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Al-Hasan: Anecdotes and Sayings By A.S. Hashim. MD Sayings of Imams taken from:

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1 Al-Hasan: Anecdotes and Sayings By A.S. Hashim. MD Sayings of Imams taken from: Ziyarah of Imams taken from:

2 About this slide show: 1. This slide show deals with: a.Al-Hasan’s agreement with Mu’awiya and afterwards b.Al-Hasan’s high rank in the Ummah: Incidents from the Quran c.And about his character as a model for generosity 2. It deals with his sayings in 7 slides 3. It shows his burial place

3 Lineage of Al-Hasan Al-Husain

4 Al-Hasan’s Looks Al-Hasan was described as follows: He had a radiant face. He had black eyes, smooth cheeks, thick beard, and curly, plentiful hair. His neck was as pearly white. His body was good. He had large shoulders, and big fleshy bones. He was of medium height; neither tall nor short. He was handsome; the best of all people in face".

5 Ayah of Tat’heer إِنَّمَا يُرِيدُ اللَّهُ لِيُذْهِبَ عَنكُمُ الرِّجْسَ أَهْلَ الْبَيْتِ وَيُطَهِّرَكُمْ تَطْهِيرًا (Surah 33: Ayah 33. According to A'isha, Ayah of Tat'heer (Purification) was revealed on behalf of Fatima, Ali, Al-Hasan, and Al-Husain, see Sahih Muslim Vol. 3, Page 130.) VERILY, ALLAH HAS DECREED TO PURIFY YOU, O' AHLUL BAYT, AND SANCTIFY YOU IN A PERFECT WAY

6 Ayah of Tat’heer and Ahlul Bayt Al-Kisaa as narrated by Jabir Al-Ansaari Took place in Umm Salama’s house Ali, Fatima, Al-Hasan, and Al-Husain under one cover along with the Prophet The Prophet declares: These are my Ahlul Bayt

7 Ayah for Mubaahala Surah 3: Ayah 61. "THEN SAY: LET US CALL UPON OUR CHILDREN AND YOUR CHILDREN, OUR LADIES AND YOUR LADIES, OURSELVES AND YOURSELVES, THEN WE PRAY SO THAT ALLAH'S WRATH WILL BE UPON THOSE WHO TELL UNTRUTH" فَمَنْ حَآجَّكَ فِيهِ مِن بَعْدِ مَا جَاءكَ مِنَ الْعِلْمِ فَقُلْ تَعَالَوْاْ نَدْعُ أَبْنَاء ا وَأَبْنَاءكُمْ وَنِسَاءنَا وَنِسَاءكُمْ وَأَنفُسَنَا وأَنفُسَكُمْ ثُمَّ نَبْتَهِلْ فَنَجْعَل لَّعْنَةُ اللّهِ عَلَى الْكَاذِبِين

8 Well known Hadiths about Al-Hasan and Al-Husain الحسـن والحسـين سـيدا شـباب اهل الجنه مََنٍ أحبَّ الحسـنَ والحسـين فقد أحبَّنِي ومَنٍ أبغَضَـهُما فقد أبغَضَني أنا سِلمٌ لِمَن سالمـتم، وحربٌُ لِمَن حاربتُم AL-HASAN AND AL-HUSAIN ARE EACH A PRINCE OVER THE YOUTHFUL IN HEAVEN". THE ONE WHO LOVES HASAN AND HUSAIN WILL ALSO HAVE LOVED ME, AND HE WHO DETESTS THEM,WILL HAVE DETESTED ME. "IN PEACE I AM WITH HIM WHOM YOU ARE IN PEACE WITH AND IN BATTLE I AM WITH HIM WHOM YOU ARE IN BATTLE WITH

9 Imam Ali about Ahlul Bayt: Sermon 144, page 201 أَيْنَ الَّذِينَ زَعَمُوا أَنَّهُمُ الرَّاسِخُونَ فِي الْعِلْمِ دُونَنَا، كَذِباً وَبَغْياً عَلَيْنَا، أَنْ رَفَعَنَا اللهُ وَوَضَعَهُمْ، وَأَعْطَانَا وَحَرَمَهُمْ، وَأَدْخَلَنَا وَأَخْرَجَهُمْ. بِنَا يُسْتَعْطَى الْهُدَى، وَبِنَا يُسْتَجْلَى الْعَمَى. إِنَّ الاَْئِمَّةَ مِنْ قُرَيش غُرِسُوا فِي هذَا الْبَطْنِ مِنْ هَاشِم، لاَ تَصْلُحُ عَلَى سِوَاهُمْ، وَلاَ تَصْلُحُ الْوُلاَةُ مِنْ غَيْرِهمْ. Where are those who falsely claim that they are deeply versed in knowledge, as compared to us. In so saying it is an affront. Lo! While Allah has ennobled us in prominence, He made them inferior. And while Allah has privileged us with His bounty, He deprived them of that bounty. And while Allah welcomed us in the fortress of knowledge, He kept them out. Lo! With us [Ahlul Bayt] guidance is to be sought as a gift; and through us blindness of ignorance is exchanged for Light. Surely the Imams are from Quraish. The Imamah have been planted in this lineage through the clan of Hashim. Thus the Imamah does not suit others nor would others be suitable for it.

