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Mel Bearns Chair, AMAT Latino Committee Claudia Sanchez LifeGift, Houston TX Raiza Mendoza Gift of Hope, Chicago IL Media Matters Creating and Nurturing.

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1 Mel Bearns Chair, AMAT Latino Committee Claudia Sanchez LifeGift, Houston TX Raiza Mendoza Gift of Hope, Chicago IL Media Matters Creating and Nurturing a Powerful Latino Media Presence Latino Workgroup

2 Welcome Acknowledgements: Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance Roxane Cauwels, BSN, MBA HRSA Teresa Beigay, DrPh Our Mission The AMAT Latino Workgroup unites OPO professionals dedicated to serving Latino communities throughout the continental U.S., Hawai’i and Puerto Rico. Sharing strategies, best practices and innovative communications – the LWG strives to increase donor designations and create a culture of donation to save and improve lives. AMAT President Bobby Howard

3 Media as Influencer Latinos and Media Mel Bearns Chair, AMAT Latino Workgroup

4 Understand your Audience Very media conscious Depend on media for information and social direction Major force in communications Reach ALL members of the family

5 Ethnicity Trends in California

6 Nielsen Local TV Market – Top 10 MarketLatino Homes% of US 1 Los Angeles 1,967,440 13.397 2 New York 1,425,800 9.708 3 Miami-Ft. Laud.735,740 5.01 4 Houston 651,300 4.435 5 Dallas-Ft. Worth 546,480 3.721 6 Chicago 535,980 3.65 7 SF Bay Area441,590 3.007 8 San Antonio 437,740 2.981 9 Phoenix (Prescott) 379,850 2.586 10 So. Texas 315,690 2.15

7 Strategy = Results When starting a new Latino campaign use a tiered approach – introduction, development, maintenance Begin with simple messaging to introduce the concept of donation The right spokesperson can lend weight and credibility Cultivate relationships with local station talent Always use proper Spanish! What is your goal? Have a clear idea of direction to frame your efforts for best results.

8 US Latino Population Projections US Census Bureau

9 Identify your Channels Univision – The largest Spanish language broadcast network in the US boasts one of the largest Spanish-language viewership bases in the world – also a creator of extensive programming Telemundo – the second largest network, owned by NBC Universal – also a creator of programming UniMás – Originally launched as Telefutura, this network is owned by Univison Communications and is primarily targeting males 18 to 35

10 Claudia Sanchez – LifeGift, Houston Claudia G. Sánchez Public Relations/Multicultural Outreach Coordinator at LifeGift, Houston, TX Claudia offers HOPE serving as LifeGift’s public relations coordinator. She also is LifeGift’s multicultural outreach coordinator. In her role, she coordinates media efforts and manages the Regalo de Vida Hispanic Outreach program, National Minority Donor Awareness activities and social media strategies.

11 Critical Elements for Success The right spokespeople will open minds and hearts Volunteers – through their stories Doctors – build trust in the process Yourself – requires you to do your homework!

12 Alejandro Mata – heart recipient


14 Maximize Media Opportunities Phone bank volunteers at work Interviews with medical professionals reinforce trust

15 What the Media needs B-roll footage, back-up with visuals Infographics help tell the story quickly

16 Make your Efforts Tangible In 2013 our Blue and Green campaign had great visibility during the 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. (prime time) on Univision and Telemundo TV.


18 This campaign was a success with TV media – it however did not translate so well to radio!

19 Media Talent Recognition This year, Lizzet Lopez from Univision was the MC at our Celebration of Life event at the Medical Center. She had to hold back her tears a few times and has become a passionate organ and tissue donation advocate since she hosted the event.

20 Media Talent Recognition This is Roger Franco from Telemundo. He won an Emmy in 2012 for his story on Michael Montoya, a heart recipient. Michael’s mom called Roger the moment she received the call that more than 120,000 are waiting for: “we have a match!”

21 And what didn’t work so well… We thought that an adjunct to our Blue and Green efforts would be a good idea. It would be know as the “Cupcake Campaign” Low budget (high calorie) media campaign Collaboration with Kroger Supermarkets Began as a Hospital Development initiative Wouldn’t do it again

22 Raiza Mendoza – Gift of Hope, Chicago Raiza Mendoza is Manager of Hispanic Affairs for Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network. In her 7-year tenure, she has been responsible for all Hispanic public relations, marketing, public programs, and outreach. Her PR campaigns have earned more than 10 awards from the prestigious Publicity Club of Chicago, and also from Newspapers as La Raza, PR News and other national media outlets.

