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Student Development B6Student Development B6 Fall 2014 Week 6 Instructor Jenny Peters.

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1 Student Development B6Student Development B6 Fall 2014 Week 6 Instructor Jenny Peters

2 Assignments Due TodayAssignments Due Today Journal 6 – Stress Management Study Skills Exercise Joe’s Budget Journal 7 – My Budget



5 INNOVATE Keep an open mind Adapt to new knowledge Apply prior knowledge Ask questions Problem solve Be a flexible thinker Think critically


7 Robert Savage Ex-president & CEO of American Express

8 Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990) Publisher, Forbes Magazine


10 77 Ideas for Self Nurturing77 Ideas for Self Nurturing

11 Stress Management & Anxiety Review Megan Clark Crystal Montoya

12 Statistics “Invisible Disability” 2/3 of individuals visit physician for stress-related symptoms Associated with six leading causes of death—cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, heart disease, accidents, and suicide

13 Symptoms Memory problems Inability to concentrate Procrastinate Neglect responsibilities Poor judgment Depression Use of alcohol and drugs Changes in sleep patterns Isolation Nail biting

14 Counseling Strategies Relaxation Techniques Study Skills Training Music Therapy Exercise Journal Writing

15 Session 2- Stressed? Let’s Deal with It! Learn – Symptoms of Stress – How does your body react to stress – How to manage with stress

16 Session3- Spaghetti Toes How to manage stress Activities ◦Exercise ◦Muscle Relaxation ◦Deep breathe

17 Session 4-Mad Music Goals: ◦Explore your feelings when stressed ◦Learn a new strategy of identifying stressors Activities: ◦Mad Music - can affect your feelings. ◦Stress Diary – can relieve feelings

18 Session 5-Time Management Goals: Become aware of how you spend your time Allow sufficient time for academics. Activities: -How Do You Plan Your Time? -Study Time -Responsibilities -Allow time to play

19 Wrap Up Goals: Coping strategies Activities: -Stress Diaries -What would you do if…? -Pencil it In -A Breath of Fresh Air -Sharing -Stress Ball What have you learned about stress? Do you feel like you have been able to reduce your stress? Would anyone like to share?


21 Credit Cards Use Responsibly Enjoy good credit!


23 Critical Thinking and MemoryCritical Thinking and Memory “being in charge of your thinking” – Prof. Richard Paul of Sonoma State University How do we do that?

24 Critical Thinkers:Critical Thinkers: Examine and evaluate assumptions Distinguish relevant from irrelevant facts Make plausible predictions or interpretations Explore implications and consequences

25 To help you develop critical thinking skills: Recognize contradictions in your reading Make interdisciplinary connections Compare perspectives, interpretation or theories Explore and analyze arguments in readings or oral presentations

26 Critical Thinking and Memory TipsCritical Thinking and Memory Tips Evaluate the credibility of your sources Be aware of and avoid generalizing and oversimplifying Examine a problem from many different angles Explore a variety of solutions Ask for clarification if you are confused Maintain a fair and open mind as you encounter different points of views from your own point of view

27 Techniques for remembering:Techniques for remembering: Positive Attitude Acronyms Acrostics Two hours of homework for every hour in class – learning takes time

28 “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably never get there” David Campbell, PhD. If you don’t know where You’re Going, You’ll Probably End up Somewhere Else (1990)

29 Goal SettingGoal Setting Three Questions Handout 1.When in your life did you feel engaged in something meaningful? 2.What are the 3 best qualities people see in you? 3.If you slept for 10 years starting tonight, what would your life look like when you wake up?

30 Why is it a good idea to set goals?Why is it a good idea to set goals? Success comes from having goals The main cause of long life is having a life purpose. (Remember Victor Frankl). Research has shown that diet and exercise are not the major factors in having a long life – having a life purpose is. Happiness requires goals. Every time you achieve something positive, you experience happiness.

31 Why is it a good idea to set goals?Why is it a good idea to set goals? Goals give you energy (motivation). Goals make you unique. Goal setting is fun. Goals give your life meaning.

32 QUICK WRITE 7 – Academic GoalsQUICK WRITE 7 – Academic Goals 1.Why am I here at BC? 2.What do I hope to accomplish in 2 years? 3.What other important goals do I hope to accomplish? –Such as: personal goals career goals financial goals artistic goals family goals public service goals physical goals social goals attitude change goal pleasure goals

33 Exercise: Life GoalsExercise: Life Goals Text pages 16 & 17 "A goal without a plan is just a wish" - Larry Elder 1.Think back over your life and choose one moment in time where you felt engaged in something meaningful, a time where you felt effective, alive. Describe this high point of your life: when, where, the cirucmstances of your story. 2.If I were to talk to the people that know you the best, what are the three best qualities that they see in you? 3.Assume that when you fall asleep tonight, you sleep for 10 years. While you are asleep, changes have taken place in your life to create your most perfect life. When you wake up, what do you see and experience? 4.If you had 6 months to live, how would you spend it?



36 SMART Goals are:SMART Goals are: S – Specific M – Measurable A – Attainable R – Realistic T – Time bound

37 Life WorksLife Works Insert Jpeg

38 DISCUSSION: Are the goals you have written on the “Three Questions” handout for tonight SMART goals?

39 ASSIGNMENT: Rewrite your goals from the “Three Questions” into an outline of SMART Goals Textbook pages 18-19 or form on web site Hint: You may incorporate the short-term and long-term goals you wrote on the “Life Works” handout Due next week SMART Goals Outline

40 Assignment Journal 8 – Goal Setting Answer: “How would my life change if I accomplished what I have set as SMART goals?” Use: –Three Questions handout –Life Works handout –SMART Goals, pp. 18-19 Due next week


42 Difficult Decisions: 5-Step ProcessDifficult Decisions: 5-Step Process Step 1: State the decision, goal or problem to be solved Step 2: List alternatives Step 3: List advantages and disadvantages Step 4: Evaluate alternatives Step 5: Consider your odds of success by listing probable outcomes Successful Strategies p. 48

43 Remember: You are in charge of your own life. You choose what you get to do. If your decision doesn’t feel right, make another decision.

44 ProCon

45 Homework Recap:Homework Recap: Due next week: SMART Goals Outline Journal 8 – Setting Goals


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