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The ELSA for Children Legal Research Group. ELSA for Children LRG ELSA for Children.

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1 The ELSA for Children Legal Research Group

2 ELSA for Children LRG ELSA for Children

3 The Topic of research : How does legislation protect child victims from sexual violence in the national legal framework in Europe?

4 Help ELSA find the answers! ELSA for Children

5 This is your opportunity to be part of a project that in its field can truly make a difference in Europe! ELSA for Children

6 Structure

7 Each national team should first investigate what research is already available and what research is underway for instance in the respective Ministry of Legal Affairs in preparation to pave the way for the ratification of the Lanzarote Convention. ELSA for Children

8 This approach would provide information on what kind of measures of protection to child victims and perpetrators are and should be in place and how the legislation should be or has been amended. ELSA for Children

9 The research will also investigate what monitoring and complaints mechanisms are or will be in place. The researchers will be provided with developed Academic Framework guidelines. ELSA for Children

10 The national teams will aim at providing academic research results in the legal field which are comparable on the European level providing more information where each of the countries and Council of Europe member states stand in the process of ratification and implementation of the Lanzarote Convention. ELSA for Children

11 To recruit National Researchers To promote the project in general as well as the opportunities to become a part of the LRG To collect and analyze National Researchers applications and submit the detailed recommendations for the appointements to the International Coordination Committee(ICC) To coordinate the work of the National Researchers To support National Researchers and update the International Coordination Committee about the development of the on-going research To find an Academic Advisor who will review the research and maintain good communication with him/her To maintain communication with the NRGs in order to share knowledge and experience To implement the marketing strategy To work on public relations in the respective countries To work on raising public awareness and understanding of the research’s importance Responsibilities of the National Coordinators:

12 To produce an ELSA for Children National Research Group Report (NRG report) in accordance with the Academic Framework supplied by the International Coordination Committee To undertake all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the content of the report and to credit all sources used in the manner stipulated in the Formatting Guidelines supplied by the ICC To keep communication with the National Coordinator and the ICC if needed as well as to report to them on a regular basis To comply with all deadlines set out by the National Coordinator and or the ICC *Application procedure will be open on 1 st of March 2012. Responsibilities of the National Researchers:

13 To monitor the academic progress of the research in the respective countries To analyze and evaluate the reports’ progress in the National Research Groups To assist the National Coordinator in academic related issues To review the report of National Research Group. Responsibilities of the National Academic Advisors:

14 How can you participate? Join the ELSA for Children Legal Research Group in your country Research your national legislation together with your National Research Group Report your results to ELSA ELSA will combine the results of National Research Groups The final results will be published through the Council of Europe ELSA for Children

15 Important DATES: 1 st of March 2012 - Call for applications for National Researchers and Academic Advisors 6th April 2012 – Deadline for the National Academic Advisors and National Researchers Applications 16th of April – 1st of October 2012 – Research period 1st of October 2012 - Submission of reports ELSA for Children

16 All members involved in the LRG will be acknowledged by name. All contributors will receive a certificate which confirms their involvement in the project. We need your assistance! We look forward to seeing your enthusiasm towards building up the ELSA for Children LRG for your country! ELSA for Children

17 For more information please visit or contact International Coordination Committee at ELSA for Children

18 This is your chance to contribute to the legal knowledge on Children’s Rights internationally! ELSA for Children

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