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Grandma’s Stuff Inventory. #1 Pearl necklace, earrings and pin.

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1 Grandma’s Stuff Inventory

2 #1 Pearl necklace, earrings and pin.

3 #2 Gold and pearl bracelet.

4 #3 Liquid silver necklace and earring set.

5 #4 Family slide and necklace. 7 diamonds, 1 emerald.

6 #5 Freshwater Pearl and earrings set. Last Christmas gift given by Grandpa.

7 #6 Crystal necklace and earrings.

8 #7 Crystal bracelet with toggle closure.

9 #8 Blue topaz ring in gold. Earrings are Venetian glass with Japanese characters on post. Pendant (object on left). BTW – blue topaz is the state gem of Texas. I’m just saying.

10 #9 Pendant made from one of Grandpa’s bolo ties, with matching earrings. “I ALWAYS get so many compliments when I wear this. I wear it all the time!”

11 #10 Freeform turquoise and gold pendant & necklace. 25 th Anniversary gift from Grandpa to Grandma.

12 #11 Mother of Pearl and turquoise necklace drop.

13 12 Petit point turquoise necklace and earrings.

14 13 Siamese necklace. Silver design on white enamel. 5 drops off of necklace. Story: Bought when Jeannine was born. Grandpa bought one of everything from vendor on base!

15 14 Two Turquoise bracelets. 1)Cuff with turquoise “stripe” down the middle. Signed by artist with a tree symbol. Bought in Bisbee, AZ. 2) Two row square bracelet.

16 15 Turquoise & Gold ring. Back is expandable.

17 16 Alaskan ivory stretch bracelet. Alaskan animals. Rawr!

18 17 8 diamond pendant & chain. Story: Given to her by Celeste, a woman she took care of. Left to her in the will.

19 18 Ruby & pearl fish brooch. Story: Bought in Vancouver to replace her brooch still pinned to a dress in a lost suitcase.

20 19 Silver brooch with “close enough” matching earrings. Pin bought in Mexico.

21 20 Porcelain Kabuki mask bracelet with earrings.

22 21 Etched silver cuff and round earrings.

23 22 Brown “slightly coral” backed cameos. Bracelet & earrings. Mother’s Day gift while in Germany.

24 23 Jade & Ivory necklace set in gold. Jade round ring.

25 24 Mexican opals bought on a cruise. “because I wanted something!”

26 25 Diamond studs with three gold jackets.

27 26 Opal in gold necklace and earrings.

28 27 Pave Pearl & silver drop and earrings.

29 28 Ivory earrings. Pink flower pair, & Yellow flowers. Bought in Japan. Has had since 1940!

30 29 Pearl and crystal drop earrings. Pink/purples. Story: Bought for Claudette’s wedding. “The earrings cost more than the dress! I got the dress on sale!”

31 30 Mary pendant & chain. Award for music when Grandma was 17.

32 31 Silver Cross & chain bought in Rome.

33 32 Wood & Pewter necklace and earrings. From somewhere in Mexico that I won’t even TRY to spell!

34 33 Alaskan blue & turquoise necklace with earrings.

35 34 Siamese Jewelry Locket pendant & earrings. Story: When Jeannine was born, there was a vendor on base selling Siamese jewelry and Grandpa bought one of everything!

36 35 Millefiore Round earrings. In original box!

37 36 Millefiore fan shaped earrings. Bought in Italy

38 37 Family Ring 7 Birthstones Ruby is from Dad/Grandpa’s HS class ring

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