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By the Wedding Crashers – Wes – Caroline – Krista – Carl – Amanda (MIA, deathly ill) – Kate.

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1 By the Wedding Crashers – Wes – Caroline – Krista – Carl – Amanda (MIA, deathly ill) – Kate

2 Baby Boomers

3 What is a Boomer Born after World War II – 1946 to 1964 This time line is debatable. Age: 43 to 61 72 million

4 What is a Boomer “Almost from the time they were concieved, boomers were dissected, analyzed, and pitched to by modern marketers, who reinforced a sense of generational distinctiveness.” - Steve Gillon, Boomer Nation

5 Highlights of Boomers Reaching peak of income and assets Starting to plan for retirement. Living/Working longer than previous generations Have needs covered, now wants must be catered to Driven market place for over 40 years

6 Marketing to Boomers Nostalgia particularly effective in this generation – 60s era, early 70s. Words like Mature, Prime rather than Old or Senior

7 Before:Now: Avoid stereotypes portraying seniors as half dead, living boring, monotonous lives If you market to them as if they’re active, they’ll stay active longer.

8 Marketing to Boomers Need things to “feather the nest” Luxury items Active Lifestyle Marketing – Seniors clubs – Golf – Cycling Active retirement: – RVing – Vacation packages

9 References Armstrong-on-moon-July.jpg Armstrong-on-moon-July.jpg 3.jpg 3.jpg

10 Generation X

11 What is an X’er Phrase coined by Douglas Coupland. Born after the Boomer’s – 1967 to 1976 This time line is debatable. Age: 31-40 12 million Best educated of all previous generations. Approx 40% less in population than Boomer’s (N. America)

12 What is an X’er According to 2001 census – Labour Force of 20 to 34 yr. olds dropped by 15.1% – 2.7 people aged 20 to 34 yr. old for everyone 55 and older ( down from 3.7 in 1991) – Lived the Recession of the early 90’s Making up for it now.

13 Highlights of this Demographic Characterized as underemployed, overeducated and generally thrifty Stay home longer and are more likely to be “boomerang” kids. – 32% men return home and 28% of women – One reason given is that they cannot afford the lifestyle their parents enjoyed. “do this and you’ll get that” credo towards career and purchase planning.

14 Marketing to this Demographic Cynical In Nature. – Don’t B.S. they see through it, and are skeptical of advertising Target their need to balance “Work and Life” Target home lifestyle – They are casting off their 20’s as they approach and enter their 40’s

15 Marketing to X’ers Children – Gen X’ers are having children: average age of Mother at birth of 1 st child 29.5 yrs. “Slow Dimes instead of Fast Nickels” – Quality is becoming more important than price to this demographic. – Size of market is down from Boomer’s; have to make money off a smaller target market.

16 References XIE/2006003/study_juniorreturns.htm XIE/2006003/study_juniorreturns.htm aid/pdf/96F0030XIE2001009.pdf aid/pdf/96F0030XIE2001009.pdf Cobain-Guitar-Posters.jpg Cobain-Guitar-Posters.jpg

17 Generation Y

18 What is a Y’er Born after the X’er’s – 1980 to 2000 This time line is debatable. 60 million Age: 7-27

19 What is a Y’er 3 major conflicts for teenagers Belonging VS Independence – Want to fit in, but don’t want to be told what to do Rebellion VS Conformity – Want to rebel against general social standards, but want to still be within the social standards set by their friends. – “It’s easy to be non-conformist. All you have to do is dress just like us, act like us, and listen to the same music as us.” Idealism VS Realism – Deciding how to perceive the world around them: should I perceive it as how it IS, or how I WANT it to be?

20 What is a Y’er Media savvy (most were exposed to advertising awareness classes in school) Understand money problems. – 25% live in a single-parent household. – 75% have working mothers Some like “Anti-Brand” companies, eg, AdBusters, Salvation Army, Value Village, etc.

21 Highlights of Y’ers More and more young people are following the trend of returning to the nest due to the high cost of living If a company is sponsoring a sporting event or charity because they sincerely care about the issue, Y’ers will appreciate it. If not, Y’ers will be unimpressed.

22 Marketing to Y’ers General Rules: – Let them draw their own conclusions from advertisements. – Stay true to brand image Back up what you say. Y’ers also appreciate firms that appear to genuinely care about charities, rather than just selling products. – Entertain them. Advertise in unexpected places Website is a must. Make it interactive and easy to navigate. – Show empathy to their situation, but don’t overdo it.

23 Marketing to Y’ers Top 5 issues: – AIDS (it’s bad) – Race Relations (make them better) – Child Abuse (it’s bad) – Abortion (let’s not go there) – Environment (protect it) If you want to seem altruistic (we like that), champion one of the 4 issues.

24 References "Scenes from the Culture Clash" Fast Company January/February 2006, pp 73-77. enger_238.jpg enger_238.jpg BritneySpearsHitMeBaby.jpg BritneySpearsHitMeBaby.jpg

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