23 The Approach We aim to strengthen and grow our relationship with Chicago’s Hispanic communications outlets; a relationship built on trust and a shared interest in being a part of everything good for the Latino community.  Gift of Hope is committed to informing and educating media partners about the life saving benefits of organ & tissue donation.  Media partners are incorporated into programs and initiatives in creative and fun ways that make them truly feel a part of Gift of Hope’s mission and accomplishments.  We provide facts, data and testimonials related to organ donation to media so that they can in turn disseminate this information to the masses; obtaining significant earned media coverage in TV, radio, online and print at a regional level.  Gift of Hope has a constant presence in the Latino community through programs on Univision, Mundo Fox, Telemundo, Cable 25, Radio Vive, Radio Máxima and Radio 1590 AM

24 This Gift of Hope campaign, launched in 2013 during National Minority Donor Awareness Week, honors those who through their daily work risk their lives while saving the lives of others and also honors donor families for their loved ones are real heroes. This program appealed to community leaders, public personalities, local celebrities and the Latino community at large to get involved in support of organ & tissue donation. As part of this initiative, Gift of Hope created a series of reel vignettes that feature among others, Chicago Hispanic media personalities speaking out in support of organ & tissue donation. This campaign provides an innovative and long-term platform for media partners to stay engaged and vocal about this cause. Heroes and Heroines for Hope

25 Gift of Hope celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by organizing a series of events to raise awareness among Hispanics of all ages about the importance of organ and tissue donation while bringing the community and media partners together in support and celebration of Latino culture and tradition. “Dancing for Hope”/ “Bailando por la Esperanza” Gift of Hope partners with Angel Quinceañeras, accomplished Latino dancer and choreographer to present a dance show that features 150 dancers and diverse dance genres. The widely successful event also helps to raise funds for “Scholarships for Hope” a Gift of Hope program in support of Latino education. Gift of Hope takes this opportunity to extend a personal invitation to local media and their families to attend and enjoy the event as our distinguished guests, and to show appreciation for their continued support. Hispanic Heritage Month

26 This is a creative platform that creates awareness about the significance of organ and tissue donation through drawings or creative stories written in Spanish. This platform encourages elementary school students to develop their Spanish language and culture while also creating awareness at an early age about the importance and significance of organ & tissue donation. Gift of Hope incorporates our media partners - journalists and writers - as contest judges who are thrilled to be included in the process and provide exclusive pre and post coverage of the program. In its first year, 100 students from Clemente Orozco Academy participated in the drawing and writing contest. Their stories were well thought-out and poignant, full of cultural details, a solid understanding about organ and tissue donation and heartfelt emotion. A Story for Hope

27 Our annual toy drive aims to put smiles on the faces of underprivileged children and their families while providing information about organ & tissue donation. Gift of Hope rallies the support of corporate, community and media partnerships to successfully carry out this initiative. This initiative relies heavily on Social Media outreach carried out by Gift of Hope, media partners and participating “Operation Smile” partners. Operation Smile

28 A fun and dynamic Fashion charity event that provides the opportunity for Chicago’s Latino community to once again come together in support of “Scholarships for Hope,” to help pave the way to a brighter future for Hispanic students. Over 300 guests, including local Hispanic media, community organizations and Chicago’s beloved local celebrities and personalities attended the event to help strengthen the future of young Hispanic students. The fashion show element of this initiative provides the opportunity for Gift of Hope to branch out and build relationships with entertainment and fashion industry media who support “A Summer Filled with Hope.” This initiative incorporates non-traditional and traditional communications outlets to secure attendance and obtain significant earned media coverage. Scholarships For Hope

29 Gift of Hope kicked off National Minority Donor Awareness Week, (August 1-7), with the inaugural “Faces of Hope” Awards ceremony on July 31 st. This distinction was awarded to Chicago city officials and professionals who, through their work, have delivered long-term benefits to Hispanics and to the area of organ donation and transplantation. Gift of Hope recognized media partners with a token of appreciation for their ongoing support and commitment to helping break the myths and barriers surrounding organ & tissue donation in the Latino community. Faces of Hope

30 Thank you! Questions and Answers

31 What Next? August 28 - African American Webinar @2pmET “Faith and Donation: Beliefs, Practices and Designation” Registration will open week of August 11 AMAT Conference in Houston, Texas Tuesday, September 16 through Friday 17, 2014 Register at

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