NYPD/Parents/Grand/Bill Gates/Tiger Woods

22 Millenials Memories Veterans/Builders Marx Bros/Frank Sinatra Boomers Beatles/Lassie/Drive-Ins Generation X Snoop Dog/Beavis/REM Generation Y Trench Coat Mafia/Health/ Goo-Goo Dolls

23 Millenials View of Future Veterans/Builders Rainy Day To Work For Boomers Now is More Important Generation X Uncertain/Hopeless Generation Y Ambivalent/Hopeful

24 Millenials Theme toward Work Veterans/Builders Work Hard Boomers Personal Fulfillment Generation X Uncertainty Generation Y “What’s Next?”

25 Millenials Theme toward Responsibility Veterans/Builders Duty Boomers Optimism Generation X Personal Focus Generation Y On My Terms

26 Millenials Theme toward Workplace Veterans/Builders Sacrifice Boomers Crusading Causes Generation X Live for Today Generation Y Just Show Up

27 Millenials Theme toward Money Veterans/Builders Thriftiness Boomers Buy Now/Pay Later Generation X Save, Save, Save Generation Y Earn to Spend

28 Millenials Theme toward Work Output Veterans/Builders Work Fast Boomers Work Efficiently Generation X Eliminate the Task Generation Y Do Exactly What’s Asked

29 Millenials Theme toward Core Values Veterans/Builders Respect for Authority Boomers Involvement Generation X Skepticism/Informality Generation Y Realism/Confidence

30 Millenials Theme toward Family Veterans/Builders Traditional/Nuclear Boomers Disintegrating Generation X Latch-key Kids Generation Y Merged Families

31 Millenials Theme toward Education Veterans/Builders A Dream Boomers A Birthright Generation X A Way to Get There Generation Y An Incredible Expense

32 Millenials Theme toward Media Veterans/Builders Rotary Phones Boomers Touch Tone Phones Generation X Cell Phones Generation Y Internet/Picture Phones

33 Millenials Theme toward Personal Communications Veterans/Builders One-on-One/Write Memo Boomers Call Me Anytime Generation X Call Me Only at Work Generation Y or Text Me

34 Millenials Theme toward Leadership Style Veterans/Builders Directive Boomers Consensual/Collegial Generation X Ask Why/Challenge Others Generation Y To Be Determined

35 Millenials Theme toward Interactive Style Veterans/Builders Individual Boomers Team Player/Loves Meetings Generation X Entrepreneur Generation Y Participative

36 Millenials Theme toward Feedback/Rewards Veterans/Builders No News is Good News Boomers $ and Title Recognition Generation X Freedom is Best Reward Generation Y Meaningful Work

37 Millenials Theme toward Messages that Motivate Veterans/Builders Your Experience is Respected Boomers You’re Valued/Needed Generation X Do It Your Way/Forget Rules Generation Y You Will Work with Other Bright, Creative People

38 Millenials Theme toward Work and Family Life Veterans/Builders Never Meet Boomers No Balance/Work to Live Generation X Balance Generation Y Balance

39 Millenials Any Questions?

40 A Closer Look Dr. Don Jenrette Air Force Reserve Command
Millenials A Closer Look Dr. Don Jenrette Air Force Reserve Command

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