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Aloha from Gylian on Maui, Hawaii. In the preparation of this presentation, I was blessed with the help of a dear friend, Bob Carter, who jumped in with.

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1 Aloha from Gylian on Maui, Hawaii

2 In the preparation of this presentation, I was blessed with the help of a dear friend, Bob Carter, who jumped in with his technical wisdom, spirited humor, & unfathomable heart & patience... Many Mahalos


4 Airport Kahului Kihei

5 E como mai-Welcome to Maui Airport Wal-mart Krispy Kreme Costco

6 Dairy Rd-Hana Hwy Intersection Maui Marketplace-Pier I - Lowe’s-Office Maxx Sugar Mill-New Office Park Kahului

7 Leaving Kahului via Mokulele Hwy to Kihei Sugar Cane fields & West Maui Mountains Sugar Cane fields & Haleakala

8 Entering the beach community of Kihei that stretches for 6 miles along the coast to Wailea: small businesses, supermarkets, condos, residential neighborhoods, schools, parks, beaches - Upcountry rural-residential-farmlands, etc Haleakala


10 Kihei’s beach road Azeka Mall-Kihei Town Kukui Mall-For Lease Sign Kukui Mall-Kihei Town Marketplace-McDonald’s

11 Beach  Residential Homes  Pi’ilani Hwy  NEW planned Mega Mall

12 Mega Mall 700,000 sq ft, 3,800 parking spaces 5x Costco 131,000 sq ft, 800 parking spaces  Mega Mall is located on the only highway in Kihei, 2 streets east of Kihei-Wailea’s local shopping area  22 Vacant stores: 70 sq ft -12,500 sq ft.  Kihei (approx pop 20,000)  Wailea-Makena (approx. pop 6,000)  The road ends at Makena and returns the same way  15-20 minutes away from Kahului: Industrial & Commercial hub of Maui. All present box stores are located there... more coming!!!! Proposed Kihei High School Mega Mall

13 Mega Mall Myths Jobs Tourism Economy Cheaper Choices Growth Hopeless Apathy Ostrich Fear

14 and Sacred Earth Contrary to beliefs about increasing our economy, providing jobs, and that growth is necessary....... Mega Mall’s... ≈ undermine a community and its zoning, ≈ destroy our on-island economy ≈ create more unemployment ≈ endanger our environment, lifestyle, spirit, & future growth of Maui.

15 Hopeless “It’s a done deal” “Nothing I can do about it” “It’s a waste of your time, they won’t listen to any of us” “It’s the ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ network” Apathy “Things change” “I guess that’s growth” Ostrich “I have my own little world to take care of” “I came here for quiet” “I left the mainland to stay out of politics” Fear “I don’t want to make waves and lose what I have” “What if you lose, then what?”

16 Myths vs Possibilites IssueMega MallSensible & Sustainable EconomyRetail & Food chains, box stores  Small businesses can’t compete & close  Highest island-wide retail vacancy rate in 13 years  203,000 sq ft of retail space has become vacant in the past 12 months Light Industrial-minimal density  Warehouses, manufacturers  Local commercial suppliers  Small businesses increase  “One Size fits all” style -here, mainland, everywhere  Majority of products & services imported  Profits go off island  Diversity of style based on island culture & lifestyle  Local products & services  Profits circulate on island Jobs  Short-term construction  Once the mall is built, then what? People out of work, again  Low-paying  Small businesses close adding to unemployed  Academic, Vocational, Business education & training  “Green” technology  Agricultural land use  How to start a business  Pass on the family business  Offers more permanent opportunities Social FabricLow paying jobs  Families need multiple jobs to make ends meet  Need state assistance Independent business  Intrinsically satisfying  Can involve entire family  Legacy to pass on to the children

17 Myths vs Possibilites Issue Mega Mall Sensible & Sustainable Environment & Zoning High density retail:  Non-compliance of Land Use Commission  Never met with the community  Never on the South Maui Growth Plan as a Mega Mall  Still zoned as Light Industrial Light industrial with commercial:  Proposal approved by Community  Zoned for Light Industrial  Minimal local retail & food service to support local area Light pollution:  Malls turn on neon lights on at night  RE: Video The CityDark Light Industrial:  Lights off after dark in most places  High impact for water & electric.  Less impact & need for water & electric Traffic Study  “F” rating- Hazardous  25,000 cars expected daily adding to high regular usage on highway  Re: Traffic Video Traffic Study  Less impact on traffic due to local usage

18 Megal MallKihei High School Never on the site plan, as a Mega MallOn the South Maui Growth Plan for over 10 years Within 2 years of purchasing the property, non-compliance of Land Use Commission conditions Still zoned light industrial $20 million dollars to build the Kihei High School lapsed because of zoning on a state and local level. Never met with the community; declines to meet with the community Proposed plans shown to the community Work has begun on the propertyYears before we see a high school- funding is needing again Low-paying Demise of local small businesses & our existing malls Create career opportunities & jobs Profits go off islandCirculate income within our own island economy. Where are our values?

19 The Local-Global Challenge  How can Globalization allow for diversity?  How can small businesses stay alive & thrive within the largesse of retail commercialism?  How can we serve & satisfy the diversified needs, desires, & visions of individuals, & communities?  How do we preserve & complement the environments & cultures we live in?

20 Visual Presence, Visual Pressure Sign Waving at Property Kihei Community Association Meeting **** Latest Legal Update **** “The State Office of Planning has filed a brief with the Land Use Commission agreeing that an order to show cause should be issued because the property owner has failed to develop the property in accordance with the representations made to the Commission!” Public Testimony Legal Actions Media polls Media attention

21 Together each voice creates a chorus that will be heard...  Talk to everyone you know  Send out and sign petitions  Contact a local organization  Send a representative to meetings  Write an editorial and/or an article

22 A ccountable T ransparent C ompliant A ctivate T ransition C onvey Partnering to allow an “Emergent Vision” of sensible & sustainable community growth NOW ! i.e.;, etc.

23 Visual Presence, Visual Pressure “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead Gandhi Ted Turner Jean Houston Martin Luther King, Jr. Susan B. Anthony Bill Gates Mother Teresa Aung San Suu Kyi


25 Lure and allure of Maui to feel openness of space to be part of nature’s magnificence to relax to breathe to replenish your soul’s dreams to romance your spirits.

26 Links & Connections

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