10 Al-Hasan at Age 37 Wounded by Ibn Muljim, Ali gives Al-Hasan the last advice Ali designates Al-Hasan as the 2nd Imam They bury Ali in Najaf People give Al-Hasan allegiance, he is to face Mu'awiya

11 Al-Hasan forces Mu ’ awiya bribes many leaders in Al- Hasan's forces Many people shift alliance to Mu ’ awiya Some Khariji even wound Al-Hasan Mu ’ awiya offers a truce for surrender

12 Al-Hasan reaches agreement with Mu'awiya Agreement has 7 points Al-Hasan gives a speech to the worshippers at the Grand Mosque of Kufa Mu ’ awiya follows him by a speech Al-Hasan and family return to Medina

13 1.That Mu'awiya shall deal with people according to the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet. 2.That Mu'awiya shall not appoint anyone as his successor. 3.That the people of Syria, Iraq, Hijaz and Yemen and other lands shall enjoy amnesty against persecution. 4.That friends and companions of Ali and all their women and children shall be protected against all fear and shall be allowed to live in peace. 5.That Mu'awiya shall not in anyway, either openly or secretly plot against or injure or threaten Imam Al-Hasan, Imam Al-Husain and other kinsmen of the Prophet (pbuh) and that he will assure them their rights. 6.That he shall pay a sum of 50,000 dirhams annually out of the national revenue to Imam Al-Hasan. (Imam Al-Hasan wanted to financially help the families which had lost a member or more in their previous bloody battles.) 7.That the abusive language shall not be used with reference to the Supreme Leader of the Faithful, Ali, and that the present abuse of him and his followers after Salats shall be discontinued. The Agreement

14 The Agreement Agreement 1234567 Stop Cursing Ali To pay 5,000.00 annually To not plot against Hasan & Husain Not to hurt Companions of Ali Amnesty against persecution for people To not appoint a successor Deal by Quran and Sunnah

15 "Verily, Allah Almighty has guided you through our grandfather, Muhammad (pbuh) who salvaged you from darkness and ignorance. Verily, Mu'awiya disputed with me in the matter of the special position assigned to me, and I found no supporters. Therefore, in order to restore peace and prevent bloodshed I abdicate my power. You had promised to fight against anyone whom I might fight and to make peace. Now, I have deemed it expedient in your interest and for your well-being to make peace with Mu'awiya and I have preferred the prevention of slaughter and carnage to the prospect of bloody war, and in doing so my object was your interest therefore you should accept what I have done." (Jilaa' Al- Uyoon.) Al-Hasan’s Speech to Kufa People

16 Mu’awiya’s Speech to Kufa "I have not waged war to establish prayer or fasting or to enforce Zakat. My object was to have power over you (subjugate you) and become your Ruler....... And as for the terms which I have made with Al- Hasan, behold I am free to observe them or to break them at my will." (Jilaa' Al-Uyoon.)

17 Al-Hasan in Medina, age: 37-47 Yrs Teaches Islamic discourses in Medina Helps the widows out of his own income Helps the orphans out of his own income Helps the Poor and disadvantaged Is pained by Mu ’ awiya ’ s deception

18 Mu'awiya deceives Breaks the treaty, ignoring all points except the monthly payments Mu'awiya continues to curse Ali on every pulpit Mu ’ awiya makes it the State Policy to curse Ali Cursing Ali is mandated all over the Islamic world

19 At Age 47 Mu'awiya sends an agent to bribe Joda, the wife of Al-Hasan Would give her a huge sum of money if a powder is put in Al-Hasan ’ s food Promises she would marry Yazid (his son) in return Joda poisons Al-Hasan in this manner Mu ’ awiya refuses to let Joda marry Yazid

20 Al-Hasan designates Al-Husain as Imam Sick with the poison: Jaundiced and feeling very weak vomiting blood material Al-Hasan designates Al-Husain as the 3rd Imam Wants to be buried by the Prophet if possible

21 Character of Al-Hasan: Charity A person came to Imam Hasan and said "poverty and bad luck are torturing me. You are a family of chastity, purity and infallibility. Get me saved from this cruel enemy?" Imam Hasan called his servant and said, "How much money do you have available?" The servant replied: Five Thousand Dinars Al-Hasan said, "Give all this money to this man, so as to become: The capital of his business and life, And he may relieve himself off indebtedness and get rid of poverty.

22 Character of Al-Hasan: Generosity A distressed man came to Al-Hasan and recited a rhyme meaning thereby, "I am left over with nothing, not even a single dirham. You can see my condition and perceive it. I have nothing left with me to sell except my honor. I know you are the purchaser and buyer of this honor." Al- Hasan at once called his servant and said, "Whatever money you have with you, give it to this man.“. The servant gave ten thousand dirhams to him. Al-Hasan asked the servant to apologize, because he had no more money to give. He then advised the poor man to take the money to use it for his livelihood and relieve his distress.

23 Al-Hasan admonishes: Source:Tuhaf al-Uqool You should know that Allah has not created you in vain and will not let you pass to nothing. He limited your terms of death and arranged your livings so that every intelligent being will realize his actual position and that whatever Allah has disposed for him will unavoidably befall him and whatever is taken away from him will never hit him. Allah has saved you from running after the sustenance of this world, given you all the time for worshipping Him, urged you to thank Him, ordained you to mention Him, advised you to fear Him, and made being struck with awe of Him the utmost purpose of His satisfaction. Certainly, God-fearing is the door to all repentance, the head of all wisdom, and the honor of all actions.

24 Al-Hasan admonishes: Source:Tuhaf al-Uqool God-fearing is the means by which triumph is achieved. Allah says: The pious ones will be triumphant. (Holy Quran 78:31) Allah will save the pious ones because of their virtuous deeds. No hardship will touch them nor will they be grieved. (Holy Quran 39:61). O servants of Allah, fear Allah and know that he who fears Allah will have an exit from troublesome matters and Allah will: Direct him in his affairs, Prepare for his guidance, Support him with argument, cheer-up his face, and Achieve all his hopes along with those who receive Allah's Grace, such as the Prophets, the Truthful, the Martyrs, and the Virtuous. They are the best friends one can have.

25 Al-Hasan admonishes: Source:Tuhaf al-Uqool Allah the Blessed the Elevated says: If any of My servants asks you about Me, tell them that the Lord says, "I am near; I accept the prayers of those who pray." Let My servants answer My call and believe in Me so perchance they may know the right direction. (Holy Quran,2:186) Answer Allah and believe in Him because it is improper for anyone who acknowledges Allah's greatness to behave arrogantly. The sublimity of those who acknowledge Allah's greatness is certainly their modesty, The dignity of those who acknowledge Allah's majesty is their submission to Him, and The safety of those who acknowledge Allah's power is to acquiesce to Him and to avoid denying Him, or to deviate after the guidance granted to them.

26 Selections of Al-Hasan’s Sayings 1. Quest for the Hereafter 2. About Love 3. Frequenting the Masjids 4. About Piety 5. About the Intellect 6. About Character 7. About Manners

27 Quest for the Hereafter O' Son of Adam! Since the day you left your mother's womb your life has been on the decrease. Therefore, avail yourself of what you can for the Hereafter, The believer takes provisions from this world but the disbeliever only gratifies himself with the pleasures of this world. If you fail to obtain something of worldly benefit, take it as if the thought of it had never crossed your mind. Be prepared for your journey to the next world, and keep ready your necessity before your death comes.

28 About Love Never did a nation resort to mutual counsel except that they were guided by it towards maturity. It is love which brings closer those who are remote by ancestry, and it is lack of love which causes dissociation between those who are related by ancestry. Opportunity is something which is quick to vanish and late to return. Associate with and treat the people in ways as you like to get associated with and treated by them.

29 Frequenting the Masjids The one who continues his visits to the mosque does lay his hands upon one of eight benefits: Getting to know one of the decisive verses. Finding a beneficial brother. Fresh knowledge. A mercy waiting for him. A word leading to the guidance. An admonition averting from sin. Not committing sin out of scheme. Not committing sin for the fear of Allah.

30 About Piety Be aware that he who fears Allah (adopts piety), Allah would pave his way of salvation out of the inequities. And make him firm in his matter. And provide him (the path of) guidance. And make his proof and arguments successful And enlighten his face and grants him what he desires. Such person is with those upon whom Allah has bestowed His beneficences and boons from among the Prophets, the truthful, the martyrs and the pious ones. The greatest forgiveness and pardon of Allah comes when the sinner is not able to make a pretext for his wrong doing. One is ignorant of blessing as long as they are present, but when they pass, one becomes aware of their value.

31 About the Intellect I wonder about the person who contemplates about the food he takes, yet does not consider the food of his intellect. Thus, he avoids of what hurts him in his stomach but he lets his mind to be filled with what destroys him. The height of intelligence is associating with people amicably. When the desirable and commendable services damage and harm the obligatory services, abandon them. Allah provides everything to one who worships Him, Glory be to Him. Piety is the gateway to all repentance, and the epitome of wisdom, and the distinction of all deeds.

32 About Character Whoever relies on the excellence of Allah's choices, doesn't wish to be in other than the situation that Allah has chosen for him. One who lacks intelligence has no decorum, And one who lacks determination has no magnanimity, And one who has no modesty has no religion. Do not be hasty in punishing (someone's) sin, and leave (room) between the two (fault and punishment) for apology. The most preferable adornment is graceful manners. The best wealth is contentment and the worst poverty is humility.

33 About Manners Clemency is suppression of anger and self-restraint. Generosity is giving in prosperity and adversity. The annihilation of people lies in three things: Arrogance, Greed and Envy. Arrogance causes destruction of the religion and because of it Satan was cursed, and Greed is the enemy of one's soul, and because of it Adam was expelled from Paradise, and Envy is the guide to wickedness, and because of it Qabil killed Habil. Teach others your knowledge and learn knowledge of others so you will bring your knowledge to perfection and learn something which you do not know.

34 About Al-Mahdi Al-Hasan says: Allah will prolong the life of the ninth descendant of my brother [Al-Husain] who will be in occultation; and Allah will manifest him at the proper time with full glory. Al-Husain says: The ninth in my lineage will establish Truth and Righteousness. Allah will infuse spirit into the earth through him and the religion of Allah will prevail over all others. His occultation will be very long, and [because of that] plenty of people will go astray but the truthful ones will remain firm in their belief.....”

35 Ziyarah (Visitation) of Al-Hasan السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ أَئِمَّةَ الْهُدَى السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ أَهْلَ التَّقْوَى‏ السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ أَيُّهَا الْحُجَجُ عَلَى أَهْلِ الدُّنْيَا السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ أَيُّهَا الْقُوَّامُ فِي الْبَرِيَّةِ بِالْقِسْطِ السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ أَهْلَ الصَّفْوَةِ السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ آلَ رَسُولِ اللَّهِ السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ أَهْلَ النَّجْوَى‏ أَشْهَدُ أَنَّكُمْ قَدْ بَلَّغْتُمْ وَ نَصَحْتُمْ وَصَبَرْتُمْ فِي ذَاتِ اللَّهِ وَكُذِّبْتُمْ وَأُسِي‏ءَ إِلَيْكُمْ فَغَفَرْتُمْ‏ وَ أَشْهَدُ أَنَّكُمُ الْأَئِمَّةُ الرَّاشِدُونَ الْمُهْتَدُونَ وَأَنَّ طَاعَتَكُمْ مَفْرُوضَةٌ وَأَنَّ قَوْلَكُمُ الصِّدْقُ ….. ‏ Translation in next slide

36 Ziyarah (Visitation) of Al-Hasan السلام عليك يابن رسول رب العلمين، السلام عليك يابن امير المؤمنين، السلام عليك يابن فاطمة الزهراء، السلام عليك ياحبيب الله، السلام عليك ياصفوة الله السلام عليك ياامين الله السلام عليك ياحجة الله، السلام عليك يانور الله، السلام عليك ياصراط الله، السلام عليك يا بيان حكم الله، السلام عليك ياناصر دين الله، السلام عليك ايها السيد الزكي، السلام عليك ايها البر الوفي، السلام عليك ايها القائم الامين، السلام عليك ايها العالم بالتأويل، السلام عليك ايها الهادي المهدي، السلام عليك ايها الطاهر الزكي، السلام عليك ايها التقي النقي، السلام عليك ايها الحق الحقيق، السلام عليك ايها الشهيد الصديق، السلام عليك ياابا محمد الحسن بن علي ورحمة الله وبركاته

37 Ziyarah (Visitation) of Al-Hasan Peace be upon you O Imams of guidance, Peace be upon you O people of piety, Peace be upon you O proofs of Allah on the people of the earth; Peace be upon you who were steadfast in dealing with people with justice. Peace be upon you O people of the chosen one. Peace be upon you the family of the Prophet of Allah, Peace be upon you O people of secret conversations (with Allah), I bear witness that you proclaimed and advised and persevered for the sake of Allah and that you were belied and evil was done to you and you forgave and I bear witness that you are the rightly guided leaders and that obedience to you is incumbent and that your speech is correct ….

38 Burial of Al-Hasan Burial was not allowed by the ruling Benu Umayya The Janaaza was shifted under pressure to Al-Baqii ’ Benu Umayya even threw arrows at the Janaaza of Al-Hasan Al-Hasan was buried in Baqii ’

39 Picture of Al-Baqii before 1925

40 Al-Baqii after 1925

41 In Conclusion Al-Hasan is the symbol of love and forbearance Difficult circumstances with Mu’awiya Peace agreement with Mu’awiya Back in Medina he teaches Islam His Du’aas and Sayings are the guiding light His demeanor and character call unto us to follow his way

42 BE IN ALLAH’S CARE Thank you and May God Bless you. Dr. A.S. Hashim

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